4 Easy Styles For Fine Hair

Anyone with fine hair will understand the pain when it comes to creating a voluminous hairstyle – it’s just not going to happen!

Rather than slaving away in front of the mirror for hours, create these easy hairstyles which are quick and effortless.

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Pancaking dutch braids

Do your braids look flat and lifeless on fine hair? This simple trick creates the illusion of a thicker braid without the need for extensions. All you need to do is tug at the sides before securing with an elastic or safety pin.

4 Easy Styles For Fine Hair

Bouncy curls

Create big curls by sleeping in rollers the previous night. Simply section hair and use the rollers to keep everything in place. The next morning, take out the rollers, comb through your hair carefully, and apply a finishing spray to keep everything lasting longer.

4 Easy Styles For Fine Hair

Lots of volume

Rather than working on your ends, focus all of your attention on the roots of your hair. Use a texturising mousse and apply to hair which has been towel-dried. Then simply blow-dry on a cool temperature, and style hair as normal!

4 Easy Styles For Fine Hair


A classic topknot is a great way to give your hair a boost of volume without the use of costly extensions. Tie hair in a high ponytail, then back-comb with a fine brush. Hair should appear voluminous and fluffy, then all you need to do is twist hair into a bun and secure into the elastic. Don’t worry about this hairstyle losing its shape throughout the day – fine hair will stay in place!

4 Easy Styles For Fine Hair

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December 6, 2014

5 Celebrity Hairstyles That Work For Fine Hair

Fine hair can be frustrating to style. It gets easily weighed down with the wrong product or can fall flat after an hour. The good news is that there are plenty of options for fine-haired women, no matter what look you prefer. Here are some fine-haired celebrities that rock a variety of different styles.

Kiera Knightley

Kiera shows that even fine hair can have a lot of body and movement. The subtle layers create volume to keep hair light while the messy part and volume at the crown break up the style so that it feels full. Texturising products can help achieve this look but should be used with a light hand; too much will give you the opposite effect and make hair look and feel greasy.

latest Celebrity Hairstyles

Gwyneth Paltrow

This shoulder-skimming cut is great for women with fine hair because it gives you a little bit of length without weighing hair down. The blunt ends give the illusion of thicker hair, but it’s still styled with enough texture so that it doesn’t look too heavy or severe. After blow drying hair with a round brush, run a flat iron over small sections to keep flyaways down and ensure that hair stays smooth and shiny. This cut is great for those who prefer a sleeker look, and it’s one of our favourite celebrity hairstyles.

cool Celebrity Hairstyles

Michelle Williams

Michelle might be growing out her famous pixie cut, but she’s created a completely inspiring short bob for the dreaded in-between length. The length on top gives her a bit to work with so she can create different looks. Slicked back or pushed forward across the forehead like bangs, you can achieve the same look with choppy layers and a bit of pomade. Add a pretty headband or a jewelled clip to dress up this style for any occasion.

Sexy Celebrity Hairstyles

Cameron Diaz

Cameron has the ultimate sexy celebrity hairstyle. The shoulder-length cut is versatile, with long layers that frame her face, showcasing her gorgeous blue eyes. The key to this look is selecting the right products. Starting out with volumising shampoo and conditioner to lift hair at the roots while keeping it hydrated. Mousse paired with hot rollers will create natural waves. Finish it off with a light hairspray that will hold the style all day long to keep it from falling flat.

Celebrity Hairstyles

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer is the ultimate chameleon, changing her hairstyle and colour every few months. Her current short crop shows that even fine-haired ladies can wear a super short do. After showering, spritz hair with a texturising sea-salt spray and blow dry with a diffuser. The sections at the front should be curled away from the face to open it up and highlight your best features.

What is your favourite fine-haired celebrity hairstyle?

March 20, 2014