Fun Things To Do With The Kids These School Holidays

Unlike us grownups who relish in doing nothing, downtime is a kid’s worst nightmare. So with the school holidays about to kick off, you might well be scratching your head and wondering how on earth you’re going to keep the littlies entertained these holidays without spending an arm and a leg.

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Well, ladies, fear not, because we’ve compiled a list of ten fun, cost effective, or free ways to keep the kids occupied this Easter and all of which are activities you might get a thrill out of yourself.


Heading to the movies is something the whole family can enjoy! Usually around school holiday time there are several kid friendly movies that are released that both boys and girls will enjoy. Heck, you might even be amused yourself! If you’re concerned about the cost however, have a look online for any deals or specials – there’s usually school holiday promotions running across various cinemas or via discount websites such as Groupon.

Arts and Crafts

For a few dollars you can pick yourself up an arts and crafts pack or buy your own DIY pieces. You could create a collage, decorate a photo album or photo frame, or even make paper lanterns – there are loads of ways to get creative! If you’re stuck for ideas, the world wide web will be your best friend.


Effective, free and fun! Kids love to get outdoors and play, particularly if it involves monkey bars and slippery slides. So instead of letting them climb all over the furniture indoors, head to your local park. There will be no mess left to clean up, you’ll get some much needed vitamin D and you can pack a picnic and make a day of it, also.


Trampolining has become incredibly popular in recent years, with trampoline centres opening up in nearly every town. The centres are kid friendly with supervised jumping areas, dodge-ball games and foam pits and are relatively cheap at about $15 per person per hour.

Train ride

Remember the thrill you got from riding the train as a kid? It was like Christmas. These holidays venture out of town for the day via the train.

Make play dough

Kids enjoy making play dough just as much as they love playing with it. It’s relatively easy to make, cost effective and the little ones will appreciate playing with something that they helped to create.

Bike riding

Bike riding is great exercise and can also be lots of fun. There are plenty of scenic bike tracks around, so find one that’s local and plan your journey. Be prepared to make a few stops along the way however, so be sure to pack some snacks and water.


Getting creative in the kitchen can be fun for both the adults and the littlies. Maybe you want to try out a new clean or vegan chocolate slice recipe, or whip up something a little more traditional like cupcakes or choc chip cookies. Regardless of whether it’s healthy or indulgent, if it’s sweet and fun to make, the kids are guaranteed to have a good time. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy licking the bowl!

Find free events

There are plenty of free events organised by councils throughout the school holidays, so be sure to find out what’s going on in your area. It might be an Easter parade, a street show, or a chocolate hunt (yep, the City of Sydney have organised an Easter egg hunt in the city), so head to your city’s website or pick up your free local magazine.

Camp out in the backyard

As long as the weather allows for it, organise a camp-out with the kids in your backyard. To do so, pitch a tent, or set up a sleeping area on the balcony or trampoline. You can watch the stars, roast marshmallows over the barbecue and tell stories. It’s an imaginative and cheaper alternative to the real deal, but just as fun, nonetheless.

April 1, 2015

Whale-Watching Sites Around Australia

It’s a truly amazing spectacle to see and hear the whales which migrate around the coast of Australia in cooler months. It’s a great free activity for all nature lovers. Some areas are better than others, so we’ve put together a list of the best places in each state or territory to take a peek.

Northern Territory

Spotting whales in our beautiful top end can be tricky. It’s often more miss than hit. In May 2014, False Killer Whales were viewed in shallow water around Garig Gunak Barlu National Park, north-east of Darwin. This was unusual, as these creatures are usually found in much deeper waters. If you are looking for whales in NT waters, check recent reports.


There are a number of places to do some whale watching in QLD. The following list includes locations and the peak season:

  • Gold Coast – May to November
  • Hervey Bay – July to November
  • Brisbane – June to October
  • Sunshine Coast – June to October
  • Cairns – July to September
  • Whitsundays – May to September
  • Great Barrier Reef – March to October

New South Wales

NSW has multiple locations. The following list has been compiled as a guide, based on peak season times, May to November, with the exception of August:

  • Port Stephens
  • Jervis Bay
  • Coffs Harbour
  • Nelsons Bay

September to November:

  • Merimbula
  • Eden

June to November, excluding August:

  • Port Macquarie

June to November:

  • Byron Bay

June to October:

  • Tweed Heads


By far the most popular whale watching area in Victoria is Warnambool. Peak season is from June to September when Southern Right Whales make the annual migration to give birth to their young, along the sheltered coast. Some people have been lucky enough to spot the whales else where around the state, but these sightings are fairly rare.


Tassy isn’t a prime whale watching location, however Bruny Island is known for annual sightings. They pass by during May to July and again during September and December. Once there, some whales congregate for up to five weeks. Humpbacks and Southern Right Whales are regular visitors, while Pygmy Right Whales, Minke Whales and Orca’s or Killer Whales can be seen as they migrating along the coast.

South Australia

SA has two prime locations, where whales are guaranteed to visit each year. From May to October, Southern Right Whales can be witnessed frolicking, mating, calving and nursing their young. The head of the bight, apparently has the best views, as whales are often viewed as close as 100 metres off the shore.

The second region is along the coastline from Victor Harbour to Goolwa Beach. Middleton, which is located in the middle, is a quaint surfing cove where commuters often view the whales whilst driving past. Once again Southern Right Whales dominate the area. July or August is the peak time, however you might snag you a peak during cooler months.

Western Australia

Albany and Broome are the hot spots around WA. Between June and November Humpback Whales are spotted as they migrate north-west to Broome, while Southern Right Whales migrating from Antarctica are know to visit Albany’s southern bays to mate and give birth.

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By Kim Chartres

August 9, 2014