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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Beauty Gift Guide

It’s never too early to start shopping for Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 10.

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Here are our top decadent, divine and luxurious picks from beauty land with which to pamper your beloved mum. After all, there’s no better time than Mother’s Day to honour your mum; motherhood; maternal bonds; and the great and important influence of mothers on our society. Here’s hoping these fabulous gifts put a smile on her dial; crack the champagne too, baby!

Lip saviour: This beauty is for a good cause: Issada Cosmetics is partnering with the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation on a charity campaign which will include the launch of a Limited Edition Issada Gallipoli Poppy Lipstick, to help raise funds and awareness for victims of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and their families. The Brisbane boutique mineral makeup brand is also donating a percentage of their Poppy lipstick sales to support the PTSD research. For stockists phone (07) 3904 2288 or visit Issada Cosmetics.

Mother's Day, gift ideas for mum, gift guide

Gallipoli Poppy, $42

A top bird: I’m in love with this amazing, new offering from Glasshouse Fragrances, the charity Birds of a Feather Pink Sorbet Candle, and I reckon your mum will love it too. This stunning, pink, triple-scented candle is a limited-edition launch for Mother’s Day in partnership with The McGrath Foundation.

This means that while your mum is enjoying its sumptuous, summery blend of grapefruit, lemon and watermelon, five per cent of every sale is directed to the McGrath Foundation to fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities across Australia. Find it at selected department stores and online now.

Mother's Day, gift ideas for mum, gift guide

 Birds of a Feather Pink Sorbet Candle, $42.95

Sweet music: The first scent in the latest Song Collection by industry maverick Chantal Roos and daughter Alexandra’s fragrance house Dear Rose, Song For A Queen is said to be a rich harmony of heliotrope, osmanthus and white musk notes. With top notes of bergamot and jasmine, it comes in a luxurious and elegant black glass flacon. Song For A Queen EDP can be found via Libertine Parfumerie, as well as other niche perfumeries in Australia and New Zealand.

Mother's Day, gift ideas for mum, gift guide

Song For A Queen EDP 100ml, $340

Face off: This Jurlique Indulgent Face Care Gift Set is sure to help make your mum feel a million bucks. The gorgeous botanical rose gift set features three items for well-rounded face care: a moisturising rose face treatment oil, a soft rose lip balm and a fresh, rosewater balancing mist. And if you need a reason to buy your mum Jurlique, the beauty brand is all about the purest skincare products available based on the healing properties of nature. What’s not to love? Find it at David Jones.

Mother's Day, gift ideas for mum, gift guide

Jurlique Indulgent Face Care Gift Set, $110

Set, game, match: You’ll get your mum good bang for your buck with this stunning Mother’s Day Lancome La Vie Est Belle EDP and Lip Gloss Set. La Vie Est Belle introduces a new olfactive story, the first ever iris gourmand. The juice is made with the most precious natural ingredients, a modern interpretation of an oriental fragrance with a twist of gourmand. And to top it all off, your adored mum gets three gorgeous, mini Gloss in Love Lip Glosses. Find it at David Jones.

Mother's Day, gift ideas for mum, gift guide

 Lancome La Vie Est Belle EDP and Lip Gloss Set, $192

Two for one: Gift yourself and your mum this Mother’s Day with these beautiful gift sets from Circa Home. Available in two top-selling fragrances, you can choose from the 1961 Jasmine & Magnolia or the 1998 Mango & Papaya. Each gift set contains a classic candle, hand wash and complimentary miniature 1981 Neroli & Vanilla Candle.

Mother's Day, gift ideas for mum, gift guide

Mother's Day, gift ideas for mum, gift guide

1961 Jasmine & Magnolia or 1998 Mango & Papaya, $49.90

London calling: English perfume house Penhaligon’s has introduced The Trade Routes Collection, inspired by the luxurious and decadent commodities, which were traded through London’s historic docks at the turn of the 19th century.

Feminine and fruity, Empressa EDP, 100ml, includes top notes of blood orange, mandarin and bergamot, while its floral heart is lustrous with the dusky pinks and soft whites of rose and neroli. And the packaging is equally gorgeous too, in unique luxury boxes. Find it via Libertine Parfumerie, as well as other niche perfumeries in Australia and New Zealand.

Mother's Day, gift ideas for mum, gift guide

 Empressa EDP 100ml, $279

Flower power: There’s something so lovely about a candle gift; it offers relaxation, ambience and a beautiful scent. Gift your mum Glasshouse Fragrances’ fabulous, new Santorini Blue Jasmine & Hedera Triple-Scented Candle. Your mum can unleash her inner Greek goddess with an ethereal mix of sweet blue jasmine draped in cool, refreshing ivy. With top notes of bergamot and orange peel, this floral fragrance is a winner. Find it via Glasshouse Fragrances and selected boutiques.

Mother's Day, gift ideas for mum, gift guide

 Santorini Blue Jasmine & Hedera Triple-Scented Candle, $39.95

5 Gifts Mums Don’t Want For Mother’s Day

I was window-shopping when this sign caught my attention: “LEGO books inside. Shop early for Mother’s Day”. Really? What mum would want a LEGO book for Mother’s Day? And to think about it, someone who’s struggling to come up with great gift idea will see the sign and would walk in to buy what’s on offer. Don’t fall for it!

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Here are some things that no mum would want for Mother’s day, no matter how much merchants might want you to believe otherwise.

1. Things that the kids will love more than the mum

LEGO books, craft packs, or other items that are likely to catch the kids attention will probably buy the mum some peace and quiet, but ultimately, they are not for her. And even though the peace and quiet may not happen – the kids will insist that mum plays, too. It’s her gift after all, isn’t it?

2. Parenting books

As mums, we already spend too much time in the motherguilt zone. We don’t need another expert telling us that we should be doing things differently from what we’re currently doing. Not on Mother’s Day!

3. Household items

A new clothes line or a slow cooker have their use, but they’re just that – useful. On Mother’s Day we want to feel special. Something to help me with the household chores doesn’t make me feel special.

4. A jam-packed day

While a well-chosen family activity can be joyful and energising, a day full of activities sounds like a nightmare, even if I’d love to do each of the activities on its own. So if you’re an over-planner, make an effort to keep it down and give the mum in your life lots of time and space to enjoy her day.

5. Nothing

Even if the mum in your life says that Mother’s Day is not important to her, she wants to feel loved and appreciated (every day, not just on Mother’s Day). Ignoring the day completely definitely doesn’t count as love and appreciation.

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5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Someone You Don’t Know Well

Buying the perfect gift at the best of times is hard work. It doesn’t matter how close you are to that person, how long they have been in your life or how many important factors about them you remember – it’s not always an easy mission. So what about when you need to buy for someone that doesn’t fall into that category?

Perhaps it’s your new boyfriend’s mum who you really like but hardly know, a work college or a friend of friend you’re expected to buy for; and you have absolutely no idea where to start. It’s almost as bad as buying for someone who just doesn’t know what they want, or has absolutely everything!

You want to find a gift that doesn’t scream excessively special or expensive, but you definitely don’t want to go tacky or boring either. It’s a headache of a task trying to find the perfect balance, the perfect message and the perfect price tag. Not to worry though, we’ve come up with some awesome ideas for you here.

1. Green gifts

Giving flowers is by no means something new, so it definitely pays to put a spin on things. Whilst a stunning bouquet of flowers are nice to receive (and a relatively easy gift to give for many), it can be seen a little cliché to give a prearranged bunch. Instead, think outside the box and go for something that’s in season – poppies, lilies, tulips – and buy a big, generous bunch for maximum impact.

Other ‘green’ gifts can be a good way to think outside the box too. As beautiful as flowers can be, they don’t last forever. This is where glass terrariums can make the perfect gift. Terrariums are a great way to bring that lush green feel into an indoor space and create a fun way to give a plant type gift that last nearly forever too. There’s a variety of different styles that range in sizes and price, from hanging glass terrariums to DIY ones that sit perfectly on your desk or shelf.

2. Delicious treats

It’s near impossible to go wrong with tasty treats because, let’s face it, almost everyone likes to splurge out at times! Depending on how much you know about the person (what treats they like and don’t like), you can opt for a flash box of chocolates wrapped elegantly with a beautiful ribbon. If you’re giving something simple like a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine, hunt down one that’s more unique and remember that packaging does matter.

Delicious food and drink hampers are a fantastic idea for when you don’t have much of an idea about what they person likes. Because they offer so much variety, you can pick one where’s there’s bound to be a few items in there they’ll love. From chocolate goodies, to fruit and cheese treats and beer and bubbles galore it’s super easy to choose one they can enjoy – and it’s all wrapped up for you too!

3. Something useful

Now I’m talking about a pair of socks or another daggy tie, I’m talking something they can use for hobbies they enjoy and useful gifts that are quirky and meaningful. Whilst this gift idea can require a little more thought and getting to know the person – it can show you have put thought into it without going too overboard.

For example, if you know the person loves cooking or gardening – why not get them a fun hamper with goodies to represent this? If the person enjoys writing or has a home office they’re always using, a personalised stationary kit or a quirky flash drive can definitely be a crowd pleaser.

Useful gifts don’t always have to be an actual product too. If you know they love music or sport, why not purchase some tickets to the next small concert or game they can go too? Giving the gift of an experience is not only valuable, but something very memorable too.

4. Pamper packs

These days, most of us lead pretty hectic lives and it can be near impossible to force yourself just to stop and relax. Pamper packs make one of the best gift ideas for almost anyone in your life because it allows them to do just that – stop, and relax. For many, the art of pampering is much easier when someone else purchases it for you too.

You don’t have to splurge all out to make this gift work. Depending on who the person is and their relationship to you, a gift card to the local day spa can be great or a simple pamper pack of some goodies and feel-good products they can use at home. Whilst this gift is probably more female related, there’s so many great ideas you can use for men too who enjoy a bit of RnR time.

5. A taste of home

People are always on the move lately and whether they are just passing through, or over your way for good, a taste of home can be a wonderful idea. Depending on how much time you have to get the gift, you can have a small package sent over from their local coffee or chocolate shop to indulge in or find a nice picture that they can put up in their home.

Just because you don’t someone that well, it doesn’t mean to say gift ideas will be boring or unthoughtful. By thinking outside the box and paying attention to the little details, finding the perfect gift that conveys the right message can be much easier than you think.

By Jayde Ferguson, an online blogger and copywriter who recommends the food and gift hampers at for the perfect gift for someone you don’t know well. Boxt are a leading online provider of hampers and other gift ideas and do delivery throughout Australia.

Most Popular Pet Names for Partners

Gone are the days of calling your other half Sweetheart or Honey, with a recent study revealing Tiger, Happy feet and Bubba Rabbit are fast becoming popular pet names used for partners. Red Balloon, an online destination for gifts, analysed purchasers’ gift messages to their ‘Bae’ to unveil the most common (and strange) nicknames ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Chi Chi, Sugar Bum and Sexy Shiny Pumpkin were among the most out-of-the-ordinary that appeared on the list, while classics such as Beautiful, Baby and Sexy came in as the most popular. Darling reigned as the number one pet name for a significant other and almost doubled the amount of Dearest – the second most common.

“We’re in the business of giving good times so there’s nothing we love more than when a surprising name comes through on a gift message – it never fails to make us smile,” said Founding Director, Naomi Simson.

“It also shows that our customers share our value of having a sense of humour and fun. The more adventurous the name, we’d like to think the more unique the experience they choose.”

If you’re still searching for gift ideas for your Mr Drop Bear or Fancy Face – yes both of those names made an appearance – Red Balloon also provided a list of the top five Valentine’s Day presents purchased. A champagne breakfast was number one, followed by tandem para-sailing, massages, make-up lessons and a romantic dinner.

Most popular pet names:

1. Darling

2. Dearest

3. Baby (Babe)

4. Beautiful

5. Lovely

6. Gorgeous

7. Wonderful

8. Sweetheart


10. Princess

Most unusually popular pet names:

1. Tiger

2. Big Duckie

3. Bubba Rabbit

4. Chi Chi

5. Sugar Bum

6. Fancy Face

7. Sexy Man

8. Happy Feet

9. Sexy Shiny Pumpkin

10. Moo Moo

Image Via Google Images

6 Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life This Valentine’s Day

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life can prove to be very difficult. As the shops are lined with red hearts and presents saying “I love you”, it’s clear to see most of these are directed at women. As far as us women go, we rarely want something we actually need – we just want something that makes us feel special.

But men? For the most romantic day of the year (or any event for that matter), men tend to be the hardest to shop for. It doesn’t have to be tough though; as complex as men may see they only ever want the basics when it comes down to it – beer, food, TV (sport) and sex. They desire the basics, it’s just up to us to present them in a more creative form. Here’s a few ideas your man will love this year.

1. Roses vs cacti

Let’s face it, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, men have it oh so easy. A bunch of beautiful red roses, a box of chocolates and a piece of jewellery (if it’s really serious), definitely wins our hearts every time. But buying a bunch of roses for a bloke? It’s just not going to happen. Us women, we need to think outside the box – we’re forced to think outside the box! This is where other more manly plants can come in.

The cactus is by far one of the manliest plants out there. With so many varieties available, it’s super easy to find the perfect one for your man. Not only that, but they will last much longer than that bunch of roses he brought you! Another alternative to the cactus is the bonsai tree. Ideal for the more serious relationships, they’re uniquely appealing and can even come complete with a blokey fisherman, hut or other ornaments.

2. The gift of BEER

They say the best way to a man’s heart is through food and beer, thus giving your man any form of this deliciousness (besides you, of course) is a given. There’s oodles of options out there for beer lovers that act as creative way to tell your man he’s awesome – without spending a fortune.

Perfect for your little bit on the side, or even if you’ve run out of gift ideas after years of marriage – the gift of beer never fails to disappoint, Most beer gift hampers are combined with other tasty treats too so they’re an easy way to give him the whole package, finished off with a very manly moustache heart balloon how can you go wrong! If you’re feeling really adventurous, an afternoon at his favourite brewery complete with beer tastings and lunch should get him feeling you really love him too – almost as much as he loves his beer.

There’s many other beer-related items out there too that’ll act as a romantic gesture to your man, without the girly-ness. The same way as champagne tends to be a women’s number choice, beer really is your man’s true bottle of bubbly. Consider a craft your own beer kit to get him experimenting with his own flavours, or a humorous book on the history of beer, educational right?

3. A new man cave addition

A bloke’s man cave is always craving the latest essentials and consequently, there’s always an opportunity for us ladies to contribute. Whether it be the hottest tech craze item you can purchase for him, additional beer glasses or sports and music memorabilia he can worship, there’s a world of opportunities there. Not to mention, you’ll be the coolest girlfriend for supporting his blokey man cave space, too.

Finding something new for your loved ones man cave can be as personal as you want. If the relationship is serious, you can go all out and buy something you know he’ll treasure for years to come, or if it’s a new thing something humorous or simple will most certainly make him smile.

4. A little sugar and spice

Every V-Day needs a little sugar to spice things up and your man is no different – and I’m not talking about in the bedroom (although, that’s a given). The same way us women like to feel pampered, men thrive on those cooked meals in bed or coming home after a long day to tasty smells in the kitchen, yes food really is the ultimate win with any man!

Depending on your bloke’s taste in food (which, let’s be honest – is probably everything!) spiced up hampers or an amazingly cooked 3-course meal at home utilising his top flavours can definitely warm your man’s belly. Whether it be a night indulging in chocolate treats and truffles, or a fine selection of chili infused goodies show off your skills in the kitchen or if you’re not game enough, buy him a hamper with all the tastiness included instead. Food and cooking gift hampers are an easy way to express your love, knowing you’ve definitely found the key to his heart.

Better yet, if you really want to win one over – why not combine the art of cooking with beer? There’s some fantastic cook books and selections out there that can be your go-to source of inspiration. Or, send him to his own beer cooking class which will most certainly get him in the kitchen at home too! Now we’re both winning!

5. The blokey BBQ bond

There’s something pretty special about the relationship a man has with his BBQ. As wonderful as us women may be, we’re never really going to make the cut when it comes down to a bloke and his BBQ bond, but – we can try, right!?

Basically, anything to do with your man’s BBQ is going to be a brilliant present for V-day. If his old one looks like its seen better day, you can splurge out and buy him a new one (but be warned, you may not see him for the rest of the day). Or, revamp his current setup with the latest cooking utensils he’ll get a kick out of.

From spunky stainless steel grill sets, to complete grill hampers, BBQ branding irons or a steam cleaner to get his pride and joy’s shine back, you’ll never be short of options. Any BBQ related gift will be sure to set fire to your man’s heart and he’ll be the talk of all the blokes at their next BBQ catch up!

6. Bearded love

Like with the bond between man and BBQ, there’s definitely an undeniable love between a man and his beard. It’s a connection us women will never really understand. The very same way we can spend hours doing our hair, a blokes beard takes effort. Thus, it’s absolutely crucial we respect this relationship and if anything help to nurture that special bond.

Books like the art of growing a beard or a smooth beard maintenance kit will certainly hit the spot. Wild Man Beard conditioning oil can tame even the most adventurous facial hair, or get him a “Beerd” can beer holder to ensure his prized possession looks just like him. Whatever you decide, a beard related gift will show the highest level of bloke respect.

By Jayde Ferguson, who writes for, a leading online provider of Valentine’s Day hampers and other gift ideas perfect for the man in your life. Gift delivery available in Australia.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day In New York City

From ice festivals and romantic concerts to luxurious hotel packages, New York City’s five boroughs are the ideal place to discover and cherish romance this Valentine’s Day.

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Share a special Valentine’s Day experience in New York City next month. Whether visitors have already found or are hoping to meet their one true love, New York City’s five boroughs offer a range of fun and romantic experiences this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day events and activities taking place throughout the five boroughs include:

Carnegie Hall: In a special program of classics from musical theater and the Great American Songbook, Jessye Norman and Mark Markham will mesmerise audiences on February 14 at 8pm with a recital of songs by master music makers including Harold Arlen, Leonard Bernstein, George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers and Cole Porter. For more information and to buy tickets, go to

Central Park Conservancy Ice Festival: This Valentine’s Day, visitors can celebrate at Central Park Conservancy’s Fourth Annual Ice Festival in Naumburg Bandshell. The event includes ice carving, a photo booth, a Central Park trivia contest, sweet treats and, as night falls, a 1980s-themed silent disco with live DJs. Purchase tickets at

NYC Chocolatiers: Between French-style truffles in Manhattan, Austrian treats in Queens and a feast of raw chocolates in Brooklyn, the City is experiencing a chocolate boom. For a comprehensive list of local chocolatiers, visit

Cupid’s Chase 5K New York: Community Options, Inc. will hold its Annual Cupid’s Chase 5K Run on Saturday, February 14, kicking off at 10am. The race will take place at Hudson River Park‘s Charles Street Pier (enter at Christopher Street). To register, go to

New York Transit Museum: This February, the New York Transit Museum will welcome all the could-be lovers on our transit system to the Fifth Annual Missed Connections Party, inspired by Craigslist’s Missed Connections classifieds. This sexy, fun and subterranean event will kick off at 6:30pm on Wednesday, February 11, at the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn Heights. To purchase tickets go to

On Location Tours’ Romantic Movie Moments Tour: On the Romantic Movie Moments Tour, a local New York City actor will bring to life some of the most alluring movie locations featured on the big screen, including the bookstore where Harry meets Sally in When Harry Met Sally. For more information, go to

Romeo + Juliet at Lincoln Center: Next month, the New York City Ballet performs Romeo + Juliet at Lincoln Center. Shakespeare’s immortal tale of tragic love translates into a powerfully moving full-length ballet, with a famed climax that never fails to affect audiences. Performances will take place February 13–22, with tickets available at

St. George Theatre: In Staten Island’s St. George, visitors can celebrate with A Valentine’s Day Cabaret: Love Songs, Showtunes and Standards, presented by Staten Island’s Shakespeare Theatre. Tickets are available at

The Rejection Show Valentine’s Day Heartbreak Haven: Located in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood, the Littlefield venue hosts the cult-favorite comedy series, The Rejection Show, which will regale the audience with an evening of its best breakup, heartbreak and love-related performances. Purchase tickets at

Valentine’s Day at the New York Botanical Garden: In this Valentine’s Day workshop at the Bronx’s New York Botanical Garden, kids can sample Mayan-inspired hot chocolate and other chocolates from around the world, while learning about living cacao and vanilla plants. Each ticket also includes an All-Garden Pass for a participant and one adult to enjoy access to all of the Botanical Garden’s offerings. Tickets can be purchased here:

Valentine’s Day Lunch Cruise Aboard Spirit’s New York Cruise: This Valentine’s Day, couples and families can enjoy an all-new lunch buffet by Food Network’s Chopped champion and celebrity chef Eric Levine, along with a backdrop of some of New York City’s most famous sights. For more information, go to

Wave Hill: This Valentine’s Day, Wave Hill in the Bronx is offering a special cookie-decorating event. Use sanding sugars, cookie icing and a variety of sprinkles to design your own cookies. Fill a box with your creations to show that certain someone how much you love them. More information:

Gift Ideas For People That Have Everything

No one really has everything. Even the wealthiest of your friends will appreciate a token of your love and affection, however small. The most important thing to remember is that you’re buying presents for the recipient and not for yourself.

Show your personality with your present

If you want your gift to stand out, you don’t necessarily have to spend more dollars than anyone else. You could always go online and choose a gift from Glitter Gift Baskets and have a look at their range, or you can blow your whole Christmas budget on an extraordinary present and then spend the rest of the year wondering if you did the right thing.

Unusual presents

Often buying Christmas gifts entails a fair amount of research. The Huffington Post suggests that a unique and extraordinary present is the new Michael Kors watch. This item is actually called the ‘Watch Hunger Stop’ watch, as the manufacturers will donate $25 of the purchase price to the United Nations Food Programme. If you’re looking for the innovative present for the person who has everything, then $25 for someone who has little is a great way of celebrating Christmas. The recipient of your gift should applaud your originality and generosity.

Glamorous presents for women

If you want to give to charity and treat your glamorous friends at the same time, then consider the MAC-Viva Glam lipstick. This item is achingly fashionable. Miley Cyrus is headlining the Viva Glam event in January 2015, and you’ll also be ensuring that you’re contributing to MAC Canada’s AIDS fund. Charity Christmas giving needn’t be worthy or dull, and there are a whole plethora of these type of gifts around this year. Remember that it’s not the size of your gift that matters, it’s whether you’ve given a present because you really like someone.

Ballooning is a great idea

If you’re looking for an unusual or distinctive present, don’t opt for designer labels. If you can afford it, why not invest in a balloon trip? Just ensure that the recipient doesn’t suffer from Vertigo. This is a present that can be enjoyed at any time, and it is unique. Remember, the person who has everything probably has their own private jet, but a balloon trip will allow them to take life at a gentler pace and really enjoy the scenery. The travel specialist website Where Canada has some wonderful ideas for a perfect balloon trip.

Art doesn’t always have to cost a fortune

If you’re buying a present for someone who loves art, you don’t have to buy a Giotto or a Modigliano to curry favour. First Nation artwork is definitely unique and your present will be well received as a result of its originality. Alternatively, you could always have a look at some city bric a brac shops and look for an unusual curio. Individuality is what counts with present giving, and not the amount that you spend on a gift.

How To Personalise Your Christmas Cards

Get into the festive spirit this Christmas by personalising your greeting cards with Mango Salute. This fabulous online tool created by Ariel Resnik combines a community of artists, designers, and illustrators to create fine art cards for the Christmas season.

Choose from a variety of cards and illustrations from contributors from over 30 countries, then add a personalised greeting for your loved one.

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All you need to do is jump on the easy to use website, and browse through the wide range of artwork until you find something you absolutely love. Then simply add to your cart, and create a unique message which will surely be appreciated by your loved ones this Christmas season.

Personalise Your Christmas Cards with Mango Salute

If you want to send a greeting to someone who lives across the country, or even overseas, then you can also record a personal video, choose a song, or other clip which is then encoded on the back of your card!

Fine art cards are all priced at $8 each with personalisation included, and you can take advantage of the current promotion and take 40% off your order this Christmas with the code Holiday14. which is valid until January 15 2015. The best part? All cards come with free first-class shipping worldwide!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

Get creative this festive season and gift the special man in your life one of these luxurious Christmas presents which just exude style!

From skincare to motors, this list is perfect for a father, brother, boyfriend, or even grandfather who appreciates the finer things in life.

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Mosmann Australia Underwear, $59.95

This popular underwear and loungewear label makes the perfect Christmas present, since it’s something that they’ll actually use! The strong geometric prints are perfect for any man who appreciates a pop of colour in their life.

The set comes with two pairs of silky-smooth Mosmann Underwear, and a pair of festive socks for the silly season.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

APPELLES Classic Must-Have Pack, $89.95

The perfect starter-kit to the APPELLES range. Featuring some of their most popular and best-selling products with Australian certified organic oils, you can’t go wrong with a gift like this! Exciting products include the Wheat Protein Shampoo, Planifolia Conditioner, Himalayan Bath Salts, and Vitamin B3 Body Buff, just to name a few.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

Enjoy an exclusive offer for SheSaid subscribers by using the code ‘SHESAIDXMAS’ to receive 20% off your next Applles order!

Offer valid until 24 December

Timberland Earthkeepers Newmarket Wedge Chukka Boots, $199.95

More than just the casual work boot, Timberland is an amazing gift for the man who wants to look stylish without going too over-the-top. The new collection combines eco-friendly materials with a rugged aesthetic which all Timberland boots are known for.

Featuring 100% genuine leather upper, and a rounded toe for a casual look.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

SOAK Traveller Kit, $34.95

Do you know of anyone who is constantly jetting-off to exotic locations? SOAK has made the ideal travel pack for the plane, packed with 100ml versions of their popular Hair Shine Shampoo, Hair Revive Conditioner, and Skin Detox Hand & Body Wash, just to name a few.

Infused with Purple Kale and Chia Seed, each product features a delicious blend of vitamins and antioxidants for healthy skin.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

Enjoy an exclusive offer for SheSaid subscribers by using the code ‘SHESAIDXMAS’ to receive 20% off your next SOAK order!

Offer valid until 24 December

What are you getting your man this Christmas?

Great Gifts For The Garden Guru

Don’t give your gardener yet another plant! We’ve done the homework for you, hunted through cyberspace and come up with 5 top picks for your gardening guru. They are guaranteed to suit any budget and are highly recommended by people who genuinely love gardening!

Tubtrugs and colanders

TubTrug and colanderMost gardeners have ditched their old buckets for Tubtrugs. They are so versatile, tough and convenient that there really are hundreds of uses for them around the home and garden. If you are looking for a highly versatile gift that fits most budgets, this is it. They come in heaps of colors and sizes.

Luckily, someone has used their noggin and come up with a way to make it even better by adding a colander. It’s basically a giant strainer. It’s great if you want to wash freshly picked produce, garden tools, pots, whatever!

End-of-hose floFlow controlw controller
There are so many different attachments for hoses, but anyone who uses one will love you for this little beauty. It provides users the control of the tap, but it’s conveniently located right where you need to use it, at the end of the hose. Once it’s attached, users turn the tap on and never need to touch it again. For under $10, this is possibly the best gardening gift you will ever buy. It saves time, energy, water, money and the possibility of getting soaked when changing nozzles.

Vertical gardens

vertical gardensAs land becomes more precious, gardens are growing up instead of out. That’s why these are becoming a massive trend world wide. Even people without a green thumb are able to manage a vertical garden with a few favorite herbs for their kitchen.

They are excellent for small spaces, like inner city apartments to large country farms. They require minimal care for maximum effect and labor output, plus there are varieties for all budgets; starting at under $10 and going up to the thousands.

Good gardgood gardening-glovesening gloves
Boring right? Now, being a gardener I can tell you that not all gloves are created equal. There isn’t a gardener alive who wouldn’t love a pair of decent sweat-free, second skin gardening gloves. You know, the type which you can actually feel what you’re doing, pick up a drink while you’re working and can be thrown in the wash after a hard day’s work.

Yeah, I know it’s asking a lot out of a pair of humble gloves, but there are some great ones out there. They aren’t going to break the bank, so you can either wrap them up alone or team them up with some other ideas.

Strawberry rocks/protectors
Growing fruit and veggies is back in gardening trends in a big way, so these little things are a must have for anyone who grows strawberries. Instead of the birds hoeing into their nurtured fruit, these rocks deter them by changing tStrawberry rocksheir behavior.

When the strawberry rocks are placed around the plants as they grow, the birds peck at them thinking they are nice and ripe. They aren’t of course. They are hard rocks. Birds will try pecking a few more times and then give up, knowing that if they peck at them they will hurt their beaks. By the time the real strawberries are ripe, they won’t bother touching them. Violá! Cute, mini strawberry protectors.

Now, they can be a bit tricky to buy. They aren’t usually available at major garden retailers, so  check on-line. Alternately, what a great gift idea for the kids to make for the grandparents. It’s cheap, easy and will keep them entertained for ages!

Images via,,, and

Christmas Gift Ideas For New Mums

What does a new mum want? Sleep, time for herself and something that makes her feel wonderful (or at least human). Give the new mum in your life the extra attention she deserves with one of these special gifts.

RELATED: 7 Gifts Your Newborn Baby Doesn’t Need

A Christmas hamper plus a home cooked meal

This season Maggie Beer has put together the perfect hampers that include her unique sauces, stocks, jellies, jams and so much more. Turn up with one of these hampers and a recipe from Maggie Beer’s website, offer to cook a meal and the new mum in your life will love you forever. If someone offered to do it for me, I’d almost consider having another baby just so that I can enjoy the experience. You can find your nearest distributor on Maggie Beer’s website.  $25-$160.

Maggie Beer

A nappy bag that looks stylish

Any mum would love a bag that can fit everything, yet, it doesn’t look like a typical nappy bag. Look no further than the new Storksak + Bugaboo leather or nylon bag. It combines functionality with a clean and sophisticated design, and it can easily double as a casual tote. Available from selected retailers. Leather $499, nylon $319.

storksak small

Something that’ll make the house look brighter

3 Sprout offer super cute storage solutions for families with young children. You can get adorable bath storage, wall organisers, storage bins, toy chests… Even doing laundry can put a smile on a new mum’s face, if her laundry basket looks like this. 3 Sprout storage solutions start from $34.95, available at

laundry basket

Baby-friendly jewelry

I gave up on wearing jewellery when I had my first baby, because he was constantly pulling and chewing on everything I’d try to put on. Back then I didn’t know that I could get jewellery designed with bubs in mind, but now I do! MummaBubba Jewellery offers a range of colourful, fashionable and, most importantly, baby-safe accessories that mums and bubs love. Buy online at Necklaces $15-$34.95; bangles $7-$14.95.

tulip 4

Home cleaning services

When I had a baby, for a very short period of time I had someone coming to clean our place. Instead of worrying about housework, I got to go out for a walk with my baby, then come home and the place was sparkling clean. To this day it remains a very fond memory of mine and I can’t imagine a new mum not loving it. Have a look for a cleaning company near you or ask your friends for recommendations.

Featured image courtesy of MummaBubba Jewellery

Housewarming Gifts Under $10

Ever been to a house-warming party and picked up an extra bottle of wine, bunch of flowers or pot plant on the way? Why not spend the same $10 on something a bit more thoughtful, useful and unique. Here’s a quick list of useful gift ideas for each area of the home, which you might consider giving your host instead.


Why not team up some liquid hand soap, wrapped in a nice hand towel? Choose a neutral colour like white, which goes with everything. How about a non slip mat, toilet brush or perhaps a bath or shower rack? These types of things can get grimy and something new will be welcomed. Head to a warehouse type outlet and pick up something quirky, which will look more expensive than it actually is.

There are also some really different sink plugs available now. Old ones will probably need replacing, so choose something unique which will suit their personality.


Bedrooms are pretty personal areas, so supplying items like a stack of decent coat hangers can be ideal. These come in some terrific colours and materials, so you can choose something other than regular plastic varieties if you want to give something a bit unique.

What about removable hangers for over the door on it the wardrobe? These are excellent to have in rental properties because they don’t damage anything and they can be carted around. There are plenty of different types under $10.


The kitchen is a place where there are literally hundreds of unique and quirky items under $10. Coloured utensils, tea towels, oven mits, non slip mats, heat protectors, towel holders, sink plugs, dish or sink racks, and cleaning brushes or cloths are amongst the selection.

Alternately, you could chose to give your host items which every home needs; like dish washing liquid or tablets, bicarb soda, paper towels, plastic or aluminium wrap, storage or garbage bags. These items are all incredibly useful and will be appreciated by any person who has recently moved.


Laundries and the things stored in them, are often filled with items people have needed to use when moving house. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with supplying a new broom, mop, buckets, basket, pegs, storage container for washing powder or tablets and cleaning or dusting cloths. People have different preferences with cleaning products, so avoid purchasing these types of items.


There are heaps of items which can be useful for anyone to use outdoors. For example; plastic outdoor chairs can be purchased for under $10 and you can team up with other guests to supply a set. Then there are items like mossie coils which come in handy, along with tap or hose connectors, outdoor brooms, garden snips or other small hand tools.


Torches, batteries, string, octopus straps, removable wall hooks, power extension cords, electrical leads, double adaptors or these types of items come in really handy. They will be greatly appreciated when the host needs to use them, but you might get a weird look when you hand them over.

Most of these things can be purchased from a supermarket, so why not pick up an extra item or two while you’re doing your shopping. Instead of wrapping items and wasting money on paper; put them in a bucket and add a bow.

By Kim Chartres

Aromatherapy Candles: The Scent For You

Our noses are closer to our brain than we realize, and aromatherapy is dedicated specifically to affecting our minds and moods through the sense of smell. While some people prefer incense or oils, I enjoy the atmospheric touch of a scented candle. Also a great gift idea, candles can spruce up a room by appealing to both our eyes and noses. Whether used to accompany a relaxing bath or  kickstart your morning, a scented candle can heighten or lower your mood.

To help you avoid sniffing a sleepy scent when you’re trying to enjoy a romantic night in with your partner, we’ve compiled a little cheat sheet to help you pick the best scent for your evening.


My personal favorite is vanilla, and not only because it smells like dessert! Vanilla, cinnamon and clove are considered  aphrodisiacs, and can really turn up the heat in a romantic situation.

Relaxation and sleep

Aromatherapy most commonly used to induce calm and relieve anxiety and stress. For this reason, lavender is the God of all aromatherapy scents. Other notables include chamomile and patchouli.


Ever wondered why the word “zest” refers to enthusiasm and high energy? For that little, extra kick, the citrus scents will be your best friend. Orange-scented candles are the most fruitful mood-lifters.


If you need a bit of extra help focusing on that assignment, chore or work brief? Peppermint, basil and rosemary scents clear the mind, allowing you to focus your attention on the task at hand.


Aromatherapy can also be used to treat symptoms of cold and flu. Ginger is said to be the go-to scent to ease headaches, but you can’t go past eucalyptus for nasal decongestion.

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Best Of Beauty

Every mum deserves to be pampered – but they all probably have as many dressing gown, slippers and bath bombs as they can handle. What your mother really needs to be spoilt with a selection of beauty buys that are as lavish and coveted as she is. And here is our prime selection:

Mother's Day, gift, gift ideas, shopping, beauty, beauty products

LonVitalite C4 Coconut Milk Hydrating & Nourishing Mask

The Aromatherapy Co Lavender, Manuka and Wild Chamomile Candle

Appelles Exfoliating Back Loofah

Banrock Station Crimson Cabernet 2013

Mother's Day, gift, gift ideas, shopping, beauty, beauty products

Benefit  Ooh La lift Under-Eye Boost

NARS Contour Blush in Olympia

Benefit Benetint Cheek Stain

Benefit PocketPal Benetint and Lip Gloss

NARS Lip Gloss in Quito

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Palm Beach Collection

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Palm Beach Collection introduce ‘The Lust List’. A limited edition violet scented all natural soy wax candle, housed within the uniquely illustrated Sally Spratt box.

A first time collaboration for both Palm Beach Collection and Sally Spratt, ‘The Lust List’ captures sweet top notes of violets, with familiar florals such as jasmine and rose, balanced perfectly against warming base notes of musk and cedar wood. The delicate heart-shaped petals of Sally Spratt’s violet floral illustration are the perfect ode to a mother’s love on this special day.

Sally Spratt says of the collaboration:

“It was an honour to be asked to collaborate with Palm Beach Collection. Scent is so evocative and memorable, and by creating keepsake packaging we can leave an even longer lasting impression.”

The Lust List limited edition collaboration between Palm Beach Collection and Sally Spratt is available now (RRP $39.95) from and Palm Beach Collection stockists across Australia.

5 DIY Gift Ideas They’ll Really Love

So often in the frantic pre-Christmas chaos we can get caught up in the ‘spirit of giving’ and end up shelling out for some socks and scented candles that no one really wants. So why not get your Martha Stewart on and add a personal touch to the festivities by making your own gifts. We’ve found five ideas that are ideal DIYs for the time poor, or those on a tight budget. They’ll create the homemade touch this Christmas, without having to learn to crochet, cook or craft.

Seasonal gin
Not only is this super quick and easy to do, it looks great, and being a bit boozy – is a sure winner. All you need in a bottle of middle range gin (which are all on sale at this time of year), frozen cranberries, a cinnamon stick, a couple of oranges, some sugar, a big jar and some little ones (old coffee jars work well). Fill about a fifth of your big jar with frozen cranberries and add the cinnamon stick. Then with a potato peeler, peel ribbons of rind from your oranges and place in the jar too. Dissolve a few heaped tablespoons of sugar in the gin, and pour into the jar before topping up with the remaining alcohol. Leave to soak in a cool dark place for a few weeks. Just before Christmas, sieve your mixture and decant into smaller jars. Look for individual gift jars that are between 300-400 ml; as most bottles of gin are 700ml this means you can easily make a few gifts from the one bottle. Add the rind and a few berries into the individual jars for decoration and add a label or ribbon to finish it off. Come Christmas day, it’s a beautiful liquor to drink with lemonade.

Fabric-covered diary or notebook
For anyone super-organised or a bit arty, a diary or notebook is always a popular choice. Individualise the gift by making a creative covering. All you need is a notebook, a measure of fabric, strong double-sided sticky tape and whatever other crafty touches you like (ribbons and buttons are always good embellishments – but remember to get some fabric glue). Lay out your book on top of the fabric and measure around it, adding a 2cm boarder and cut. Then add the double-sided sticky tape about the inside covers along the boarder. Much like laminating school books, fold the fabric over and attach to the sticky tape. Voila, a personalised notebook.

A living gift is a sweet and homely present that will keep on giving for as long as the new owner keeps it watered. Buy a small plant, such as a herb or flower and plant in a basket or even large mug. Decorate with a Christmas ribbon and you have yourself an unusual, homemade gift. Chives and basil work perfectly for anyone that loves to do some cooking, otherwise, Peace Lilies or orchids make stunning homewares.

‘Homemade’ mince pies
Mince pies are a Christmas tradition, but making them from scratch is a Herculean task that I’m sure not even Nigella actually does, and in the immortal words of the internet, ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’. Luckily, you can get the homemade feel, without having to torture yourself making pastry or fruit mince. Buy a few sheets of sweet, shortcrust pastry and some nice fruit mince – which helpfully, is sold almost everywhere at this time of year. Defrost the pastry slightly so it softens and cut out circles to fit your muffin tin. Add a dollop of the mincemeat (the fruit), and cut out and pop on a pastry lid. You can get decorative with the lid, using star shapes, lattice or the traditional full-flat cover. Brush over a little egg wash and sprinkle with sugar, then bake. It could not be easier! Little tip, if you want to add an extra kick to this Christmas treat, add a splash of brandy to the fruit mince and serve with cream. You’ll be everyone’s favourite.

Brandy marmalade
This one is a tad more fiddly, but super impressive and definitely worth it. Thinly slice about four large oranges and a couple of lemons (rind included), cover with about five cups of water, glad-wrap and leave to soak overnight. In the morning, heat the fruit mix in a heavy bottomed saucepan on high until the rind is tender. Add warmed sugar (about one kilo) and stir until dissolved. Reduce the heat and simmer for about 50 minutes. To check it’s ready, add a dollop to a cold (refrigerated) plate, then return to the fridge for five minutes. If after that five minutes it’s runny, it’s not quite ready, but if you push it with your finger and it wrinkles, you’re set! Remove from the heat and add a hearty splash of brandy then distribute evenly into sterilised jars (remember, hot marmalade into hot jars or cold into cold jars).

What are your favourite DIY Christmas gifts to make and receive?

Kate H Jones is a lifestyle and pop culture writer at Clavicle Capitalism.

Christmas Gift Guide: For The Guys

Get your man something he’ll really love this Christmas, whether he’s into beef, beer or zombies.

Home Brewing Kit
I don’t know any man that hasn’t wanted to brew their own beer. This stylish kit comes with everything you need to make a refreshing Summer Citrus Blonde Ale, but this Melbourne-based company also makes kits for Wheat Bear, Porter, IPA and more. Buy online at Etsy. $70.


Caipirinha and Caprioska Muddler
If your man is more cocktails than Corona, this will be his new barkeeper’s friend. We’re in love with this cocktail muddler, which is not just a super stylish tool, but makes authentic caipirinhas and caprioskas in seconds. Just muddle lime, mint and sugar, and top with rum, cachaça, or vodka. Or make any number of drinks by muddling your favourite fruit – think passionfruit or peaches – and top with bubbly for the easiest summer cocktail. Extra points if you package it with a bottle of his favourite tipple. Buy online at Etsy. $44.88.


Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide
If your man is as obsessed with The Walking Dead like mine is,, we’ve found him the ultimate stocking stuffer. This genuine Moleskine notebook is hand-stamped and has a built-in pocket to keep special treasures such as tickets stubs, movie tickets and notes on future zombie attacks. Buy online at Etsy. $13.41.


Humans of New York
Brandon Stanton is a street photographer in New York that turned his photo blog into one of the biggest bestselling books of all time. Not just stunning photos of the people of New York, but the stories behind each portrait. A stunning keepsake that he’ll pick up and read over and over again. It’s sold out pretty much everywhere, but you can preorder your copy now. $35.99.


Tegu Blocks
We used to love gifting Buckyballs, but since they were banned, we’ve become obsessed with the cult Tegu Blocks. Guys love playing with trinkets, especially at their desk to cure mental blanks, and these bitty wood blocks in jungle colours let you build an infinite number of cool creations – think animals, cityscapes, cars and more. Buy online. $69.


Butchery class
Probably not the best idea if he’s vegetarian, but if he’s a meat lover, unleash his inner butcher with a butchery class. In Sydney, there’s no better place than Victor Churchill, and we love Hudson Meats in Surry Hills and Toorak. And he’ll come back with delicious treats you can both enjoy! Prices vary, from $120.

What are you buying your man for Christmas?

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