I Had Nothing But Juice For 5 Days. Here’s What Happened.

I finally understood the definition of ‘hangry’.

Effectively Detox Your Body in 5 Steps

Looking for a way to shed off a few of those extra kilograms over Christmas without going overboard?

Rather than sticking to a liquid diet, or even over-exercising, there are a few simple ways to transform your body and lose the bloat. Just remember that a detox isn’t always about fast results; stick with healthy food options and regularly exercise to keep your body working at its best.

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1. Tea

Rather than taking your body on a strenuous tea detox which won’t let you leave the house, use an organic blend to help with metabolism. Green tea is one of the best ways to kickstart healthy living, since it is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. If the taste is a little too bitter, add some honey, lemon, or mint leaves to make it sweeter.

2. Lemon

Add a slice of lemon to your water each morning to help kickstart your metabolism. Drinking this on an empty stomach helps with digestion, naturally reduces your appetite, and even cleanses the urinary tract. Enjoy a glass or two throughout the day to replenish your body, and bring life to a standard glass of water.

3. Green vegetables

Make sure all of your main meals involve at least one form of green veggies. A diet full of clean, and natural produce will help to de-bloat the tummy, give you more energy, and will help to regulate your entire body. Some detoxifying vegetables include beetroot and cabbage.

4. Juice

Enjoy the occasional green juice if your body needs the nutrients, and is feeling slightly under the weather. If the taste is too strong for your liking, add some pineapple slices to make it sweeter. Green juices are a fantastic way to enjoy a number of vegetables without the bitter taste, so drink-up and enjoy!

5. Exercise

Sweat it out at the gym or take a run in the park to work on your cardio. Anything that increases your heart rate or makes you sweat is the best option for detoxifying the entire body from the inside out. Bikram yoga is another fantastic option since it allows you to sweat out all the toxins, and really makes you feel brand new.

What are some of your favourite ways to detox?

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Quick And Easy Green Juice Recipe

Now you can enjoy a quick and easy green juice without the hassle of buying a professional juicer or other crazy add-ons. This recipe can be used with a blender, and is a refreshing and healthy way to start your morning without any added preservatives or nasty chemicals. Feel free to add fruits if you want the juice to taste sweeter, and don’t be afraid to experiment with this easy recipe which is ideal for beginners.


1.5 cups water

2 cups kale leaves

2 green apples, with the cores removed

½ cup parsley leaves

1 medium cucumber, cut into quarters

2 celery stalks, chopped finely

1 piece of ginger (make sure it’s peeled)

2 tablespoons lemon juice


  1. Combine all of the ingredients into the blender in the order which they are listed above. This recipe is ideal for four people, so be sure to take the leftover juice and refrigerate it for later. Preserving the juice for later will also bring out the flavour and taste yummy and nutritious whenever you plan to drink it.
  2. Blend all of the ingredients on the highest setting to liquefy the drink completely. This will make the mixture more consistent and won’t result in any clumps or large unblended pieces as you’re drinking it.
  3. For those picky individuals who don’t like pulp, simply pour the mixture through a mesh sieve to remove as much as the pulp as possible. Add some ice if you like your juice extra cold, before serving in a glass.



  • Blenders aren’t usually equipped to crush ice since this could actually tear and damage the blades. If you do like your juice to be icy-cold, simply add in a few ice cubes or pop it into the fridge before serving.
  • Don’t forget to add water! Water is important since it will loosen up the fruits and vegetables, while also making the mixture consistent and easier to drink.
  • If you’re working with a less powerful blender, it is best to keep the quantity of vegetables down to a minimum. This could backfire and cause the blades to stiffen up which will not only affect the juice, but also cause trauma to the engine.
  • Add one slice of lemon (with the skin) to give the juice an extra twist of flavour, which will also aid digestion in the morning.
  • Apples are fantastic to include when preparing your first green juice since they are sweet, full of flavour, and provide lots of body and definition to the entire mixture.

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Easy Ways To Eat Your Greens

Eating your daily serving of vegetables can often be a painful experience of trial and error, that only gets more difficult when it comes to feeding kids. Vegetables have many health benefits, which include contributing to healthy skin, increased energy, assisting in weight loss, and should form a balanced diet filled with exercise that suits you. Here are some tips on how to go green and still feel content with your food.


The easiest way to eat your greens is by making green juices. They are a treat to drink since they include sweet fruits which cancel out the bitter taste. Perfect if you’re constantly on the go, and easy to make at home if you have the time. Green juices are filled with vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K which help to run a clean body, and provide a boost of energy which is essential to avoid 3:30itis. Don’t over-do it with the fruit and vegetables, keep to a realistic amount since they do contain lots of added natural sugar.

Green chips

Kale chips are just as tasty and hold added health benefits such as iron and fibre which are essential to a healthy diet. Add a seasoning of olive oil and lemon, then pop into the oven until crispy.


Add some greens into your favourite soup for added health benefits, that your body will thank you for in the longterm. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and celery taste amazing in any soups, since they have a distinct flavour.


Replace what you currently eat in your salad with kale, chard and collards since they are rich in nutrients and help to detox the body. To balance out the bitter taste of kale, add almonds and strawberries to create a yummy salad you can eat all year round.

What are some of your tips to eat more greens?

By Felicia Sapountzis

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