Game Of Thrones Cast Releases Video In Support Of Refugees

“We are currently facing the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II.”

Why Is Game of Thrones So Damn Popular?

No one can dispute that HBO really have hit the jackpot with Game of Thrones. For the past 5 years, millions of devoted fans have tuned in eager to watch the next instalment.

This season has been no different. Even the slaughter of most of the initial cast hasn’t deterred support. No other TV show has killed off so many popular and unpopular cast members and survived. So what makes this myriad of medieval hardship, nudity, fortuitous sex and violence so damn popular?

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The setting

This fictional land created for Game of Thrones resembles the past but has an element of fantasy. There’s Kings Landing where the throne sits. This is where the struggle for power and domination reign supreme. There’s the wall. A cold bleak place inhabited predominately by men. Forgotten by society this misfitted bunch of protectors have a reasonably grim existence.

North of the wall white walkers and wild-lings live. It’s a dangerous place. Then there’s the foreign lands being freed of slavery one city at a time. Plus ancient places where dragons once inhabited with gigantic ancient structures in ruins. Combined it’s a perfect setting for this epic story to unfold.

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The costumes

Game of Thrones wouldn’t be at all believable if the cast weren’t transformed into their fantasy land with flawless costumes. When photographed in their civil attire away from the office their characters instantly shrink away. Take Sophie Turner for example. Gracing the catwalk for Karen Millen she looks nothing like her popular character Sansa Stark who’s costumes are spoken off regularly.

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The cast

This eclectic group of the young and the old, the hot and the homely and the tall and the short really do bring the characters of Game of Thrones to life. Image for a second that Tyrion Lannister aka The Imp or The Halfman wasn’t played by the extraordinary Peter Dinklage? Or that Daenerys Targaryen aka The Mother of Dragons wasn’t played by the stunning Emilia Clarke. In fact many fans have come to know the characters so well that their real names remain a mystery!

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The story

Keeping fans on the edge of their seats and coming back for more, the story behind the Game of Thrones has kept viewers thoroughly entertained. They can appreciate loosing yet another long term cast member if the story continues to develop. For example the Stark Family, where the story began has dwindled down to all but a few precious souls. Spread throughout the lands each has endured their own hardship and hellish journey since the beginning.

Other characters are then carefully introduced to take their place in our heart or in our nightmares. Each one then has a journey of their own to tell amid following the plot of who will eventually take over the precious throne.

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The throne

The throne has become an international icon. Not an ordinary seat by any means. This creative structure is the foundation of the story, even if viewers become too captivated with the latest installment and temporarily forget for a moment that the entire plot centers around the quest for the throne. Obviously this is where the story will lead.

However the twists and turns, challenges and triumphs along the way make it very clear that the destination isn’t necessarily the most interesting part of the journey. Viewers are very content at the moment to put thoughts of the throne aside as they watch the struggle for power and preservation unfold.

Who will end up on the throne? Right now it’s anyone’s guess and what’s the bet it will take a few years yet to be decided. It certainly doesn’t look like this popular TV saga is going to conclude any time soon. Luckily viewers have been assured season 6 is being organised and HBO will continue to enjoy this success for quite a while longer.

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Game of Thrones Star Is The New Face Of Karen Millen

Talk about the epitome of fashion news and the latest celebrity gossip! Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, (aka Sansa Stark) will be the face of Karen Millen’s 2015 Autumn/Winter launch. I’ve just had a sneak peak at the fashion (which I’ll share) and campaign mini movie entitled The Journey shot by Photographer and director Glen Luchford.

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The campaign centers around Turner. She’s supported by an entourage of handpicked British beauties, Lara Mullen, Rosie Tapner and Brogan Loftus. These young, vivacious women have been exquisitely styled by Katy England who breathes life into the entire collection.

Presented is an eclectic mixture of high-low, trend-led, London inspired pieces. These are complimented with some stunning seasonal wardrobe staples. Seriously the handbags and heeled boots are to die for! As always their objective is to design and create effortless fashion for modern intelligent, urban woman. That sounds very much like a majority of our readers?!

There’s an opulent mixture of day, night, casual, office and evening ware. KM has used a variety of fabrics in plain and feminine patterns, creating perfectly contoured shirts, tops, jeans and elegant skirts. There’s also a selection of tailored pants and an array of coats and jackets available in long and short varieties. To complete the AW15 collection faux furs and flowing scarfs have been included to ward off the winter chills. Plus they haven’t forgotten their iconic bikers jacket. So, basically all the must have’s for a stylish Autumn / Winter wardrobe have been included.

The KM brand ensures exceptional quality with first class craftsmanship. Directed by CCO Gemma Metheringham each piece is designed, cut and finished in KM’s design studio. These remain reflective of KM’s origin which remains based in Shoreditch London. The brand also dedicates support to emerging fashion talent with their graduate protégé scheme. Participants receive valuable experience and in return KM inspires innovation by encouraging new industry professionals.

Speaking of emerging talent and industry professionals lets get back to the celebrity goss! Turner was cast for the role of Sansa Stark at age 13 after being handpicked from her school. She remains with Game of Thrones as it enters it’s fifth season. The promo has just been released and fans can’t wait until it airs in the US on April 12th. Granted Turner’s had a very different role with KM. In fact it’s probably as far from Winterfell and Kings landing entire as you can possibly get! Quite a transformation isn’t it!

As well as being the face of KM, Turner’s been a very busy young lady since Game of Thrones aired last season. She’s rapidly made a leap from small to large screen. She’s recently concluded an action comedy called Barley Lethal with Hailee Steinfeld, Jessica Alba and Samuel L. Jackson. Plus she scored a lead role in an independent film called Alone with Mark Kassen and Ray Liotta.

She’s certainly been mixing it up with some film favorites there. No wonder she’s recently been signed to play Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse. Turner will act along side one film’s hottest honeys; Channing Tatum and of course Australia’s favorite X-Man, Hugh Jackman will be there. The film is currently in pre-production and is due for release in 2016. Looks like this busy talented young beauty is one up and coming celebrity to keep an eye on!

To checkout the Karen Millen AW15 collection click here.

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Hottest Celebrity Hairstyles

This season seems to be anything-but-traditional with some truly outrageous hairstyles hitting red carpets. If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with your hair, now is the time to do it – you might just stumble across a trend-setting ‘do.

Side shave

Game of Thrones star, Natalie Dormer, shaved the side of her head for the Hunger Games: Mockingjay. If you’re not as brave as Natalie and fellow side-shaved celeb, Rosario Dawson, you can try a dramatic part and a side braid or  sleek sweep, like Jessica Alba and Sophie Turner.



You can catch Nicole Richie in her new reality show with cool lilac locks! Kelly Osborne and Ke$ha are also sporting this outrageous, candy-colored trend.

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Short waves

Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence make short hair look effortless with their edgy, waved style.


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