5 Anti-Ageing Haircare Solutions

Fragile ends and grey hairs are some of the first signs that your hair needs a little more TLC. Treat your hair and scalp to a moisturising treatment at least once a week to seal those split ends and to control any breakage, which comes with age.

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Below are a few of our holy grail products that can be used on fragile hair, coloured hair, or just as a special treatment to lock-in moisture.

Joico Cliniscalp Advanced Thinning Rescue, $35.96

To protect hair from the early stages of thinning, the Cliniscalp collection by Joico helps to stimulate and protect the scalp and hair follicles. Use on a daily basis for stronger, thicker hair.

Screen shot 2015-06-22 at 4.53.14 PM

Argania Pure Argan Oil 100% Certified Organic, $19.99

Skip those other gimmicks and stick to the natural argan and coconut oils, which are great for both your hair and the environment. They are packed with fatty acids which help to repair the hair on both the inside and the outside. Use as a purifying mask, heat protectant, or apply it over your hair for extra shine.

5 Anti-Ageing Haircare Solutions

Kerastase Resistance Bain Age Shampoo, $46.50

Give your hair an instant lift with this purifying shampoo, which tightens the scalp and prevents excessive hair loss, while moisturising each hair follicle and keeping your strands feeling soft and luxurious.

5 Anti-Ageing Haircare Solutions

Redken Time Reset Youth Revatiliser, $26.40

Treat your hair to this intensive hair mask which locks in moisture, especially during the colder weather. Apply it directly onto dry hair, then rinse with lukewarm water for best results.

5 Anti-Ageing Haircare Solutions

Pantene Expert Hair Regrowth Treatment, $9

Pantene has created the ultimate hair elixir that helps to renew your hair from the outside. Apply it generously over your scalp once a week to revitalise the hair follicle and promote hair growth.

5 Anti-Ageing Haircare Solutions

What are some of your haircare must-haves?

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June 24, 2015

5 Rainy Day Hair Saviours

How many times has your hair been ruined by bad weather? This season, save your hair from the wind, rain, and anything in between with a few of our favourite products – all of which are sure to keep it looking crisp, clean, and most importantly, frizz-free!

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When hair is already damp, use just 2 pumps of your favourite serum to smooth out any knots and bumps. This is a must-have for girls with curly or textured hair that freaks out at the sign of moisture.

5 Rainy Day Hair Saviours

Yes To Carrots Anti Frizz Serum, $7.99

Dry Shampoo

This amazing product should be a haircare staple since it’s so quick and versatile to use. Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of instant gratification? Simply mist onto dry or damp hair to tame the frizz and to absorb any excess oil on your head and scalp.

5 Rainy Day Hair Saviours

Joico Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, $17.99

Frizz Mousse

Want to control that nasty frizz which has completely changed the texture of your hair overnight? A mousse is a must-have product since it melts into the hair without leaving it feeling greasy afterwards.

5 Rainy Day Hair Saviours

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Take Charge Curl-Boosting Mousse, $5.99

Finishing Spray

If your hair feels a little OTT after running through the rain, a finishing spray is the perfect way to nurse it back to good health. Forming a protective shield around the hair follicle, it will also give your hair a lasting hold for hours on end.

5 Rainy Day Hair Saviours

Nak Fixation Finishing Spray, $11.20

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May 14, 2015

The Best Products For Voluminous Hair

Who in the world doesn’t want, thick voluminous hair that requires little or no product to look like you’ve stepped out of a Brazilian blow-out?

For some this is natural, for others, we have to fake it using a few holy grail products. Apply onto freshly washed and completely dried hair for best results.

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The Detangler: Goldwell Dual Senses Ultra Volume Volumising Detangler, $19.95

Ever heard of a detangler that volumises your hair at the same time? Goldwell have created the perfect formula which is packed with SmartBoostComplex and Tapioca Starch to detangle hair (whilst adding some additional volume).

Mist evenly onto damp hair, then allow to air-dry, or use a hair drier on a cool temperature.

The Best Products For Voluminous Hair

The Lotion: De Lorenzo Elements Sea Swell Volumising Lotion, $23.50

A lightweight lotion which offers additional volume when applied to the roots and body of the hair. Makes hair look super-shiny, and can even be used to create a slicked-back look.

The Best Products For Voluminous Hair

The Spray: KMS Add Volume Volumising Spray, $31.96

Give your hair a boost with this volumising spray which lifts from the roots, and instantly creates a lust-worthy look. Give your hair a quick spritz before heading out the door, or leave-in overnight for an intense finish.

The Best Products For Voluminous Hair

The Cream: Wella SP Delicate Volume, $33.50

A lightweight creamy formula which can be applied from root to tip to achieve voluminous hair in no-time. Long-lasting, anti-frizz, and will protect your hair from those harmful UV rays and styling heat.

The Best Products For Voluminous Hair

The Mousse: Senscience Volume Boost Intensif Firm Hold Mousse, $32.95

Keep your hair in place all day with a firm hold mousse that isn’t too drying and won’t leave your hair oily. Apply carefully onto the roots and ends, then blow-dry with a diffuser for best results.

The Best Products For Voluminous Hair

The Hairspray: Goldwell Style Sign Double Boost, $24.95

Give your hair a subtle boost before leaving the house with Goldwell’s volumising spray. Mist lightly onto the length of your hair, then simply scrunch with your fingers.

The convenient bottle can fit discreetly into your handbag if you have a long day ahead of you, or for a touch-up.

Screen shot 2015-03-12 at 11.04.44 AMWhat are some of your favourite volumising products?

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March 15, 2015

What To Look For In A Hair Dryer

Let’s face it, not many women are blessed with hair that looks healthy and shiny after air-drying it. Quite the opposite, most women’s hair (including mine) looks dull, dry, and a little bit too “wild” for the office if we don’t style it. So we turn to hair dryers, round brushes, and straighteners to tame it. Even though most of us use hair dryers on a daily basis, we probably tried to save some money when we bought one and opted for a cheap hair dryer, after all, it’s just hot air, isn’t it? Well, not quite.

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Owning a good blow dryer can make the difference between healthy and damaged hair, here’s what to look for when buying a new one:

 1. Wattage

The higher the wattage, the more power will your hair dryer have and it will therefore take you less time to dry your hair. This is not only good for your busy schedule, but also for your hair as it won’t have to be exposed to heat for that long. As a guideline, 1800 watts or more are the way to go.

2. Material

Cheap blow dryers usually have metallic or plastic heating parts, which you should stay away from and instead get a dryer with ceramic heating parts, ideally one that also includes tourmaline treated parts as this combination distributes heat evenly and creates negative ions which make your hair dry faster and gentler, resulting in less frizz.

3. Heat settings

It is important to be able to control the heat of your hair dryer. While you need warm to hot air to dry wet hair, you want to switch to a cooler temperature to set your hair style once your hair is 90% dry. The least you want is a “cool” button, for more control choose a hair dryer with temperature settings.

4. Motor

Yes, hair dryers come with different motors. In the long run, it makes more sense to get the slightly more expensive AC (alternate current) motor as it will last longer, is more powerful and less noisy than a DC (direct current) motor. However, an AC motor is a bit bigger and heavier than a DC motor.

Now that you’re educated about hair dryers, there is nothing that can come between you and silky smooth hair.

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February 23, 2015

How To Easily Manage Thick Hair

Girls with thick hair will share the woes of ponytails that never hold, chignon’s which always drop, and locks which take most of the morning to tame.

Use these simple tips to tame your thick hair, and also look good at the same time!

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Co-washing or conditioning hair just means that no shampoo is used, but rather hair is cleansed with just one product. This is a great alternative for women who have naturally thick, curly, and textured hair which is difficult to tame.


Even though thick hair takes a long time to dry naturally, put down the styling tools and give your hair a break (at least once a week). Apply a nourishing oil to your ends, and allow your locks to air-dry especially on a hot day which should help the overall process.


Invest in a few extra-hold clips and elastics which are suited to thicker hair. Sometimes bobby pins and other flimsy hair accessories aren’t suited to thick hair, so don’t waste your money on them!

Organic shampoo

Use organic shampoo and conditioning products which are sulfate-free and won’t leave your hair looking and feeling too frizzy. If you have a sensitive scalp, these products are perfect since they aren’t filled with chemicals which can further irritate damaged skin.


Use tools and products which are designed specially for girls and guys with thick hair. A boar bristle brush or wide-tooth comb are ideal since they won’t damage your ends, promote frizzy hair.

Hair oils

Tame unruly hair by using a hydrating oil at least once a week while your hair is still damp. Not only does this make it easier to style, but it moisturises hair and keeps it looking and feeling soft and smooth.

How do you manage thick or textured hair?

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December 17, 2014

Chemical Vs Organic Hair Products

When deciding which hair products to use, many of us are often faced with the question of whether or not chemical-based shampoos and conditioners will damage our precious locks. The truth is, we all have different types of hair, and therefore a number of factors can come into play when considering product choice.

John Brennan, the managing director of Fuente Australia (, weighs up the pros and cons of both chemical-based hair products and organic hair products and the outcome is concerning.  Although tolerable in the short-term, synthetic hair care products have been shown to cause serious long-term damage – not only to the quality of the hair, but to our general health and well-being. In fact, research has revealed that there are currently loopholes in Australian law which allows potentially untested and unsafe ingredients in personal care products that we use on our bodies every day. In some instances, these ingredients have been linked to toxicity in the nervous system, weaknesses in the immune system and even cancer.

Chemical-based products


1. Some synthetic hair care products can be specifically formulated to target and manage hair problems that can result from bleaching or constant hair-colouring, making them a saviour for significantly damaged hair.

2. Most chemical-based hair products offer a short term solution to problems such as dryness and breakage, helping in the relief and management of these symptoms.   The results however are short term and do not address underlying issues.   Chemical based products may even cause further damage.

3. Synthetic hair products are also often designed to aid in preventing heat damage which is caused by frequent use of hair straighteners or hairdryers.


1. Isopropyl alcohol is found in a large range of hair products, particularly in hair colour rinses. It is a denaturant, meaning it changes the natural qualities of your hair, and inhalation of the vapour can actually cause headaches, nausea, dizziness and in some instances, vomiting.  The long term health impacts are not known but are generally considered to be very concerning

2. Colours, preservatives, stabilizers, fragrances, and thickeners are found in many products targeted to scalp care to prolong the shelf life of the product. These may be absorbed into the skin and can cause substantial irritation for sensitive types.   Again, the long term health impacts are not known but are generally considered to be very concerning

3. For relatively natural hair that has not been exposed to consistent colouring, synthetic products may cause more harm than good, and in some instances have led to toxicity in the nervous system and even cancer.

Organic hair products


1. Organic products gently infuse your hair follicles and skin cells with natural minerals, herbal extracts, and oils. This protects the integrity of the hair fibre and ensures damage will not occur over the long-term, gradually nourishing your hair to its healthiest state possible.

2. Organic hair products avoid harsh elements that are found in chemical-based products. As such, the likeliness of irritation, allergic reaction or detrimental exposure is significantly lower (if at all) than that of synthetic products.

3. Natural hair products are much better for the environment than chemical products. Given that the ingredients are naturally-derived, they impose less damage on the environment. They tend to be better for washing down the drain, more biodegradable in landfills and safer for animals on either water or land.


1. Organic hair products are slightly more expensive than chemical products due to the higher quality.

2. These hair care products are less commercial and therefore more difficult to find than standard hair care products in your local supermarket.

3. Instant damage repair is not a feature of organic products, as the natural ingredients take a longer period of time to be absorbed by your hair than chemical-based ingredients.

In summary, while chemical-based products can deliver instant results and provide a longer term shelf life for products, the overall health impacts are very concerning. Organic products, despite a being a little more expensive, deliver long-lasting results that do not infringe on the quality of both your hair and your personal well-being.   Also, when looking for a hairdresser, try to find a salon that offers organic hair products or ask your hairdresser to introduce organic hair products as well. 

April 19, 2014

Loving Right Now

This week the SheSaid team is loving a new range of yummy dressings (and share a recipe for a gorgeous tuna Caesar salad), a never-leave-home-without-it travel hairdryer, and share details of a new Instagram competition where you can win a cruise!


Editor Julia Blanter reviews the new VS Sassoon Go Travel Dryer

I used to be the kind of gal who preferred to fit another pair of shoes in my luggage rather than a hairdryer, using the logic that ‘I’ll just use the  hairdryer in the hotel.’ Only to arrive and discover the sad little dryer pinned to the wall could barely warm up let alone dry my hair (and those pathetic little cords are so awkward!).

So I was thrilled to try the VS Sassoon Travel Size Hairdryer with a whopping 2000 Watts – that’s some serious drying power! On a recent work trip and running to a meeting one morning it had my hair dried and styled in record time, and now I won’t travel without it. An absolute steal at $22.95. Visit

PR and Marketing Manager Louise Crowe tries Zoosh Dressings and Mayos

I recently had the opportunity to trial Zoosh – a new range of dressings and mayos designed to ‘put the fun back in your food’. The salads arrived on a lovely spring afternoon – roast beetroot, Ceasar, orange, spinach and feta and lastly a poached chicken salad.

The dressings were provided separately to zoosh up the salads. The Just Got Laid Free Range Egg Mayonnaise (love the name!) was delicious, thick and creamy – just the way a mayonnaise should be, not like one of those thin, overly-sweet excuses you get at the supermarket.

The rest of the names are equally cheeky and fun – including All Hail The Great Caesar With A Parmesan Punch. This dressing was garlicky and full of flavour – get the seared tuna Caesar salad recipe here.


My personal favourite was the Kung Pow Sweet Chilli With A Hint Of Garlic, not only because it had a lovely, refreshing zing, but also because it was matched with my favourite salad. The poached chicken was combined with pineapple, bacon, coriander and capsicum, and when matched with the sweet chilli dressing it was a total knock out.

It took me back to a delicious meal I enjoyed at one of Neil Perry’s restaurants almost 10 years ago. I have three lovely sisters, we lead busy lives and we don’t all live in the same city. So whenever we have an occasion to get together we carve out some time to enjoy each others company.

We zoosh ourselves up too – replacing our corporate clothing and put on our loveliest outfits. We pick a great restaurant to eat at, a different one every time. The food, and a glass or two of wine, becomes the starting point. We talk about the menu and as the meal unfolds we move from light banter onto the deeper issues keeping us up at night or causing us wrinkles.We’ve had a number of lovely dinners since then, yet that salad still lingers in my memory as the greatest meal of them all.


Intern Brittany Kerin gives us the scoop on the Royal Caribbean #InstaFilmFest

Royal Caribbean is hosting the first ever International Instagram film festival. Using Instagram, people can upload a 15-second video of their very own WOW moment, using the hashtag #InstaFilmFest. The winner will win a free cruise! It can be a video of any WOW moment (not just a video taken on one of their cruises),

I chatted with Royal Caribbean’s #1 Facebook fan, Magdolna Ori, who – by the end of the year – will have been on 5 cruises in a year! Now that’s some serious cruising!

Have you been on a cruise? What was your favourite part of the cruise?

October 3, 2013

Cutting edge hair

Cutting edge hair

Be at the forefront of trends and change your style on every visit to the salon.Try using different products from the Andrew Collinge range of hair care and styling products to create new and different effects.

Coolest celebs glam it up with a bit of hair drama.Turn up the heat on short hair by sleeking hair back for the ultimate groomed look, or pull and twist pieces up from the roots to create your own signature style.

stay put styling gel

Andrew Collinge stay put styling gel shapes and controls for maximum hold whether you want a sleek groomed look, gravity defying lift or a spiky textured finish.

The new chic sheared crop sported by Selma Blair has done wonders for her career and has also sent women in their droves to the salons for a similar do. Women with short dark hair need to be careful however, if they wear it too neat it can look like a helmet.

messed up moulding gum

Blow dry hair with your fingers, and then use Andrew Collinge messed up moulding gum on sections or all over to create a more unruly effect. Always at the forefront of global hair trends, Jennifer Aniston’s fine locks continue to excite and inspire.

Whilst the ‘Rachel’ was without doubt the most coveted hair of the past decade, our favourite is the loose and sexy style Jen adopts when off set.

To achieve this look apply Andrew Collinge styling moussing gelle to damp hair. The secret is to blow dry only at the roots and hairline for lift and allow the rest to air-dry.

To finish lightly apply Andrew Collinge shape up controlling wax to the bottom half of the hair for texture and polish. One of the hottest styles for the coming season is an updated version of the ‘starlet’ style from the 1940s, featuring a deep side parting and a softly waved front that brings the hair over the forehead whilst the rest hangs loose at the back.

shape up controlling wax

This is a very simple style and can be achieved by all with a little practice. Start by applying Andrew Collinge no kinks straightener to the back of the hair, and Andrew Collinge supple hold styling cream to the front.

Separate the front of the hair from the side parting into 3 sections and curl around 3 large velcro rollers across the top of the forehead. Use a large round brush for blow-drying the rest of the hair straight, then when the hair at the front is dry remove the curlers and gently brush out the hair to create a glamorous wave.

For more ways to get sexy hair, check SheSaid Fashion and Beauty next week!

March 18, 2003