Popular Couples Workout Trends

Working out with a partner is more than just having some good company throughout the day. You can offer each other some much-needed moral support, and encourage one another to push past your limits when it comes to fitness. If you love to work out with a friend, below are some specially designed workouts which are made for those special two.


All is fair in love and war, right? Swap one of your dinner-date nights for a kickboxing workout class. Many gyms offer a trial class, which is great for getting in some much needed cardiovascular workouts at least once a week.

Partner Yoga

For those who prefer a slower workout why not practice yoga with your partner? Not only can you support each other through the various poses, but encourage one another in the often tiresome workout routines. Some yoga poses which are perfect for couples include: the supported back arch, double boat, and the double standing straddle, to name just a few.


Head down to your local pool and swim with your partner. You can choose from a variety of exercises, including racing each other in the pool. Interchange your techniques to include breast stroke, butterfly and backstroke to get a full body workout.

Beach run

If the weather is appropriate, why not try a run along the beach? Running with a partner is much more rewarding than being alone, and will push you to your ultimate limits. The terrain is also more difficult, which will contribute to a better workout as opposed to grass or on the treadmill.

Tandem cycling

Why not try tandem-cycling with your partner of friend? This workout makes you rely on one another, and only works if both partners put in their effort. Cycling is also a great workout which targets the legs and the core muscles of the body.

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