Loving Right Now: 3 Foodie Finds

From the best new food app to a guilt-free summer treat, we’ve unearthed a few new foodie finds that we had to share with you!

The Cook’s Companion App
Legendary Australian chef Stephanie Alexander’s has turned her bestselling cook book The Cook’s Companion into an app, packed with a whopping 2,000 recipes.

There is no other book like The Cook’s Companion. It sits on the kitchen bench in more than 500,000 Australian homes and is regarded as an Australian classic, commonly referred to as the kitchen ‘bible’. So I was thrilled to try out the app, which was so easy to use. There are beautiful photos, how-to videos, and you can add a note to any recipe, just like you would with a cookbook.

I’ve made the pasta with prawns several times, and the chicken and leek pie is next. And the pavlova. And the roast chicken. This would make a great Valentines’s Day gift for food lovers, too.


BONDI RD by [yellow tail]
When I heard about a new range of light sparkling wines named after the iconic beach, I couldn’t wait to try it. Seriously, what’s better on a hot summer’s day than a refreshing wine spritzer? It’s a genius idea: sparkling Sauvignon Blanc with a light spritz, available in Original, Elderflower & Mint and Ginger & Green Tea. The flavours are light and refreshing and perfect for sipping on a lazy Sunday to pairing with weekend nibbles.

A 4-pack costs $18.99. We think they’d look really cute with colour-coordinated straws, don’t you?

Skinny Cow Ice Creams
These Skinny Cow ice creams lasted less than five minutes in the office. We were all over these low cow-lorie treats which now come in yummy new flavours Choc Cherry ice cream cookies, Cookies & Cream cups and Peanut Butter Sundae. They’re 97% fat free and low in calories – perfect for indulging your summer sweet tooth without cheating on your resolutions!

What are you loving right now? Tell us in the comments!