17 Hairstyle Ideas That’ll Make You Want A Hair Makeover, Stat

So many fab hairstyles, so little time.

April 4, 2017

Do’s and Dont’s For Cutting Hair At Home

Whether you simply want to give your hair a bit of a trim, or even cut yourself some new bangs, there’s nothing wrong about cutting your own hair at home.

Although we don’t recommend our guide below for any drastic makeovers, read through some of our great tips to get rid of any stray hairs.

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DO: Use sharp scissors

Use special hair scissors which are available at all drugstores in your city. They are super-sharp and won’t leave your hair blunt or damaged.

DON’T: Cut wet hair

If you’re planning shorten those layers in your fringe or length of your hair, make sure to work on dry hair. This way, it’s easier to see if you’ve made any mistakes rather than waiting until your hair dries.

DO: Divide hair into small pieces

Take it easy and cut your hair in small pieces, rather than putting your hair into a ponytail and going all Edward Scissorhands into your longer strands.

DON’T: Cut hair without doing your research

There are so many video tutorials on YouTube which show you step-by-step ways to cut hair at home. All you need to do is find one which is suited to the type and texture of your hair.

DO: Use a mirror

That is, at the back of your head. This way, you can easily see if your hair needs straightening or if it looks nice and even.

DON’T: Cut your hair before a big event

Or colour it yourself if you have an event just around the corner such as a wedding or formal. If something does go wrong, you can always slick it back into a ponytail, or put it up into a bun.

DO: Remember, it grows back

If you have made a mistake on your hair (we’ve all done it), remember that it does grow back. You can always go to the hairdresser and they can fix the problem in the meantime – just use this as a lesson!

What are some of your DIY hair blunders? Let us know in the comments.

Image via Lily Jackson

April 12, 2015

A-List Guide To Great Bangs

You’re bored with your hair. You want a drastic change that’s, well, not as drastic as a buzz cut. Bangs could be the perfect solution: eye-catching, versatile, quirky, and if it’s good enough for Zooey, it could be your style trademark too! Follow our guide to see whether bangs are right for you.

Face shape
Contrary to popular belief, there is a set of bangs for every hairstyle. If you have been blessed with an oval face, then practically any style of bangs will work with your facial structure. To even out the wider top section of a heart shaped face, go for long, side swept bangs. Try to avoid bangs that are heavy or bluntly cut.

For a round face, don’t be afraid that it will make it appear even rounder. Simply ask for bangs that taper at the edges beside the eyes, or side swept bangs that draw attention to your cheekbones. This will give the illusion of a thinner contoured face.

Square shaped faces look amazing with a curved set of bangs—heavier on the outside and wispier in the middle of your forehead. Bangs can have a delicate effect on a square face.

Curls don’t necessarily rule out bangs as an option. In fact, cut the right way fury bangs are downright adorable! However, they require a little more attention. A side bang is the easiest to maintain (for those days when your hair just won’t do what you tell it to do) and gives you the option of straightening or letting your natural curls fly free.

For all you dyed hair beauties, remember that bangs will shine a torch to your regrowth, so be prepared for regular trips to the hairdresser. The same goes for trims—find a hairdresser who understands exactly what you want because a poorly cut bang sticks out like a sore thumb! Otherwise, if you trust yourself enough to trim your own, it can save you money on regular trips to the hairdresser.


If you lead a fairly active lifestyle, become intimately acquainted with dry shampoo as soon as possible. It will become your post-exercise lifesaver.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have bangs that naturally sit perfectly when you wake up in the morning, remember that this hairstyle requires time and effort to tame (but it’s worth the extra couple minutes every day!).

Also, forget anti-aging cream; a set of bangs instantly gives you a more youthful look (and if you’re worried about forehead wrinkles, they’re no longer on display).


Above all, take the risk and experiment with your hair! Bangs instantly provide an edgy look without doing anything out of the ordinary, and they draw attention straight to your eyes.

The best part about bangs is that they will always grow out. A bang is not forever, but it will always be in style.

By Elizabeth Rowe

April 26, 2014

5 Of The Best Very Short Hairstyles

Winter is the perfect time to make a major hairstyle change and opt for the chop. Very short hair looks super chic with a turtleneck and trench coat (and gives you enough time before summer to grow it out if you’re not thrilled with the look).

The decision to chop your long hair off can make you quite apprehensive, particularly as you come to the day of your hair cut and still haven’t made the decision of which style to go for! To help you make that decision, here are five of the best very short hairstyles out there right now.

Pixie cut hairstyle

This is a stylish and eye-catching style for thin, fine hair and is a favourite with celebrities like Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway. It will really make your eyes pop, so now is the time to play up your eye makeup with stronger brows and dark lashes.


Short and sleek bob

This is a variation of the pixie cut but with longer and shorter layers to give a sleeker look. This style is perfect for all ages and ideal if you’ve got fine hair and are looking for a more sophisticated, fashionable look as a refreshing change to long, limp locks – just ask Katie Holmes.


Face framing bob

This chic hair cut is short at the back and long enough at the front to frame your face and can suit every face shape, but it particularly compliments a rounder face. For an even more striking look, pair the chop with a bold new hair colour, like Ashlee Simpson’s platinum blonde bob.


Short and messy hairstyle

Messy short styles are among the easiest to maintain, often needing just a quick tousle with some wax – ideal if you’re not a morning person and only have a few minutes to get ready! Short and messy hairstyles also suit different face shapes. Drew Barrymore’s messy bob is both sexy and sophisticated.


Classic bob with fringe 

There are so many variations to the classic bob, though a very short version with a bold fringe is trending once more and really gives body to otherwise flyaway hair. Dannii Minogue’s bob and fringe is one of our favourite hairstyles of all time. It’s more high maintenance than other bob hairstyles, but you can style the fringe in many ways, including a side swept fringe, clipped up away from the face or tousled in soft waves.

What’s your favourite very short hairstyle?

July 24, 2013