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Weekend Wit: Can You Spot The Difference?

Variety is the spice of life, they say. So we’re basically encouraged to think that difference is good, right? But is difference always such a good thing? Or is difference simply a matter of perspective?

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This is probably getting a bit deep for Weekend Wit, especially when you just want to kick back and have a giggle or two. So without further delay, let’s take a look at some random images that are all about difference. Who really cares if difference is good or bad or if it is a matter of perspective. Let’s enjoy a bit of difference and leave the philosophy to the experts!

I can spot some similarities here. Nice smile, dude!

Weekend Wit: Can You Spot The Difference?

It’s remarkable that gender can determine pricing. Yet, what’s possibly more remarkable is that we don’t dispute it – we just pay it.

Weekend Wit: Can You Spot The Difference?

After her nose job, Latoya Jackson really does bear a resemblance to ET.  I wonder if she considered that before her surgery?

Weekend Wit: Can You Spot The Difference?

So true!

Spot The Difference, funny images, fun stuff

Poor grandma. Quite a likeness though.

Spot The Difference, funny images, fun stuff

Notice the second man from the right corner? He’s not checking out their bodies, but he’s still smiling. Maybe these blondes had a strategy? In that case, who’s the silly one? Just a thought.

Weekend Wit: Can You Spot The Difference?

What this guy lacks in technology, he makes up for in his sense of humour.

Spot The Difference, funny images, fun stuff

And so does this guy.

Spot The Difference, funny images, fun stuff

I love the cat. He is really playing his part.

Spot The Difference, funny images, fun stuff

I did pose the question of whether all differences are good!

Weekend Wit: Can You Spot The Difference?

I couldn’t resist to finish off with just a touch of philosophy. Difference… Umm, perhaps it is all about our perspective?

Weekend Wit: Can You Spot The Difference?

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Weekend Wit: Funny Backyard Inventions

They say necessity is the mother of all inventions. I’m sure that’s why Thomas Edison invented the light globe back in 1879. It was dark back then and he needed some light. Boy how far has technology come since then! Or has it?

This next lot of backyard inventions follow the same concept as Edison, having been born out of necessity. However I highly doubt they’ll have the same impact on society as the light globe but they are worth a bit of a laugh.

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This one’s quite clever. Pushing around a hand mower is really tough work.

redneck-inventions, funny inventions, funny images

Don’t ya love the fact he had to place a name tag on the side?

redneck-inventions, funny inventions, funny images

Witty and practical. I wonder if scientists have tried this approach for hurricane alerts?

redneck-inventions, funny inventions, funny images

Anyone who has suffered the pain of a crappy shower head could appreciate this one. It does look quite effective.

redneck-inventions, funny inventions, funny images

It seems this inventor has digressed somewhat. Weren’t wheels a revolutionary invention? He’s obviously put some thought into this though because the sneaker are all matching. I wonder if that made a difference to his prototype.

redneck-inventions, funny inventions, funny images

Aha…. kite surf envy. That’s one way to join in and I suppose it beats sitting on the foreshore.

redneck-inventions, funny inventions, funny images

It seems BBQ’s are something a lot of people have a go at creating but this fella has gone one better and got himself a multiple sausage cooking utensil. Why should everyone burn their hands right? A true mate if I ever saw one!

redneck-inventions, funny inventions, funny images

Why would this inventor try to stabilize this substitute fuel tank on the outside of the ute? Perhaps he ran out of hose and it just wasn’t long enough to place it securely in the back.

redneck-inventions, funny inventions, funny images

Do you think this air-conditioner just cools the freezer section or the entire fridge?

redneck-inventions, funny inventions, funny images

Let’s hope this set up is NOT for a child. They’re obviously very serious about keeping something inside there.

redneck-inventions, funny inventions, funny images

Apparently life is better with a ute and by passers at this event would probably agree. Nice work fellas!

redneck-inventions, funny inventions, funny images

No oar? A pitch fork and an old number plate will do the job.

redneck-inventions, funny inventions, funny images

That certainly is a lot of tape to turn this pedestal fan into a ceiling fan. However will it be enough? I don’t think I’d like to stand under it.

redneck-inventions, funny inventions, funny images

I’d bet good money this was photographed in a bachelor pad.

redneck-inventions, funny inventions, funny images

Well that’s it for today. There certainly are some very creative minds out there. Not exactly in the same class as Edison but at least they are trying to make their lives better. Let’s just hope everyone stayed safe while using their weird and not so wonderful inventions!

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10 Signs You’re Addicted To Instagram

First there was Facebook, then Instagram took over our lives and it seems as if it’s here to stay. The photo sharing app has quickly found its way into our phones and hearts.

Whether it’s checking our Instagram feeds, getting jealous of other peoples’ seemingly perfect lives, or spending way too much time arranging the food on our plates so it looks pretty when snapped, we’re all guilty of taking the app a little bit too serious sometimes.

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If you’re familiar with more than 5 of the following scenarios, I suggest a social media detox for a week or two. Here are 10 signs you’re seriously addicted to Instagram:

1. You can’t remember the last hot meal you had because by the time you’ve snapped the perfect picture of your food, it has cooled down.

2. You use the word “hashtag” to describe situations. #awkies

3. You choose your holiday destinations based on pretty photos you’ve seen on Instagram.

4. Refreshing your Instagram feed is the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night.

5. You’ve been late because you couldn’t decide which filter to use.

6. You consider getting the perfect selfie after 37 attempts a success.

7. You get angry at your pet because instead of posing next to your cupcake, it ate it.

8. There are always clothes on your dining table because shooting your flatlays is more important than eating.

9. Getting less than 25 likes on a picture makes you seriously doubt yourself.

10. You don’t think this is funny:

instagram hipster

image via flamingopink.com.au and omgghana.com

Weekend Wit: Weird And Wonderful Sex Noises

This Weekend Wit article is about those weird and wonderful sex noises that happen. And while most of us know what they are, people rarely talk about them. Even lovers avoid those conversations. Can you imagine? “Hey babe, how was that incredible sound of air gushing out your vagina!?”

Some people can be a little concerned about the weird noises bodies make during sex. And some are so self-conscious about it they get up and bolt. We humans are a funny species aren’t we? So grab that cuppa, because you’re about to be entertained by the human side of weird and wonderful sex noises.

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Orgasm noises

Don’t people make some weird facial expressions and noises when they climax? There’s that puffing and panting that goes on and makes humans sound more like overheated furry animals for a start; then I’ve heard people describing their lovers orgasm as a host of different things such as a dying cat, a birthing cow and even a whale on heat (to name a few). I don’t know what a whale on heat sounds like but it seems a little too offensive to be endearing, don’t you think?

Then there’s the “oh my god” statements. “Yesssss” cries and let’s not forget the name calling; “oh (insert name here).” They are all pretty standard, but what about people calling out the wrong name? I’ve never been in that situation so I can’t really comment, but what do people do when that happens? Do they stop mid orgasm? Do they finish? Do they run for the bathroom? Hmm, that’s a weird sex noise of a different category. Possibly the shameful variety? Anyone care to share their misfortune?

Anyway, have you ever noticed that some orgasm noises can sound a lot like a person being murdered? Think about it. Imagine the movies with sex scenes verses murder scenes. Now try and distinguish the audio between the two – hopefully you can hear what I mean.

Who would have thought there was so much similarity between the audio of pleasure and pain. The perplexing question is why? Shouldn’t humans have an exclusive ‘I’m being murdered’ noise and a ‘I’m having an orgasm’ noise? Humans are weird creatures indeed.

Suction cup noises

When two moist surfaces stick together they sometimes make a loud suction cup noise when they separate – kind of like a slurpy sound when you suck hard on a smoothie. It can happen to hot sweaty bodies in the throws of passion, especially if there’s a bit of loose flesh about. It’s also one of those sex noises that doesn’t happen often. So when it does it’s worth at least a few giggles, don’t you think?

Now, I read a sad story about one lady who got so embarrassed when it happened that she bolted out of the room. This screams one-night stand! She should have taken advantage of her situation and made as many weird and wonderful sex noises as possible – at least the experience would have been remembered for all the right reasons. It’s surprising she didn’t slip – she got out of there so damn fast.

Air escaping

Air escaping the vagina sounds are like a loud fanny fart without the smell. It happens because the penis pushes air into the vagina during the in-out action of sex. The air has got to go somewhere, so when it does it’s usually after sex or when a woman suddenly change positions. Guys, if it does happen, don’t ask your partner: “Did you just fart?” It sort of ruins the moment!

Squishy sounds

When a women is really wet or the couple have poured a bottle of lube on their genitals, that squishy sound happens. Some people love it and say it’s the best sound of sex, while others aren’t as enthusiastic – they find these sex noises downright embarrassing and just want it to stop.

One women questioned if she was too wet – suffice to say she got plenty of positive feedback. She quickly found out that the words ‘too wet’ in this context should never be considered a problem.

Oral sex noises

The last one on the list for today is oral sex noises. I’m talking about the person with their face full doing the work, not the person laying back and enjoying it. There’s gagging, gasping and those trying to breathe noises going on. It can actually sound very concerning and in any other situation their lover would probably offer some help. Who would have thought the sounds of choking or running out of oxygen would be such a turn on for so many people?

Image via Apartment Therapy

Weekend Wit: Is Penis Size A Myth?

Is penis size a myth? Hmm, it depends which side of the equation you sit on this. Some say yes it is a myth and others say absolutely not! Penis size does matter, in fact it matters a heck of a lot.

I’d like to say for argument sake and to make men out there feel better by saying that penis size is a big fat urban myth. Just because a man is well endowed it doesn’t automatically qualify said man as being an incredible lover. I know some women out there will be jumping up and down right now, but wait ladies. If you think I’m wrong let me take you for a bit of a journey and provide some proof. Yes there is actual proof!

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The tradie

Being a tremendous lover is like any other skill that’s acquired. It’s not something men put on their resume or display on their LinkedIn account for all the world to see, but we can agree it’s a skill nonetheless. Tradies also have skills, yeah?

Now, when women hire tradies to fix their cars or something around their homes, they don’t base their selection on the size of the tradies tools now do they? Do they choose a mechanic by the size of the money wrench? Carpenter by the size of the hammer or plumber by the size of a plunger? No they don’t. How bloody bizarre would that be?

Instead they might chat to a few, get a couple of quotes and base their decision on the best quote or the tradie they feel most confident with. See where I’m heading with this? Tool size and skill have no connection people. None. Unless a tradie skillfully knows how to operate their tools, they won’t get the job done properly at all. A man with a hammer does not a carpenter make. Understand?

 penis size, sex, wit, witty stories, humor, funny stories, penis, fun,

Sex toys
Now if penis size was a defining factor to get women off why are there vibrators the size of an index finger? Also, why is this size one of the best selling vibrators and why do manufactorors continue to come up with more colours, designs and so forth? Plus, why wouldn’t the sex toy industry just make all vibrators and dildos the size of a well endowed man or larger, if all that mattered was penis size? Why?

Well I’ll tell you why. Size does not matter. Simple. Plus how on earth would a woman manage to keep a vibrator hidden in her handbag if they were all made based on the myth that bigger is better?

Image for a second a woman rummaging through her handbag as most women are known to do. She’s right in the middle of her favorite busy cafe about to pay for her morning latte. As she’s pulling out her purse out flies one of those extra large vibrators with a strong resemblance to a gigantic penis. OMG can you imagine! Is bigger better now ladies?

These women know that a small discrete bullet sized vibrator will do the job. Plus if the above fore-mentioned scenario did happen most people would think she’s just dropped her lipstick, not her favorite sex toy. She can calmly pick it up, pop it back in her handbag and no-one would be the wiser. I don’t think she could do that with something bigger, do you?


It’s what’s attached that counts

Most women would have to agree that what’s attached to the penis far outweighs penis size. If penis size was the only thing that mattered men wouldn’t be covering up. They’d be heading to the nearest plastic surgeon, getting massive implants and parading around their most prized possession.

Much like those women with ridiculously large boob jobs who are known to parade around rich old men like Geoffrey Edelsten, for them to make their breast selection. Oh sorry their wife selection. Clearly these men believe the bigger the better. Hmm, I wonder if that applies to them? OMG what am I saying? Sorry I really don’t wonder. Particularly in these cases I’m very glad men aren’t parading around, penis out!

 penis size, sex, wit, witty stories, humor, funny stories, penis, fun,


Lastly, I’m pulling out the big guns and offering scientific proof! If women preferred well endowed men why are there so many men walking around with small penises? Wouldn’t the evolutionary process of natural selection have snuffed them out by now? Think about that one.

Images: huffingtonpost.com, groupon.ca, reddit.com, pintrest.com

How To Host A Party And Still Have Fun

How would you like some professional hosting tips for your next social gathering? I’ve organized and hosted a bucket load of social events in my time, ranging from big community functions to small backyard barbecues. The planning guidelines are basically the same, so if you use the tips I’m about to share with you, regardless of the event, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself instead of being a slave to the festivities.

Now the first thing you need to organise is a plan. Jump on your computer, get a spreadsheet happening and brainstorm. There are some templates available online or make up your own. Do you want decorations, music or a bar area? What about the food? Jot down everything you want at your party, right down to the smallest detail like bins, serviettes and ice. Make sure you have extra columns to mark off when items are ordered, organised and completed. Print this out and remember to keep it updated as you go along. This will not only be a guide for you, but will also help you allocate jobs to willing volunteers.

Next is the shopping list. Shopping for parties or events takes valuable time which you no longer need to spend in store. Jump online, order all your items and get everything delivered. It might cost a little extra but when you consider the time factor of physically sourcing everything, trust me, it will be money very well spent.

Now that you’ve got that organised, if the event is at a private residence, head back to the computer and get some decorative signs made up that lead to the toilet and bathroom. Plus, if you have areas you want to keep off limits, put together some no entry signs. Get creative and make up signs for the bar area, coat storage, can and bottle recycling or whatever you like. These will add to the decorations if you spruce them up a bit.

Speaking of decorations, make sure you get these delivered about a week before the event. If the event is in your home, spend some time each night setting the house up. Arrange the bar area with large containers for ice, plastic cups, etc.

Set up the music and speakers. Using an iPod, mobile phone or something similar is easy. Get your playlist together and make sure you have enough tunes to flick on the music before your guests arrive and forget about it. Just a tip, guests may ask for music requests during the party. Unless you want to start being the DJ for the entire event, let them know that the music is preset. If you have a volunteer who is willing to DJ and take requests, that’s great. Allocate the job to them if they are willing.

Now if the party is at home, don’t be too fussy about having a spotless house. It will look a lot worse afterwards. If you are concerned your home isn’t being presented the way you’d like, give it a quick vacuum and dust as you set up. Mopping floors are a waste so don’t bother.

If the event is at a different location, enlist the help of others to assist with decorations and preparations. Ask the facilities staff or management if you can have some time to prepare before the event. Most will agree to allow you limited access so plan decorations which you can set up within that time-frame. If you are having balloons, order a cheap pump with the decorations or opt for helium. Blowing up balloons is time consuming and there are easier ways to make it happen without running out of valuable oxygen!

The night before your party, prep any food which can be done early. Keep it as simple as possible and try not to make extra work for yourself. If possible have a reasonably early night and get a good rest.

The day of your party all that should be left to do is the final food prep. Cook anything which needs cooking, get out serving implements and you should basically be ready for an awesome event. If the event is at a catered facility you won’t have this concern. Spent some time during the day with your feet up relaxing and give yourself plenty of time to have a shower and get yourself ready to receive your guests.

Doing all the preparation prior to your party will really pay off. Instead of being the type of host who is rushing around ignoring guests, you can actually spend time with them and enjoy yourself. Plus, the more entertaining you do, the easier this gets. Save any documents you’ve created on the computer in a separate file and re-use them.

These tips and techniques are ultimately what professional event organisers do everyday. They plan, organise and prepare. It’s that simple! It doesn’t matter if it’s a small gathering like a BBQ, kids party or a big event like a wedding; these guidelines are super flexible.

Good luck and enjoy your festivities!

Image via spatrendonline.hu

Dating Ideas And Advice During December

Dating in December can be a bit tricky for a couple of reasons. The first is that there are people everywhere. Don’t you wish that they would all nick off because a quiet night at a local restaurant seems to be out of the question. With staff parties and end of year festivities happening, it’s likely you’ll actually need to make a booking. That throws spontaneity totally out the window for the next month or so.

Then there’s the second conundrum. Is it time for your new lover to meet the Fockers or Addams family? You know, those people who share your genes, but have you seriously considering if you were adopted? It might be tempting to take your date with you, but before you do, please keep reading.

So back to the first issue. Instead of heading to overcrowded restaurants during December, why not mixed it up a bit and do things a little different. Take the opportunity to engage the festivities and go along to Christmas pageants, carol evenings, light displays or whatever else your city or local area has going on.

If this sounds like a chore rather than an opportunity, you might want to pack a romantic picnic lunch and drive out to the country for some peace and quiet. You can pick some wild flowers which can still be found in remote areas or support some of the local businesses, strolling peacefully from shop to shop selecting Christmas gifts.

Hey, it certainly beats the hustle and bustle of the local mall! Plus small businesses out of the city will welcome the extra income. You never know what you’ll find as small towns often support local artists who hand make unique trinkets and create some stunning gifts.

If that doesn’t sound enticing, what about hiring a boat and having a day on the water? Or you could visit a museum, art gallery or do a photography tour. Don’t forget about scary night time tours of old jails. That will get the adrenaline pumping and nothing screams seduction like adding a bit of fear into your dating experience!

There’s heaps of options in lieu of sitting down and eating a meal together, so check out what’s around and do something different together. Some experiences need to be booked in advance and others can be spontaneous. Check online for opening times, costs and if any booking is required.

So, with a few dating options covered, what about that fateful family meeting? Maybe they have invited you for Christmas or vice versa. You really need to consider if you are ready to take that step. The family introduction is when things get serious and you are basically stating that this person is your potential life partner.

If you think it might be getting serious and this person is “the one”, the ultimate thing to remember is this; if it weren’t for upcoming family functions would you go out of your way to take this person to meet your family? If you aren’t ready for that, then the answer is relatively clear. Wait until you are certain before you introduce your family or meet theirs.

It maybe that they are keen for you to meet their family. Take this as an indication of where they would like the relationship to go. Once families become part of the equation you are in a serious relationship. If you don’t want that or are unsure then declining the offer and go to your family celebrations solo.

It’s all a matter of personal preference and you need to decide how you feel about the person. It maybe a simple Christmas invite, but often it signifies where the relationship is heading. Be mindful of this and do what feels right. Your gut instinct will usually lead you in the right direction.

Image via http://cdn.sheknows.com/articles/xmas-getaway.jpg

Weekend Wit: The Facebook Phenomenon

I was watching Family Feud the other day, which is something I seldom do and the question was, “What is the first thing people do when they wake up?” Now I thought of answers like have a pee, (which BTW was number one), make a cuppa, stretch, open your eyes, yawn. You know, that sort of thing? What struck me as totally bizarre was number two. Check out your FB page. WTF!

It seems FB has made a gigantic impact upon the lives of millions of people. Yes, I too have a FB page, but the last thing I want to do when I wake up is connect with other people or read about the crap happening in other peoples lives. You know the stuff. At blah blah, with so and so, having a ball. This is the meal I’m about to consume (which BTW is going cold because I’m trying to take the perfect shot). My partner is a lying arsehole, please comment. My partner is no longer a lying arsehole, how dare you comment! OMG really? Seconds after you wake up? Three words people; get a life!

So anyway, I’ve always queried that if people are at blah blah with so and so having this audacious time, why the heck would they bother updating their FB status to tell everyone about it? If they had to pull out their smartphone and update their FB status I reckon they’re probably stretching the truth. In reality they‘re bored as hell!

Think about it. If you’re in the middle of hot date and things are going really well and the two of you are about to get busy, would you say “hang on, I need to update my FB status.” No. You’re actually having too much of a good a time to be bothered about FB. That’s the reality. So when you see a post about this incredible time someone is having, it’s probably bullshit!

Now, the posts I really have to have a chuckle at are the arguments. Parents and their kids, partners going at each other and sometimes just general haters. Do people forget it’s a public forum? People have the opportunity to read about it AND comment!

There’s nothing more hilarious than a couple who are arguing. Their friends or family comment saying what a prick he or she is and then when the argument is over the couple combine and attack the people who have stopped by to comment. OMG talk about entertainment! Why do people comment? Why do couples argue on FB? It certainly is a strange world we live in. What’s more is that people don’t learn from the first time it happens. They do it over and over again.

Imagine being an alien and monitoring this stuff. The human race would look like a bunch of half-wits who have nothing better to do with their lives. They upload ridiculous photos of people doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things and write about every single thought which miraculously passes through their brain. If you were an alien would you bother visiting our planet?

So in closing, I just want to say thank you to the FB creators. They’ve managed to turn seemingly intelligent beings into sideshow freaks. Anyone who wants to stop by and take a gander at someone else’s life can do so with the click of a button.

People are heading straight out of the toilet in the morning to jump online and check out the latest gossip. They’ve managed to turn at least some of the worlds population into bullshit addicts. Pity they didn’t come up with something really significant, like a cure for Cancer. Instead, we got FB. Job well done fellas!

Image via jcsocialmarketing.com

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