Hairstyles To Make Your Forehead Look Smaller

Women with an elongated forehead can understand the pain of restraining from particular hairstyles which only draw attention to the area. You definitely won’t find any top-knots or slicked-back hair tutorials here; lots of wispy layers is the best alternative.

Try a few of these easy hairstyles the next time you want a flattering change which will frame your face – we promise!

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Side bangs

Any kind of side-swept hairstyle is perfect for women with a high forehead. It takes the focus away from the area, and instead frames the entire face in a lovely way. Try ombré hair or highlights around the front of your face to make this area look softer than it is.

Hairstyles To Make Your Forehead Look Smaller

Cute curls

Choose some cute Hollywood inspired curls to give the face some extra dimension. Any shorter layers are perfect and should be curled inwards to emphasise this look. For best results, wear your hair in hot rollers overnight, then remove and loosely comb them out.


The lob

Make like Tyra Banks and chop your long locks into a cute bob. Refrain from using layers, and keep hair consistently cut straight across – it will draw attention away from your forehead!


Full fringe

A full fringe which falls just below the eyebrows another great way to conceal a large forehead. Choose wispy layers which won’t look as severe on your face; then easily tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail with ease.

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Beach curls

Casual beachy curls are an effortless hairstyle which almost anyone can achieve. Spritz hair with sea-salt spray and create a part slightly off the centre of your scalp. This is the best way to hide second-day hair, and minimise the appearance of your forehead.



A super-short hairdo with an added fringe is ideal for women who don’t want to spend more than 5 minutes on their hair each morning. Use a bit of styling mousse to create instant volume, especially on the fringe. If this is too daring for you, a short bob or asymmetric haircut is another flattering alternative.


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Volumising Hairstyles For Short Hair

Chopping those long locks into a shorter hairstyle doesn’t mean that your hair should be flat and lifeless.

Little tricks such as blowdrying your hair upside down and using a dry shampoo (on clean hair) can create instant volume in no-time. Below are just a few ways to bring some much needed volume to any short hairstyle.

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Alexa Chung

If you have short bangs, give them some body with a thick curling wand. All you need to do is brush out the curls to achieve a silky-smooth hairstyle.

Volumising Hairstyles For Short Hair

Frankie Sanford

Give your hair a bit of a combover by creating the illusion of a thick fringe at the front of your face. This works well if you hair is already cut into an asymmetric style (shorter in the back, longer in the front). Keep everything in place by applying a pea-sized amount of mousse to dry hair.

Volumising Hairstyles For Short Hair

Sandra Bullock

For hair that is mostly dead-straight, focus on creating some volume at the ends. The best way to achieve this look is to blow-dry your hair upside down. As you’re drying the ends, scrunch with your hands to create instant texture.

Volumising Hairstyles For Short Hair

Olivia Palermo

To create Olivia Palermo’s enviable locks, part hair down the middle, and style your hair at the crown. Create some extra volume by individually heated curlers, and leave them in for at least an hour. For the natural look, carefully comb out the curls, and spritz some finishing spray for extra hold.

Volumising Hairstyles For Short Hair

Sienna Miller

Create a wispy fringe by shampooing hair with a volumising treatment. To avoid any flat, lifeless hair, skip out on the conditioner. Let your hair air-dry, then apply a small amount of texturising mouse to the scalp.

Volumising Hairstyles For Short Hair

Marion Cotillard

For hair like Marion, use a curling wand with a thin barrel to make hair appear thicker. Remember to curl hair away from your face, and use a hairspray only at your ends.

Volumising Hairstyles For Short Hair

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5 of the Best Celebrity Hairstyles with Fringes

If you’ve ever thought about cutting a fringe, rest assured: the fringe is back in a big way. From Zooey Deschanel to Lea Michele, these celebrity hairstyles show you just how cute a fringe can be with the right styling. Whether you want a wispy side fringe or a bold and full fringe, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to take to your hairstylist with you.

Here are five of the best celebrity hairstyles with fringes to help you decide which fringe is best for you.

Rose Byrne’s sleek fringe
Rose looks amazing with her sleek, sophisticated fringe, framing her beautiful eyes and heart-shaped face perfectly.

To get this style, your fringe need to be cut straight so you can achieve a smooth line. Blow dry your fringe with a round brush to give them a little volume so they don’t just lay flat against your forehead. Apply a bit of smoothing serum to keep flyaways in checks. This fringe looks great with a natural style, a sporty ponytail or even an elegant updo.


Emma Stone’s choppy side fringe
Emma Stone shows how versatile a fringe can be, styling a sleek fringe into a choppy, side fringe. It’s a stylish twist on a classic fringe, and looks great whether you turn it into a hair up style or keep it down.

To get Emma’s look, ask your hairstylist to create a choppy fringe starting at the top of your head, so you have enough fringe to style to the side. You’ll need to apply some texturing product or gel, then blow dry them to the side. Working with them while they’re wet will help them shape to the side more easily. Tousle them for a cool, relaxed, look.


Lea Michele’s face-framing fringe
Lea Michele has incredible hair, and the perfect face for a fringe. She’s experimented with relaxed waves and straight styles The beautiful songstress has experimented with her long, chestnut hair by trying out relaxed waves, straight styles and different styles of fringe. This face-framing fringe may be our favourite.

The key to this look is to cut your fringe well above the brows and to blow dry them straight. If you allow your hair to dry naturally, the bangs will likely part and stick out at odd angles. Make sure you dry them flat and finish with a light mist of hairspray to tame flyways. Ask your hairstylist to cut some layers around your face to keep the look softer.


Zooey Deschanel’s heavy fringe
The queen of the fringe, Zooey Deschanel has turned the fringe into her signature look, making her doe eyes pop. In fact, when she showed up at a recent red carpet event with her fringe pulled back, she was virtually unrecognisable.

This heavy fringe should fall below your eyebrows – even touching the tops of your lashes (if you can stand it!). Use a round brush to blow dry the fringe, creating volume with rounded ends. If you leave longer pieces at the ends, allow them to fall and dry naturally, creating a bit of texture at the sides, which looks particularly striking if you pull your hair up into a bun or ponytail.


Kelly Osbourne’s block fringe
Kelly Osbourne has created her own unique, rocking style, which is often accentuated by her distinctive hair colours – from lavender to grey. While she changes up her hairstyles often, the look we love is her gorgeous block fringe.

This fringe is easy to cut and style. The fringe should be cut full but not too heavy, and they should be straight across and hang just above or right at the eyebrows. The fringe should be blow dried straight, with a smoothing serum applied to keep them in place. Comb them slight off center to create a slight part when you want to mix it up, and finish with a mist of hairspray at the part to keep it separate.

Which celebrity has your favourite fringe?