Jasn Altn Launches Online Store

Former fashion designer Jason Alton has recently launched his first online store for his self-titled jewellery label, Jasn Altn.

The website features his signature diamond collection, plus some amazing gold-tipped shoe laces which every man needs this Christmas.

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Known for his unique and edgy vibe, the Amour Fati collection features intricately detailed pieces which are inverted black diamond rings. The newly developed online store is the perfect place to make a purchase without leaving your home, or you could head down to the flagship store in Sydney’s Bondi Beach for the complete shopping experience.

Jasn Altn Launches Online Store

Why not add a gorgeous 100% cotton t-shirt to your cart before checking out? They come in signature black and white colours, and are available from S-XL for just $60.

December 8, 2014