Spring/ Summer Hair Trend Preview (contd…)

Curls range from large and symmetrical to random and uneven. Key looks include crimped – looking like hair that’s braided wet, left to dry, then combed out; curls glossed and finger waved, ringlet curls, and masses of hair from ringlets that have been brushed out.

Still very trendy, “Straight” hair is casually air-dried or dried without any effort to smooth, providing texture in the volume of the hair and in natural bends and almost-waves.

GO PEEP: The big news is the fringe – large sections, dead straight, totally blunt and covering the eyes. Alternatively, hair is parted straight, deep on the side or right down the middle with no fringe at all. Or, hair is pulled back off the face with only the delicate wisps of fine hair at the hairline to soften the look.

TWIST IT, SISTER: Updo’s consist of twisted swatches of hair, round buns rolled smooth and chignons, low at the back of the head or starting at the front hairline and following the contour of the head, behind the ear and back. Hair is secured at the nape and manipulated into low, compact textures.

Braids also continue to gain prominence. Used at the hairline over the forehead as a natural hairband, adding interest to buns, combined with pigtails for an aboriginal look or looped over and around straight swathes of hair reminiscent of a Teutonic opera star, braids are guaranteed to be all the rage.

Spring/Summer 2002 is the season to express your individuality, using your hair, styling products and ingenuity.

Clairol presents Spring/ Summer 2002 hair trend slides from the European shows.

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