The Secret to a Great Hairstyles

We?ve discovered it! The secret to a great hairstyle, it?s all in the brush. If you want to be able to create the finish that your hairdresser does at home you really need the right tools. Sharon, from Synergy Hair salon in Sydney says, ” Choosing the right hairbrush should be easy. Unfortunately, a brush is often bought for the way it looks rather than for how it works (costly mistakes are easily made).” This started the search for the perfect brush. A hot new name on the Australian hair care market is Hairs & Graces? a fab new company with a range of hairbrushes, combs and accessories for every type of hair. There are paddle brushes, thermal round brushes, thermal flat brushes, vent brushes, combs you name it they have it. Every Hairs & Graces brush is also available in a handy purse size version for maintaining your ?do? on the go. They also have a website where you can get a personal hair consultation and advice from the best. If you?ve always wondered how to create a big and luscious

then Hairs & Graces suggests using vent brushes, which will help circulate air around the base of the hair.Thermal vent brushes heat up as you blow-dry to help maximise your style. Want to create shine? Go for a pad brush. They help smooth the natural cuticle and leave hair silky and shiny by distributing the hair?s natural oils.

The good news is that they are all under $20. Also, and most importantly every time you purchase one, 10 cents from that sale is donated to ovarian cancer research. Every 10 hours 1 woman does from ovarian cancer in Australian. Hairs & Graces products are available at selected pharmacies, K-Mart, Big W and Target stores nationally.

Bag of the week

Don?t go past this fantastic Country Road Jacquard handbag ($149) in black leather. Great for work or the weekend because it?s big enough to throw

and anything in. Check it out!Fashion Tips

Tips that could save your life. Well? when it comes to fashion that is:

  • Bootleg trousers help to balance out a big bottom and wearing heels lengthens your legs
  • Vertical stripes are slimming whereas horizontal stripes only add width.
  • If you?re worried about your bum and it looking big? Don?t ever tie a cardigan around your waist to hide it. This will only draw attention to it. Go for a tailored jacket as it is a better cover-up!
  • Clingy clothes emphasise all the lumps and bumps ? so don?t wear Lycra. Go for tailored clothes instead with good quality fabric.
  • Need a slimming jacket? A single-breasted coat is much more flattering than a double-breasted.
  • Never feel guilty about buying clothes. Once you have spent the money you may as well enjoy them.
  • Want to cut down on ironing? Remove casual items such as jeans, t-shirts, knits from the dryer while they?re still warm. Fold or hang them straight away. 
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