When I realized at age 23 that I was attracted to women, I felt panic and terror.
I didn’t have one of those coming out moments that involves hugs and tears and “I love you no matter what,”.
‘Til death do you part didn’t include this life-changing reality check.
And, no, we’re not talking about hanging out the washing.
We should be ashamed that they exist at all in 2017.
There’s no test to pass when it comes to your sexuality.
Authorities are calling the shooting the nation’s worst terror attack since 9/11.
Empowering doesn’t even begin to describe it.
It’s offensively wrong to paint an entire community with one brush.
It all gets a bit complicated, but does it really need to be?
It’s time for Australia to follow the US’s lead and legalise same-sex marriage; anything less is a grave miscarriage of justice. On June 26, the US became the 21st and most populous country...