If you thought ghosting was bad, let me introduce you to its crazier cousin–breadcrumbing. You might not even realise someone is doing it to you. Here’s how to tell if you’re being...
The date went so well. So, what went wrong? I had to find out.
If you’re wondering ‘why did he ghost me’, you need to read this… 
To all the boys who ghosted me, and those who were soulmining me the whole time. 
As I sat in the musky smelling motel, I picked up my phone.
Dating translated… it’s a tough world out there.
I made a bad decision and I don’t expect him to forgive me.
I’ll admit it; I, Jennifer Sara Glantz, have ghosted my fair share of guys in New York City.
I created a group chat entitled, ‘The Bermuda Tinder-angle’.
If you think about what ghosting says about their respect, the answer should be obvious.
Why do I owe you a breakup if we’ve never met?