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7 Old Wives’ Tales That Are Actually True

Most old wives tales are stories which have been passed down from our mothers and grandmothers for centuries, but carry no significant merit – they’re just tales!

Whether you choose to believe it or not, some are actually quite true. Still don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out more!

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Chicken soup fixes a cold

There’s something old satisfying about having a warm bowl of chicken soup when you’re sick in bed. But how? It helps to reduce inflammation and actually helps your white blood cells fight back the sickness.

Cheese causes nightmares

Now we had to learn this one the hard way. For some reason, cheese has been known to cause some seriously weird dreams… must have something to do with the bacteria.

Plants help to purify the air

Certain plants such as philodendrons, ficus, and bamboo palm actually help to clean the air in the house. Add one into the kitchen or bathroom for a sweet-smelling home!

Peanut butter to remove gum

Who hasn’t had gum stuck in their shoes before? Apply a thin layer of peanut butter over the area, then scrub it off with a sponge.

Hot baths lower fertility

For men at least. If you’re trying to conceive, make sure your man avoids a hot bath since it can lower his sperm count.

Hair of the dog

Sometimes a terrible hangover can only be cured in one way – keep drinking. Small doses of alcohol the next morning have been proven to subside a debilitating hangover.

Walnuts to remove scratches on wooden furniture

Keep your coffee table looking in pristine condition by rubbing an unshelled walnut over any scratches. Walnuts are rich in oils and will help to mend any imperfections.

What are some of your favourite old wives tales?

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9 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks

Ever wondered how you could make the most of your current makeup products? Or even avoid buying in-excess, and possibly save some money on the side? Then you’re certainly in the right place! Be sure to bookmark the nine following makeup hacks which could make your life so much easier.

Set your lipstick

Noticed that your lipstick never sits in place? Next time you’re done applying it, cover your lips with a tissue then pat over with a makeup brush. This will allow the lipstick to set, and won’t cause it to bleed for as long as you’re wearing it.

No-fuss smokey eye

Achieve a perfect smokey eye by drawing a slanted hashtag at the outer corner of your eye. Use an eyeshadow pencil since it is easier to control, then blend out with a small-medium blending brush.

Bigger eyes

For instantly bigger and brighter eyes, simply line the top and bottom of your waterline with white eyeliner. Avoid using black since this will only minimise the look of your eyes.

Fabulous lashes

For long-lasting lashes, blow some hot air on your eyelash curler before using on your eyes. This will make lashes hold their shape for longer.

Dark eye circles

To remove those dark bags under your eyes, by using an orange primer before applying your makeup. Pat the product into your skin using your fingers for a flawless application. This will cancel out any blue tones!


Many women forget to highlight their cupids bow (which is located just above the upper lip). If you want to accentuate this area of your face, simply dab a bit of white eyeliner into a V shape just above your lips.

Bigger lips

Create the illusion of big, full lips by using your favourite pale eyeshadow. After you’ve applied your lipstick, simply use a frosted eyeshadow on the centre of your lips. Blend in well to avoid any harsh lines.

Oil-free face

If your face tends to get oily, grab a coffee filter to remove the excess oil and makeup from your face. They act as a great blotting paper, which effectively reduces shine.

Clean your brushes

Don’t spend money on brush cleaners which never entirely remove the makeup from your beloved brushes. Instead, soak them in extra virgin olive oil, then wash off with antibacterial soap and lukewarm water.

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DIY Gel Eye Liner

Apart from being one of the makeup essentials you need in your kit, gel eye liner is a great way to take your makeup look from day to night. Rather than spending unless time online or in stores looking for the perfect match, why not create your own at home.

While a simple way to create your own gel eyeliner is by using Vaseline and a black liner pencil, this recipe is for those who want to avoid using petroleum jelly in their makeup. Follow these easy instructions for a personalised product which is also cost-effective and gentle on sensitive skin.


2 tsp coconut oil

4 tsp aloe vera gel

1 tsp cocoa powder (to make brown eyeliner)


  1. Add all of the ingredients into a small bowl, and mix well until you develop a soft paste.
  2. Then transfer the mixture into an air-tight container and store in a cool, dry place. The product will usually last a few weeks before it begins to harden.


  • Use a clean brush every time you dip into the mixture – this will avoid the spread of bacteria.
  • Dip a clean eyelash brush into the mixture and use on both top and bottom lashes for flawless mascara.
  • To achieve a dark black colour, simply substitute the cocoa powder and use a generic black eyeshadow which has been softened in the microwave. Then mix in with the coconut oil and aloe vera gel before applying onto the eyes.

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