How Often Do I Really Need To Wash My Hair?

Ladies, please raise your hand if you wash your hair daily?

Now, give your wrist a gentle slap if you answered “yes” – and unhand that shampoo this autumn/winter!

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Confession: I’m a newly reformed daily hair washer after my beloved hairdresser recently scolded me for the needless damage it’s doing to my fine, blonde hair. And here’s the crucial bit: we do not need to be washing our hair – or our bodies, according to a recent study, but I digress – half as often as we think we do, particularly during autumn/winter.

And it’s a sentiment espoused by hair guru, Schwarzkopf’s national technical educator, Grant Withnell (pictured), who says no matter what your hair type, we should be keeping the washing to a minimum this autumn/winter to prevent our locks from drying out too much.

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“People think they have to wash their hair every day or every second day, but this is just not the case,” Grant says. “Of course, hair types vary, but I’d advise women to lay off the hair washing in autumn/winter to better protect their hair.

“And always make sure you dry your hair before leaving the house – not only to prevent getting a cold, the combination of moisture and cold air will dry out your hair and make it brittle. Also, as much as we love the feeling of a warm shower in the middle of autumn/winter, try not to have the water too hot – this is another cause of dry, brittle hair.”

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The hair guru’s other top ways to combat autumn/winter damage to our manes is to make like a celebrity (pictured) and only use high quality hair care products. “Autumn/winter can be treacherous for hair!” Grant says.

“My best recommendation for autumn/winter hair care is to treat your tresses once a week with a deep conditioning treatment or mask. Try the Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Mask; it’s the best at repairing damaged hair and strengthening it from within. It also leaves your hair feeling soft and shiny.

“For an intense treatment, take some time to wrap your hair in cling wrap or a shower cap after putting on the mask. This will really allow the product to penetrate deep into the hair. Give it about 15–30 minutes.”

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And if you’re concerned about how to protect your hair colour this autumn/winter, and thereby prolong expensive salon visits, Grant says the Schwarzkopf Extra Care BB Cream is the bomb. “This is really the holy grail in hair products!” he says. “It is the ultimate multi-tasking product containing all the essential benefits you need, in order to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy hair.

“Refreshing your hair colour is always one sure fire way to give your hair a healthy shine and keep it looking vibrant in the autumn/winter months. Warmer, mocha colours are always more popular during that time of year, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always try a dip-dye look with the new Schwarzkopf Brilliance Fashion Lights range.”

So, there you have it ladies. Think of all the money you’ll save on shampoo and, hopefully, salon visits, too!

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Choosing The Right Hair Colour For Your Skin Tone

Have you ever walked into a hair salon and flicked through the pictures in the magazines, finally pointed to a picture and said “I want that colour!”?  I think most of us have been there. Wouldn’t it be so nice if everyone suited every hair colour?  Unfortunately it’s not so, and if you get it wrong the result can be a washed out, tired and older looking you. If you get it right however, your hair colour can not only help you to look younger, but it can also make your best facial features shine.

Firstly, hair colour can be plotted on a scale from one to ten, with one being black and ten being platinum blonde.  As a general rule, it is suggested that you don’t go more than two levels or shades above or below your natural hair colour.  If you do choose to step outside that range you could risk the colour looking fake and you’ll most likely have a hard time maintaining it because it is so different to your natural colour.

Also, before you decide on a colour you need to determine whether your skin tone is cool or warm:

  • Cool skin tones are normally accompanied by blue, grey or dark brown-black eyes, the veins in your wrist have a blue tint and your skin looks healthiest when you wear pure white
  • Warm skin tones are normally accompanied by green, hazel or warm brown eyes, the veins in your wrist have a greenish tint and your skin looks healthiest when you wear off-white or beige

So, with that in mind, here are some of the best colours for your skin tone and colour:

Dark skin

If you have a warm skin tone then consider colours such as mahogany, coffee or maple brown and if your skin tone is cool then colours such as espresso and black should work best for you.

Olive skin

If you have a warm skin tone then ebony brown, mocha and violet based hues will work best for you whilst those with a cool skin will suit chestnut, auburn and cinnamon.

Medium skin

If you have a warm skin tone colours such as copper or golden caramel will compliment your skin while people with cool skin tones should stick to colours such as ash, walnut and wheat blonde.

Fair skin

If you have a warm skin tone consider colours such as golden, honey and strawberry blonde.  If you have a cool skin tone then platinum and buttery shades will work best for you.

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Celebrity Hairstyles: Hottest Hair Colours for Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to experiment with your hair colour. Look for colours with plenty of warmth such as rich reds, deep browns and golden blondes. Before you head for that bottle of dye, take a look at some of our favourite celebrity hair colours to inspire you.

Amy Adam’s Strawberry Blonde

Red is perfect for autumn: think the change of leaves, bottles of wines by the fireplace, and deep berry lipsticks. Not everyone can pull of this hair colour though because it tends to cast a yellow tint to the skin. Women with fair skin, like Amy’s, tend to look best with shades of red. Red has so many tones from coppery red to deep burgundy, so speak to your colourist about the right colour to match your skin tone and eyes.

Hottest Hair Colours for Autumn

Tina Fey’s Rich Brunette

Tina Fey’s golden brown hue is perfect for autumn because it has a lot of richness and warmth mixed with the brightness of golden highlights. This hair colour is perfect for women who have light to medium skin, but it can also work on deeper skin tones. Ask your hair colourist to run toffee and cinnamon-hued highlights through your hair for depth.

Lea Michelle’s Chocolate Brown

Lea’s rich chocolate brown hue is infused with shiny golden highlights throughout to add dimension and bring out her skin’s warmth for autumn. If you have brown hair, getting this hair colour is simple. Just highlight and lowlight sections of your hair with cafe latte shades for the right touch of contrast. Because of the depth, this hair colour can also easily transition to winter.

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Emma Stone’s Auburn

Emma’s beautiful dark auburn colour is perfect for girls with fair skin who want to experiment with darker shades without looking washed out. These hair colors are perfect for fall because they brighten the skin. If you have dark hair, look for a colour 1-2 shades lighter, with an auburn tint. Always use a colour protectant as auburn and red tones tend to wash out quickly.