5 Reasons To Visit Florence

Often dubbed as one of the most beautiful cities in Italy (sorry, Venice), Firenze is just a short trip from Rome and easily accessible by car, train or even plane. Still looking for a few reasons to add this magical city to your bucket-list this summer?

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The history

The Uffizi Gallery and Accademia are both fascinating art galleries located right in the centre of Florence. Did you know that they are home to some of the less-popular pieces by Michaelangelo? Who knew!

If art isn’t really your forte, just look up. The streets are filled with stunning buildings are architecture you can enjoy – for free. Not to mention that Florence was the birth of the renaissance…

5 Reasons To Visit Florence

The food

The glorious, glorious, food! You’re definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to a delicious meal in Florence, especially if you’re into the holy trinity (pasta, gelato, and pizza).

5 Reasons To Visit Florence

The proximity

Florence is definitely a city in which you should bring a pair of comfortable shoes. There’s lots of walking involved, but this isn’t always a bad thing! Even if your hotel isn’t booked in the historic city centre, you’re bound to find something to love about this picturesque city.

Skip the bus, pass on the cab, and don’t even bother getting an Uber to explore the rustic alleyways of Florence.

5 Reasons To Visit Florence

The wine

Wine-tasting tours are plentiful, especially during the summer months, so take advantage and head to beautiful Tuscany for a weekend getaway. It’s the best way to escape the hustle of the city, and relax with a delicious glass of homemade Italian wine.

5 Reasons To Visit Florence

The shopping

Finish off your trip with a touch of shopping at some of the famous markets in the city. Known for their leather goods (bags, clothes, accessories), you can score a bargain if you know how to haggle. Just make sure to keep your eyes on your belongings – pick-pocketing is popular in these areas.

5 Reasons To Visit Florence

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August 12, 2015

11 Street Style Summer Looks From Pitti Uomo

With Mens Fashion Week in Florence just wrapping up, we countdown our top 10 street style looks from the scorching hot streets of Pitti Uomo.

You might notice a few familiar faces in this mix, but you’re sure to gain some extra inspiration for those future summer outfits.

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Maxi dresses

Editor Anna Dello Russo is not one to hide – especially during Fashion Week season! She makes a statement in this bold maxi dress, pairing it with Grecian-inspired sandals and a bright and colourful box-bag.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo


Don’t put away that jumpsuit just yet! It’s the ultimate piece which can take you from beach to bar, with a quick change of stiletto-heels to match. Candela Novembre finishes off this ultra cool outfit with a yellow clutch by Stella McCartney, and comfy black heels.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo


Who said flares are out of fashion? It’s all about the flares on your shirt, and this classic look will never go out of style. For a classic high-low look, a pair of vintage Levi cut-off shorts is the best way to make this style work for you.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo


That perfect silk scarf has an excuse to come out of the closet, especially during the summer season. Wear it loosely around your neck to spice-up a white shirt, around your wrist for extra arm candy, or even over the strap of your bag before heading out the door.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo

Kitten heels

Want to look stylish and comfortable at the same time? Take some style inspiration from blogger Patricia Manfield and try kitten heels with a simple summer outfit.


Shirt dress

The humble shirt dress is a classic way to look stylish and keep cool in the summer heat. Accessorise it with a belt, leather handbag or sneakers for an effortless look.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo


Protect from skin from the sun in one of the most fashionable accessories of the summer – a fedora. Choose one in black or beige if you’re looking for something traditional, or break the mould in a fun summer shade to make your outfit pop.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo

Maxi skirt

Keep cool in the summer heat by pairing your favourite flowy maxi skirt with a simple white t-shirt. Business at the top, party down the bottom.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo

Crop tops

Make like Natasha Goldenberg and pair one of your favourite crop tops with a maxi skirt. Not only does this balance out the entire outfit, but will also keep you cool in summer!

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo


A few different showgoers were spotted in denim overalls which are ideal for warmer weather. Dress them down with sneakers or sandals for the daytime or beach activities.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo

Mens tailoring

The great part of Pitti Uomo is that it brings classic silhouettes back into the playing field. Wide-leg pants, button-up linen shirts, and tailored blazers are all trends borrowed from the boys which are perfect for the scorching hot summer.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo

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June 29, 2015

Take A Fashionable Trip Around The World

Fashion is an expressive art form that influences our sociocultural reflector; it surprises, excites, and brings out the creative side to everyone. Therefore it is not unusual that museums are being dedicated to this dynamic form of art, presenting collections of previous trends and famous pieces that made the world what it is today. These are worth the visit!

Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris

It’s only right that we begin in one of the fashion capitals of the world, Paris. This museum houses more than 81,000 costumes, textiles, and accessories, containing history combined with endless innovation. From its opening in 1905 the Musée des Arts Décoratifs has seen exhibitions and collections come through its rooms filled with detailed embroidery, printed cotton, silks, laces and wonderful tapestries. If you are in the romantic city of Paris this year anytime before September, be sure to take a look and wonder through the intimate exhibition on Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten.

Museo de la Moda, Santiago, Chile

In the vibrant South American city Santiago, Chile there is a wonderful treasure. The museum focuses on 20th Century sportswear, with a large display on Chile’s 1962 World Cup gear. Founded in 1999, by the Yarur Bascuñán family, Museo de la Moda is funded by donations, allowing the collection to keep growing, with now a total of 10,000 items from 5 B.C. to the present.

Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA

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In this Institute lies an enormous collection of historic costumes, there is no surprise the displays exhibit famous and intricate pieces with Anna Wintour fundraising for the space and representing it as an advocate. This museum is definitely worth your time, presenting over 80,000 costumes from their archives and being conveniently in the heart of this happening city.

The Gucci Museum, Florence, Italy

This iconic brand has celebrated their journey through time in the centre of Florence, beginning from what made them famous; those beautiful leather luggage sets. As you walk through the rooms, you will find yourself in a time capsule of fashion, from cars, apparel, specially made award gowns, pottery and shoes. The two level museum is a must see, and if you have had a long day of site seeing and want to relax, take some time out to view the movie in the theatre or relax in the café and bookstore downstairs.

Everyone of these museums has a unique display that should be seen at least once through your travels. They all house the timeline of style throughout the decades and present day. Reminding us all that ‘Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten’ – Gucci.

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By Amy Miller

June 10, 2014