11 Valentine’s Day Fails That Will Crack You Up

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Unpopular Opinion: Weddings Are Gross And Fake

I take marriage more seriously since I got divorced – honest!

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Bridal bouquets are like the centre piece of the entire wedding – they’re in every single photo, they should complement your dress (without taking away the focus from the bride), and they look so pretty! We have compiled a few of our favourite styles as inspiration for wedding plans.

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Try this rustic-looking bouquet with violet, lavender and greens for an autumn/winter wedding.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets


Choose some muted roses which can also be coloured for your wedding day, to match the decor as well as the bridesmaid’s dresses.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Spring peonies

Nothing screams spring-time more than peonies, and this bouquet is ideal for all of the bridal party.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets


Who said there’s anything wrong with daisies on your wedding day? This charming little bouquet would look amazing with an embellished gown.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Winter wedding

If your wedding is taking place during the colder months , choose a bouquet featuring lots of greenery to balance out the colour! One of our favourites features stunning eucalyptus leaves with waratahs.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Baby’s breath

Not only is baby’s breath available all year-round, but it’s so light when compared to a traditional bouquet. This makes it perfect for even the flower girls to hold!

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

What are your favourite bouquets from our list?

Images via Lucy G Photography, Wedding Chicks, Style Me Pretty, Two Little Owls In Love, Burnett’s Boards, Mondo Floral Designs

Little Flowers: The Online Florist That’s Changing The Industry

Who doesn’t love to be spoiled with a bouquet of flowers at work? Little Flowers is a local Sydney start-up offering a unique bunch of flowers for $30 each day – this includes free delivery to almost anywhere in Sydney.

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Australia’s fastest growing online florist operates from a garage in Marrickville and offers some of the most amazing floral combinations you’ve ever seen. Simply log onto the website, choose the flowers of the day and send a sweet note to a loved one! SHESAID chatted with Sarah and Chris about leaving their jobs and starting their own successful business.

How did the idea of Little Flowers come about?

Co-founders Ben Sampson, John Kane, Chris Berents and myself realised there was a huge gap in the market. From our own experiences we knew that while it was really awesome to get flowers, we didn’t send them as often as we’d like to because they were really quite expensive. They were also big. And awkward – and sometimes a huge bouquet wasn’t right for the occasion. My partner, Chris, would often send me “just because” flowers and while I felt incredibly lucky to get them, a part of me also felt quite guilty because I knew they would have cost him an arm and a leg and unfortunately, they were going to die in a few days.

The four of us met in advertising and were very good friends. So when we unearthed the idea of taking the ‘bigness’ out of the flower industry, we all got very excited about the possibilities and potential, and quickly began developing the concept.

We loved the thought of making flower delivery more accessible and something that people could do for any reason, big or small, serious or ridiculous, and knew we could have a lot of fun with it. For me personally, the whole concept was also really exciting because it appealed to my emotional side. I loved that I would be helping to spread smiles across the city by delivering these messages and beautiful little bunches of flowers.

Interview with Little Flowers Sydney

What was it like quitting your job and starting in another industry?

It was nerve-wracking, on one hand. I’d been in advertising for over ten years and I felt I was really going against the grain to throw it all in. In retrospect, I’m sure my friends and family must have been quietly questioning my decision to jump ship, as it was quite out of character. But it was time. I felt ready to try something new and to explore other possibilities.

I told myself I could always go back to it later and that I could just think of this as a ‘sabbatical year.’ Not that I intended to, but the idea of turning my back on the familiar and going into the complete unknown was, in some ways, quite terrifying! But I was so utterly passionate about this idea and really, really excited about the possibility of running my own business. It felt audacious, but the possibility of making it a reality was exceptionally enticing. I couldn’t die wondering. None of us could.

What is the most rewarding part about starting your own business?

Well, I find this hard to describe, but I think overall the best thing is this sense of ‘wow.’ It’s a combined feeling of satisfaction, relief, excitement and possibility. I think it’s human nature to sometimes doubt what we are capable of, so to see your dreams come to fruition is immensely rewarding – and what’s more, it makes you excited about what else you could be capable of in the future.

If you had to do it over again, what are some dos and don’ts you would suggest to others in your position?


  • Dare to dream.
  • Back yourself.
  • Surround yourself with people who believe in you and your idea.
  • Hire people who can do what you can’t.
  • Look after yourself and look after the people who work with you.
  • Stop to celebrate all the victories of your business, big and small.
  • Be true to yourself and your brand.


  • Be scared to ask for help. Starting your own business is a steep learning curve and a huge workload. You can’t do everything yourself.
  • Be too hard on yourself. Most small business owners at some point get overwhelmed with the enormity of what they are trying to achieve. Break the big tasks down and just keep chipping away.
  • Be scared of making mistakes. You learn more through your mistakes than anything else.

LF_Bunch1 Interview with Little Flowers Sydney

How important is social media in spreading the word about your business?

Really important. We don’t have a shop front, so it’s our way of meeting, connecting and conversing with our customers and our beloved Little Flowers community. Ever since we launched, we have posted the day’s flowers to social media channels to announce what’s available and it’s a lovely way to keep our customers up-to-date with the fun things that are happening behind the scenes.

What’s next for Little Flowers – spill!

We’ve just opened our delivery zone to Chatswood and we’re planning to keep extending to new suburbs in Sydney over the course of 2015 – and then, hopefully a little further afield in 2016… Watch this space!


7 Flowers to Boost Your Health and Wellbeing

Did you know that flowers can be beneficial to your health and well-being? Depending on the type of flower, its properties can vary, but these are some of the most beneficial flowers for improving your overall health and treating common ailments:

1. The Viola Flower

The viola flower, sometimes called the purple flower earth herb, has many uses, mostly because of its anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties when used in humans. This means that it can help reduce swelling, lower fevers, help to treat bacterial infections, and encourage the body to rid itself of toxins. These properties make it great for treating things like snake or spider bites. To get these benefits, the Viola Flower can be added to cough syrup, eaten on top of a salad, or added to a drink, like a tea.

2. Safflower

The red safflower is known widely for its uses related to blood, from treating issues related to menstruation to aiding in the disappearance of blood clots. Its properties can help treat cramps, heart disease, joint pain, and flat warts. When eaten, it can help to regulate blood sugar, absorb calcium, and even aid the formation of bone tissue. Often used in cooking, saffron also contains large percentages of manganese, magnesium, iron, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6.

3. The Pagoda Flower

The number one medical use for the pagoda flower is to stop bleeding and treat bleeding disorders. It can be used to slow excessive menstrual bleeding, stop haemorrhoids, and can be useful in healing sores or open wounds. The pagoda flower can also be used to treat back pain due to anti-inflammatory properties, and work as a sleep aid.

4. Lavender

Lavender is a refreshing flower; it can help with the symptoms of insomnia by inducing sleep, it can refresh the body by promoting calmness and rest. Try drinking the blossoms as a tea to help relieve stress, anxiety, or insomnia. Lavender also has numerous antioxidants and other ingredients with properties like digestive and liver stimulation, which can help rid the body of toxins.

5. Chamomile

Chamomile has numerous uses: it can relieve chest irritation during a cold, it can help treat numerous digestive problems, it can help with skin irritations and conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or diaper rash, and it can help with menstrual pain, and help induce sleep.

6. The Magnolia Flower

The magnolia flower bud is most commonly used to treat the symptoms of the common cold, including stuffy and runny noses, sinus pain, headaches, the symptoms of asthma, hay fever, and more.

Usually, to get these benefits, magnolia is applied topically, but it can whiten skin. Like most other flowers, it can also be made into a tea.

7. The Lotus Flower

All parts of the lotus flower have unique properties that can aid with numerous health issues. Brewing tea with the lotus flower and drinking it can help reduce acid reflux, and treat ulcers. Due to the numerous minerals and vitamins in the flower, drinking tea made from the lotus flower can generally improve your overall health.

By Ian Brown, founder and owner of A Touch Of Class Florist in Perth Western Australia. Ian set up his floristry business in 1981 and now runs one of the most successful independent florists in the state. A Touch Of Class thrives on being one of the most innovative businesses in the industry and they are always looking to share their knowledge and educate people on the wonderful world of flowers.

5 Fabulous Wedding Planners To Follow on Instagram

Planning your future wedding but no idea where to start? The wonderful world of Pinterest and Instagram is a great place to get some extra inspiration – for free! If you do decide to take the plunge and hire a wedding planner, the following 5 are definitely worth a shot.

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Diane Khoury is a Sydney based wedding and event planner with a huge following on Instagram. Her work speaks for itself – “turning every fantasy into a reality.”

5 Fabulous Wedding Planners To Follow on Instagram


Need a fresh new take on your blooms and table decor? Mindy Rice will provide you with some of the best wedding inspiration for those spring or fall nuptials.

5 Fabulous Wedding Planners To Follow on Instagram


Look no further than Events by Nadia for luxury linens, decor for weddings or other special events. The Sydney based company prides itself on unique weddings that will turn your ideas into a reality. Doesn’t every bride want that on her wedding day?

5 Fabulous Wedding Planners To Follow on Instagram


Nancy Teasley specialises in custom weddings which are a little bit more bespoke than what you initially had in mind. Think a rustic back-drop, stunning flowers and beautiful presentations that are totally Instagram-worthy.

5 Fabulous Wedding Planners To Follow on Instagram


Looking for a company which does it all? Audrey and Angus is another Sydney-based wedding, event planning, styling and hire company which will make your wedding unforgettable. Customised table settings, beautiful scenery and location weddings are definitely their forte.

5 Fabulous Wedding Planners To Follow on Instagram

Images via Instagram

How To Make a Cupcake Bouquet For Mother’s Day

Flowers and sweets are probably the two most common and most popular gifts mothers receive on Mother’s Day, so why not combine both by making a cupcake bouquet? Don’t worry, it sounds much more difficult than it is. But at the same time, a cupcake bouquet is so impressive, it will guarantee you to stay your mum’s favourite child.

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So, what do you need in order to make a cupcake bouquet? Cupcakes, of course! Bake them yourself, please, instead of buying them from the supermarket. Your mother will be proud. If you want your cupcakes to look like actual flowers, check out this tutorial on how to pipe the frosting to make it look like roses.

Besides cupcakes, you’ll need a pretty flower pot, a styrofoam ball which sits on top of it, and some toothpicks. Make sure your cupcakes are cooled down, or even better, refrigerate them for a few hours before making the bouquet – warm cake may be too soft and therefore slide off the toothpicks.

Put the styrofoam ball in the flower pot and place toothpicks all over the ball using two toothpicks per cupcake. Make sure that the toothpicks are angled slightly upright on the sides, so that the cupcakes won’t slide down. If your cupcakes are on the larger side, use three or four toothpicks per cupcake.

Then, place the cupcakes on the toothpick pairs until the styrofoam ball is mostly covered. To fill the small gaps in between cupcakes, you can either use real flowers or twigs, or you can use some green tissue paper as fake leaves. Crunch it up slightly and glue it to the exposed parts of the ball.

That’s it! Tie a nice ribbon around the pot and surprise your mum with this creative and delicious Mother’s Day gift this year.

Image via Flickr

5 Classy Easter Decoration Ideas

It feels as if we have just taken down our Christmas lights, but Easter is right around the corner, so get out those bunnies, eggs, and anything pastel coloured. Or maybe don’t, as all those pinks, yellows, and greens can quickly make your home look like Barbie’s house. If you don’t want your place to look tacky, here are a few classy and easy Easter decoration tips:

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How genius is this door decoration? All you need is an old fashioned umbrella, a ribbon, and flowers of your choice (fake ones are fine). You might still have a hook on your door from the Christmas wreath, so why not make use of it and welcome your guests with this creative umbrella-turned-vase.

easter decoration twigs eggs

This makes for a great centrepiece and requires little effort. Take a big vase and fill it with Easter eggs in neutral colours. Then add large twigs or flowers of your choice.


This bunny shaped serviette is almost too cute to unfold and definitely prettier than paper napkins with tacky looking Easter bunnies on them. Get the folding instructions here and impress everyone.

easter egg gold

Easter without eggs is like Kim without Kanye, but instead of colouring them, spare the mess and opt for styrofoam eggs decorated with simple gold tacks that you might already have in your stationery drawer. They definitely look more expensive than they are.


This is for the slightly more arty people among us. Collect a few bottles and wrap them in linen, which can be spray painted with letters beforehand. Tie the necks of the bottles with some twine and put pretty flowers in these classy DIY vases.

Images via blissbloomblog.com, marthastewart.com, familyholiday.net, theinspiredroom.net, savittjagvetblogg.blogspot.it

3 Floral Wedding Hairstyles

Accessorise your wedding hairstyle with a few seasonal blooms for an extra touch of summer-loving. The best part is that you can really choose to experiment and create a one-of-a-kind look which suits the texture and colour of your hair. Below are just three hairstyles which can be used to keep the inspiration flowing.

Flower garland

Taking inspiration from Kate Moss and her spring-themed wedding to rocker Jamie Hince, the supermodel chose a strong flower theme for her bridesmaids and flower girls. Hair was mainly kept straight, but volumised to create body throughout the ends. A simple flower garland acts as the focal point of the entire look, which is completely on-trend during the warmer months.

3 Floral Wedding Hairstyles


Not only are up-do’s clever at keeping away any loose hairs or flyways, but are a beautiful way to style any type of hair texture. For this look, start with day-old hair which will hold better throughout the day and won’t fall out of the style. Then incorporate various plaits, twists, braids and chignon-style buns to complete the entire look. Top off with some tiny fresh blooms at the nape of the neck.

3 Floral Wedding Hairstyles

Hair comb

If you want to incorporate a pop of colour into your hairstyle, choose a hair comb instead. There are many different colours and styles out there which come encrusted with Swarovski crystals and classic pearls, to bring a sophistication to the entire look.

3 Floral Wedding Hairstyles

Images via One Wed, Wedding Party App

6 Popular Flowers To Brighten Your Office This Season

For many of us there is nothing more depressing than being couped up in an office all day – especially when your desk doesn’t have a window view. Whilst physical activity or a flexible work schedule can definitely boost those morning blues and workplace productivity, office workers are now turning to something a little simpler and prettier.

Studies have shown that flowers are a mood-boosting solution in the workplace and create a stress-free environment. Starting with a person’s wake-up, participants in the study felt much happier and lively after looking at flowers in their office first thing in the morning. But it doesn’t stop there; these colourful additions have been proven to have other positive effects included reduced anxiety, negativity and air pollutants, improved memory and increased creativity– a few essentials to a healthy office environment.

Flora in the workplace creates a more attractive and comfortable area and some of the best for the office require very little maintenance. Depending on your office and specific needs there are many choices – we look into a few of the best.

flowers-peace-lilies6 Popular Flowers To Brighten Your Office This Season1. Peace Lilies

Easily distinguished by their crisp white flowers and glossy leaves, Peace Lilies are perfect for the office because they thrive on indirect exposure to sunlight. This plant is renowned for cleaning the air from toxins and in Chinese culture it acts as a symbol for good luck and harmony. Peace Lilies yield flowers that bloom for a long period of time and work beautifully as a focal point in a dull space. Because they require very little maintenance, they are an easy-care solution for office workers.

2. Rieger Begonias

Rieger Begonias are an easy-to-grow plant with clusters of blossoms ranging in colours from oranges, reds and yellows – ideal for brightening your office in the winter months. They work best as a tabletop plant in medium to bright light making them ideal for the workplace. Rieger Begonias are winter-blooming plants but still treat you with flowers almost all year round when exposed to short daylight hours. Typically, they are disposed of once the season is up but you can keep it growing throughout the year to enjoy its flowers next winter turnaround.

6 Popular Flowers To Brighten Your Office This Season3. Guzmanias

If you’re a lover of pineapples, then the Guzmania is for you (just not to eat!) As a member of the pineapple family, these glossy green plants bud super attractive, tropical-looking flowers. Bloom colours can range from deep reds, to vibrant yellow and purples, and stay pretty for up to six months. For the office space, Guzmanias are definitely a conversation starter with their exotic appeal. If you’re constantly daydreaming of venturing off to a paradise island, then these flowers can make your working day a little more exciting.

4. Orchids

Naturally, Orchids are grown outdoors in tropical climates but have easily adapted to indoor living. They are one of the most captivating plants, with animated flowers that give off a sweet-smelling scent and exotic presence. If you’re considering one for your office, its important artificial light is only provided for as long as the natural day length. If you extend its exposure to artificial light beyond these hours, blooming can be prevented. To care for your Orchid, daily misting is helpful as these flowers need constant moisture to stay healthy.

6 Popular Flowers To Brighten Your Office This Season5. Moth Orchids

Moth Orchids are the ‘lucky version’ of your regular Orchids. The name stems from its moth-shaped flowers and in Asian cultures they are ideal for good fortune and occupy as a standard décor for many Chinese businesses. Ideally, Moth Orchids work best with low light so keep them away from window sills and place on your office desk instead. They are one of the longest blooming Orchids with flowers that grow in a huge range of colours so they are bound to keep you happy in the office for longer.

6. Sunflowers

Labelled as the environmentally friendly flower, Sunflowers are the proud species of plant life. They ooze happiness with their bright yellow blooms and offer a dull office space a sense of elegance and calmness. Whilst they are ideal in the sunniest of environments, they can be indoors but a sunny room is best. Sunflowers that are used in an office space won’t grow as much or last as long as Sunflowers exposed to constant sunlight.

By Jayde Ferguson, who writes for A Touch of Class – Perth based florists with a difference, sourcing only the freshest flowers daily with delivery 6 days a week. You can catch her on Google+.

3 Ideas For Wedding Hairstyles

On your big day, you want to look amazing, so you’ll want to spend some time choosing between wedding hairstyles. This is not the time to experiment with a radical new look, but you do want to glam up the style you already have. Here are a few tips for picking the perfect hairstyle for your wedding.


Up or down?

To wear your hair up or down is the number one question when it comes to wedding hairstyles. The common wisdom held that the updo was the most elegant way to go until recently, when Kate Middleton wore her silky brunette locks cascading down her back for the Royal Wedding. If you love the way your hair looks flowing over your shoulders, and wearing it that way makes you feel beautiful, go for it!

On the other hand, there are definitely pros for the updo, since it gets your hair up and off your face, letting you show off your beauty—and your earrings—to best advantage. For a true princess look, add jewelled combs or barrettes, or weave a tiara into your headpiece. If you can’t make up your mind, wear it half up, half down!

boho bride

Take a cue from your dress

You want your wedding ‘do to coordinate with your gown, so go with a similar theme. If you’ve chosen a boho-style dress, opt for a style that’s not too fussy, such as beachy waves. Add headbands, flowers or even feathers to carry out the look.

If you’ll be wearing a glamorous gown, go for the movie star look, with tons of volume. Try a fabulous updo and top it off with a glittery tiara.

For a dress that’s simple and elegant, you can go all out with lavish curls or softly straightened hair – just avoid anything too stylised. Your hair can be up or down, as long as it flatters your overall look.

short hair bride

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Just because you usually wear your hair short doesn’t mean you should make a drastic change for the wedding. Give your bob a bit of glitz with a jewelled headband, or use volumising mousse to pouf up your pixie cut. When Anne Hathaway wed soon after cutting her hair ultra-short for her role in the film Les Miserables, this fashion conscious celebrity covered her crop with a super-glamorous headpiece designed specially to work with her ‘do.

Whatever ‘do you choose, make it yours. This is your day, so pick a style that suits you and makes you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world!

What are your favourite wedding hairstyles?

Corsages are a Godsend

Pin them on cardigans or your coat lapels or even to a waistband. This will automatically dress you up. Buy them ready-made from places like Sportsgirl, Allannah Hill, Sarah-Jane or the accessories department in David Jones. Prices can vary so if you can’t afford that option why not be creative and make your own with artificial flowers and assorted trimmings. Just head straight to Lincraft or Spotlight, they have plenty of fabulous flowers and beads. Another great option is getting them made from your favourite florist if you have a special event to go to… the best flowers for corsages are lilies and roses.