How to Get rid of HAIR!

Can’t handle a bikini wax? Sick of shaving and ending up with in-grown hairs? Well I have done some research and discovered a product that really does work and the great thing is it’s all natural. Mayaltha (pronounced may-althar) Better Hair Removal is an easy to use revolutionary naturopathic hair removal gel made from 100 % natural plant-active ingredients. This is so easy and safe to use. All you have to do is apply a thin layer of the gel evenly over the chosen area, then place a cloth strip over the gel and press it firmly in the direction of the hair growth. Once all hair is removed wash area with warm water. It really does work which is a relief if you dread going to the beautician every 8 weeks. It is available at pharmacies and at ($24.95)
November 1, 2001

How to Remove Hair Without Pain?

Removing unwanted hair is incredibly stressful for some women. But I think I have found the solution for all of us. I tried the new Satin*ice epilator from Philips and could not believe the difference. It didn’t hurt because it has a crafty built in skin cooler, an ice element that cools and numbs the skin just before the hair is removed by the root. All you do is store the skin cooler in the freezer until you are ready to use it and hey presto, you will have silky smooth legs. ($149) Available at Myer/Grace Bros and David Jones.
May 1, 2001