6 Stomach-Flattening Foods

Who knew it was possible to eat your way to a flatter stomach? To avoid having a food baby-after breakfast, lunch or even dinner, it’s best to avoid salt or highly processed foods which could be causing your body to bloat. Instead, swap them for a healthier alternative if you want to slim down, or simply just to fit into that dress!


Add a slice of lettuce to your meal and you’ll instantly notice the significant difference it makes to your tummy. Kale, spinach and lettuce are all low in calories and help to reduce water retention after a meal.


But not any old yoghurt will do! Choose one that has active cultures – this means that good bacteria such as lactobacillus and bifidobacterium are introduced into the body which help to reduce bloating.


The potassium which is found in bananas works perfectly to counterattack the amount of sodium in your system. If you’re feeling bloated after dinner, just one banana will help to settle down your stomach.

Olive oil

Oleic acid found in olive oil helps to breakdown excess fats found in the body. Add some olive oil to your salad or fish to avoid excess bloating.


Cucumbers are an easy way to tame bloating since they are packed with water and as a result, increases urination.


Traditionally known for its healing properties, peppermint is a great option if you’re looking to slim down your tummy. Enjoy it in your tea, juice or simply infuse it in your water.

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August 23, 2014

Tips For A Flat Tummy

You don’t need to run to a personal trainer in order to get that flat tummy everyone is lusting after. Eating well, exercising regularly and keeping fatty foods to a minimum are the secret to a healthy body. There are, however some exercises that are specially focused on helping to build that flat tummy, that you can do yourself at home.


The dreaded plank is actually an entire body workout, which focuses on toning arms, legs and most importantly the core muscles. Start off slow if you’re just getting into it, and try to increase the minutes as you train. Remember to stretch before you start!


What are the differences between crunches and sit-ups? Instead of lifting your entire body off the floor, the technique requires you to only lift the upper-back. This continuous motion isolates the abdominal muscles without causing back strain.

Squat twist

This one might sound a little strange for toning abdominal muscles, but it really isn’t that difficult to master. Start by standing with your feet apart, and extend you arms straight ahead. Then squat down as usual, but twist your upper body to the left. This workout should be alternated for the right and left side to nail the technique.


This high impact cardiovascular workout can help to trim down the inches, and keep your entire body looking toned. Start off by introducing it into your workout routine once a week, and train with a friend to keep super motivated. Boxing engages the entire core as you throw punches and continuously twist your body throughout the session.

Lifting weights

Just like boxing, lifting weights have become a great way to tone the entire body. Give cardio exercises a skip, and focus on implementing weights into your current workout routine. If the thought of weights alone is enough to scare you, CrossFit classes are filled with numerous exercises that feel like fun and work the entire body, rather than repeating the same routine one hundred times. 

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By Felicia Sapountzis

May 14, 2014