What To Get Your Partner For Valentine’s Day, Based On Their Love Language

There’s a perfect gift for everyone – you just have to speak the right language.

5 Father’s Day Gifts To Avoid

With Father’s Day approaching, we’ve decided to focus on the gifts you shouldn’t be getting your loved one this year. Rather than purchasing the same type of present each September, why not buy dad something he would actually use! In the meantime, avoid the following gifts – which he probably already owns.

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Who else buckles at the last minute and buys dad a collared shirt? Although it’s a staple, we’re probably guessing that he has an entire drawer filled with the same shirt. Next!

5 Fathers Day Gifts To Avoid


Pretty much in the same boat as the collared shirts (with a little penguin embroidered onto the left side). Give it a pass! Skip this gift and get him something a little less predictable with your siblings.

5 Fathers Day Gifts To Avoid

Power tools

While some fathers might be excited at the prospect of a new hacksaw for Father’s Day (my dad included), don’t take that chance with your own. Try something a little more personalised that he can actually use on a daily basis.

5 Fathers Day Gifts To Avoid


Do not make this same mistake this year. We’ve all been there, left it to the last minute and somehow a pack of beer makes perfect sense. If you are going down the alcohol route, choose a cellar wine which will hold its value – and flavour.

5 Fathers Day Gifts To Avoid

Statement t-shirt

Dad jokes might be funny (well, sort of) but statement t-shirts are best left for gag gifts. If you’re planning well ahead of time, choose a personal joke that the entire family (dad included) can enjoy for years to come. Otherwise, give the standard dad joke t-shirt a miss for this year.

5 Fathers Day Gifts To Avoid

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5 Corporate Christmas Gifts That Won’t Fail This Year

Finding the perfect Christmas present can be challenging at the best of times – especially when it comes to your work colleagues. With the festive season approaching fast, most of us are almost in holiday mode and more than ready to switch off from the day to day grind of work.

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If you’re anything like me you’ve probably left the corporate gift giving to last minute. Most companies have only just started the secret Santa name drawer, or perhaps you’re looking to buy a couple of gifts for various co-workers. Whoever it’s for corporate gift giving is tough and there’s a fine line between what’s professional, with a personal touch. We check out some Christmas gifts perfect for a work colleague or your boss that won’t fail this year!

1. Christmas hampers

It’s very hard to go wrong with food and booze and Christmas hampers offer enough variety to tempt any taste buds. As with any corporate Christmas gift though, there are a few guidelines that apply. Make sure the person you’re buying for doesn’t have any allergies – if you’re not sure ask them directly or choose a hamper that has interests in mind rather than just food and drinks. And of course, make sure there’s no issues surrounding them drinking alcohol.

If you want to stay away from food and booze, there are oodles of Christmas hampers that are still able to impress. Find something they like, for example cooking, tea/coffee, gardening or sports, and choose a hamper that reflects this. Alternatively, Christmas hampers specifically designed for the festive season can be ideal and come complete with tasty gingerbread men and all things seasonal.

2. Christmas gift cards

Easily one of the most common Christmas presents, gift cards are perfect way to help co-workers buy something special for themselves. It’s one of the easiest no-fail gifts – especially if you have no idea what they like. If you do know them fairly well, then specific gift cards like for a book or music store, favourite food place or popular clothes shop can definitely hit the spot.

If you don’t know what they are into, broader gift cards for large shopping centres with more selections are great. Try and delve into where your co-worker spends most of their money and buy a gift card for there. Alternatively, if you know they are a coffee lover at work, why not get them a gift card for a nearby coffee franchise?

3. Something useful

Buying a co-worker a useful gift doesn’t have to be boring, and you can add personal touches and quirkiness to it very easily. A personalised coffee mug for work is essential for every office worker or a scratch and scroll mouse pad that lets you jot down notes can be useful and fun.

Again, consider their personality and their likes to find something that they can enjoy and use at work or home. If they are a social media / mobile phone junkie, a phone dock complete with pen holders can be a great tool for their work desk.

4. Baked goodies

One of the best parts about Christmas is the smell of freshly carved turkey and homemade mince pies. It’s that time of year where we all break the rules a little to indulge in the tastiness that comes with the festive season. Consequently, finding the time to bake some goodies for a work colleague can show you’ve put some thought into the gift.

You don’t even have to be a Betty Crocker baking genius to pull this off – stick to something you know or find an easy Christmas goodie recipe online to try and test it out on your flat mates or friends first. Don’t forget to make sure that your co-worker isn’t allergic to anything or keep this Christmas gift idea for work colleagues you know better. There are not many people that will decline some freshly baked fruit mince pies!

5. Pimp up their pod

It’s not unusual for the work office to look and feel a little dull – especially if you’re in there day in and day out! Christmas can be the perfect opportunity to brighten up your co-workers pod with something you know they will appreciate.

Providing there are no restrictions to having unrelated work items on your desk, an easy-to-look after small potted plant can be ideal. Not only does it add some colour to your office space, but research says potted plants at the workstation can help in reducing stress, boosting productivity and improving the flow of air around you too. Make sure you chose something that doesn’t make too much of a mess and that will survive with little water and no direct sunlight. This article provides some good ideas for office-friendly plants.

By Corina Mentink, the director of, a leading online provider of corporate Christmas hampers and gift delivery in Australia. Connect with Corina on LinkedIn.

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