Halle Berry on Juggling Motherhood and Work

Halle Berry has opened up about being a new mum in Hollywood.

“I’m working on a television show now, so I’m juggling working and being a mum and breastfeeding while I’m working,” Berry, 47, said at the Fame & Philanthropy Post Oscar party in Beverly Hills on Sunday night.

The Oscar winner is working on her new TV series, Extant, and gave birth to Maceo Robert, her first child with husband Olivier Martinez, last October, and says it’s been quite challenging.

Berry is already mother to Nahla, five. “It’s a whole new life for me now all over again, having a new little baby again.”

Instead of wearing a new season dress to last night’s Hollywood bash, Berry went for vintage.

“This is vintage Versace,” she said. “It’s one of Gianni’s last pieces. I never go wrong with Versace. I love Versace. And you know, I’m not quite where I want to be with my body, so this was a great dress for me to wear tonight!”

She admits she’s “working hard” to lose the baby weight, but says motherhood is “fantastic” and the baby is “more fantastic” – but reveals she doesn’t think she’ll have any more children.

“I’m surprised I had the one I just had! So I doubt God is going to bless me again. I think I’m done!”

March 5, 2014

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Welcome Son

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have welcomed a baby boy on Saturday in L.A., their first child together.

Update: Berry and Martinez have named their son Maceo-Robert!

Martinez, 47, was by his wife’s side for the birth at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Berry’s 5-year-old daughter Nahla with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey, also visited her baby brother.

The adorable couple tied the knot in France in July after dating for three years.

In April, Berry expressed her joy at having a second child. “This has been the biggest surprise of my life, to tell you the truth.

“Thought I was kind of past the point where this could be a reality for me. So it’s been a big surprise and the most wonderful.”

The Oscar-winning actress has been busy filming in recent times, shooting X-Men: Days of Future PastTulia and new TV drama, Steven Spielberg’s Extant, where she’ll play an astronaut returning home after a year-long solo mission in space.

Congratulations to Halle and Olivier!

October 7, 2013

Halle Berry Marries Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have married in an intimate ceremony in France.

Berry, 46, who is six months pregnant with their first child – a boy – wed Martinez, 47, in front of 60 guests at the luxurious Chateau des Conde in Vallery in central France.

Following the ceremony, dinner was held with a fireworks display later in the night. Guests included close friends and family, and Berry’s daughter Nahla, 5, from her relationship with Gabriel Aubrey.

Halle arriving at the ceremony

The couple met in 2010 on the set of Dark Tide. Berry was married twice before, first to baseball player David Justice fro 1993 to 1997, then to Eric Benét from 2001 to 2005.

Six years ago the Oscar winning actress told InStyle, “I will never, never get married again.” Never say never!

Martinez, who dated Kylie Minogue for five years, proposed in early 2012. This is his first marriage.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

July 15, 2013

Is Elle at an all-time low?

Is Elle at an all-time low?

Has all the partying, running a business, having two kids and being a fab wife finally caught up with Elle Macpherson? The first signs things might have been going a bit pear shaped for The Body was her notable absence from one of UK fashion’s biggest events, London Fashion Week. Weeks later it was revealed that she had also cancelled her commitments at the most prestigious racing and social events, the Melbourne Cup, where she was due to be a star guest next month. Media all around the world are claiming the supermodel has checked herself into The Meadows rehabilitation clinic in Arizona and is being treated for postnatal depression.

Media pundits are speculating that Elle might be in the depths of a mid-life crisis – her 40th birthday next year. There are also rumours that she is at an all-time emotional low, suffering from “exhaustion and stress”. As Elle?s family closes ranks around her, friends are rallying to her defense ?She just wants to devote herself to being a good mother and partner to Arkie, as well as keeping her business interests strong? one friend told the press. Maybe the supermodel is finding out that she is only human and that trying to run a global business, raise two young children and be a good wife is a super-human effort by any ones standards! Get well soon Elle!

Berry dumps sex addict husband

Last week Oscar-winning actress, Halle Berry and husband Eric Benet announced their separation. The couple has apparently asked the press for some privacy during their separation. Berry announced that the marriage was in trouble after less than three years of marriage. ?Eric and I have had marital problems for some time now and have tried to work things out together,” she said in a statement. “However, at this point, I feel we need time apart to re-evaluate our union.” The couple met in 1999 and tied the knot in 2001, the marriage a second for Berry. But, as frequently reported in media around the world, Benet had a bit of a problem with the ?forsaking all others? part of the wedding vows, his alleged martial meandering seems to have finally taken its toll on the couple. Ms Berry has asked for her privacy to be respected “during this emotional time”.

Heath and Naomi Splitsville too!

Glamour Australian actors Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts have split. Ledger, 24, and Watts, 35, who met on the Australian movie set of Ned Kelly early last year are members of the clique of Australian actors making it big in Hollywood recently. Australian publicist Kate Ledger -Heath?s sister – confirmed the couple had ended their 16-month relationship. “Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts have made the decision to go their separate ways,” she said in a statement. “At this time in their lives both are busy pursuing careers which are taking them in different directions.? The statements also confirmed “They remain close friends.”

The air has been thick with rumours of the demise of this couple. Both Naomi and Heath have been spotted flying solo at key industry events around the globe – Naomi was most recently at Venice?s Film Festival on the red carpet promoting her next two flicks Le Divorce and 21 Grams. Maybe as Naomi?s star is firmly rising and Ledger?s seems have stalled put extra pressure on the couple. Friends are pointing the finger of blame at their pair?s hectic careers as well as the much-discussed eleven-year age gap. But, the classy couple seem to have broken the break-up mold – no dramas, no one third parties involved, no name calling, no restraining orders! Nice to see some people break up like mature adults and even manage to stay friends!


October 7, 2003

Mariah Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Mariah can’t get no satisfaction

Mariah Carey has something new to complain about. The diva has recently been bitching that she hasn’t been doing the horizontal mambo since the departure of Mexican singer Luis Miguel two years ago. But never fear – Mariah doesn?t think it is due to her looks or her personality or even the size of her butt or bank balance. She believes ? get this ? it?s because she?s ?too famous?! Yeah Mariah, bet that?s it! Oh Phleease! To prove the point Carey told a German newspaper Stern, “Men think I’ll never be interested in them because I’m a star and can have whatever I want.” Maybe she should stop her singing career and concentrate on getting a boyfriend? Or is that too much to hope for?

How Halle really broke her arm

Hands up all those that remember back in May this year when Halle Berry broke her arm? The movie makers at Warner Bros. told reporters that she hurt it while performing one of the horror film’s “more physically demanding” scenes. In what was described as an on-set accident, the break forced Berry to miss quite a few weeks of filming as her arm was in a cast. Naturally, the public thought Berry may have been a little over exuberant during filming but now the truth has been revealed, by none other than Ms Berry herself. Recently, the actress has admitted that her co-star, Downey, was to blame for the break. According to Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper, Halle says, “It wasn’t like I was trying to fall 50 feet and fell wrong or did something crazy. I was doing a scene with Robert and he grabbed my arm the wrong way and broke it.” Gee whiz hope he said sorry!

Aaliyah negligence suit settled

Finally some good news for the parents of Aaliyah, the million-selling R & B singer turned movie star who died in a plane crash in 2001, aged 22. Lawyers for Aaliyah’s parents, Diane and Michael Haughton, advised in notices to the US federal court that the case had been settled with an agreement to always keep the details confidential. Aaliyah?s parents sued plane operator Blackhawk International Airways Corp for negligence over the death of their daughter. According to investigators, the plane operators did not have permission from the Bahamas to operate commercial flights. And in further reports, the Cessna 402B was allegedly overloaded by over 700 pounds, when it crashed soon after takeoff from Marsh Harbour in the Bahamas to the Miami suburb of Opalocka with Aaliyah and eight others on board.

September 16, 2003

Wanna see a catfight?

Wanna see a catfight?

According to the Hollywood Reporter the newly single Sharon Stone is in talks to play the villainess in Catwoman starring Halle Berry. Stone would apparently be playing the role of cosmetics giant who secretly runs an evil empire. Mrs Evil perhaps?

Sex Author Comes Out With New Book

Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell takes a darker look at the world of sex in her new novel Trading Up. Early reviews report that the book tells the story of anti-heroine Janey Wilcox, a Victoria’s Secret model who sleeps with men to get ahead and befriends women solely for the same purpose. “Janey figured she might as well use sex as a weapon and enjoys using sex as a power over men. But the interesting thing about the book is it shows that using sex as a power over men doesn’t really work anymore,” Bushnell told reporters in a recent interview. “Relationships (with men) don’t last forever any more; it really is about female bonding.” Well said Candace!

You Muppet!

“Muppet,” “Eeyorish” and “bada bing” among the 3000 new words included in the Oxford Dictionary of English, which hits stores this month. But what exactly does “bada bing” stand for – it’s defined as “an effortless act.” We knew that!

Is anyone there?

Sounds like Ren?e Zellwegergot more than she bargained for when she bought a summer house in the Hamptons. Even though the yanks rave about summer in the Hamptons?, it can be a ruined when a ghost won’t leave! According to Sky News, the “Chicago” star has been plagued by a bothersome poltergeist, which is why she had to call in an actual ghost buster. The psychic expert told Zellweger that the unwanted house guest has been living there for years and her name is Lillian. According to those who have lived there before, she often plays tricks on the residents. “My first experience was sensing a presence,” one former owner said. “And one night, when I was lying in bed, it felt like there was a large block of ice next to me.” Hopefully Debra Messing from Will and Grace isn?t scared by spooky visitors as Renee offloaded her haunted house on the red-head and her husband!

Jude Law: Footloose and Fancy Free?

Now reports from the celebrity spotters for the New York Post say Jude Law is not pining away at the news of his divorce and that he was actually out celebrating his new freedom this past weekend at a party thrown by actor Stephen Dorff in Malibu. There were a bevy of beauties in attendance, including Courtney Cox, Natalie Imbruglia and a very single Sharon Stone. “Jude came with Jonny Lee Miller (Angelina Jolie’s ex-hubby) and talked to all the girls,” one source reports. “Let’s just put it this way, he is very single.”


August 26, 2003

Kidman wins libel case

Kidman wins libel case

Nicole Kidman has won an apology from London?s The Daily Mail after the newspaper ran a story suggesting that Kidman was being dishonest about her relationship with fellow actor, and Cold Mountain co-star, Jude Law. She was also awarded “substantial” undisclosed damages, successfully suing over the newspaper?s statement that she had tempted Law into an adulterous affair that resulted in the (very public) breakdown of his marriage.

“The publication of this article has caused grave damage to the claimant’s personal and professional reputation and she has suffered considerable embarrassment and distress,” solicitor Gideon Benaim told Mr Justice Gray, in the London High Court. “Her embarrassment was particularly acute as the allegations coincided with the run-up the Oscars award ceremony in Los Angeles in which she had been nominated for an award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her role in The Hours.” In a triumph of truth over evil, editor of The Daily Mail, Paul Dacre, and journalist Nicole Lampert apologised for the distress and embarrassment caused to Kidman and agreed to pay her legal costs as well as damages. The libelous pair also agreed that the allegations were completely untrue and totally without foundation. Looks like they picked the wrong Aussie chick to brand an adulteress this time!

Double agent seeking double pay?

Arse-kicking double agent Jennifer Garner looks set to get a massive pay rise according to the Hollywood Reporter. Apparently the rising star is close to signing a new contract extension that will keep her on the spy drama Alias through the 2007-2008 season and increase her salary from approximately $80,000 an episode to a cool $300,000 an episode. Great work if you can get it!

Ben and Jen’s film sucks say critics

Ben and Jen?s new flick Gigli is being panned ferociously by critics in the US, the movie has even been compared to Madonna’s last cinematic washout, 2002’s Swept Away, which had the unenviable title of the worst film for 2002. Halle Berry is surely thanking her lucky stars that she dropped out of the mobster romance/drama just before production began in late 2001. Miss Jennifer Lopez was quick to step up as leading-lady opposite her beau Ben Affleck. They say the rest is history but some critics are making sure Gigli goes down in history as one of the worst films of 2003!

Gigli – ?unwatchable?“Nearly as unwatchable as [its title] is unpronounceable.” Los Angeles Times

“Hopelessly misconceived exercise in celebrity self-worship.” New York Times

“The rare movie that never seems to take off, but also never seems to end.” USA Today

Oh dear.

J.Lo and Ben ? never again

There is some good news for the Ben/Jen show. At least one major critic in the US, The Chicago Sun-Times?, Roger Ebert calls the movie “different, thoughtful and a little daring.” He also stands up for the couple’s ability to couple on screen, not an easy task since Lopez’s character in this flick is, wait for it, a lesbian. Meanwhile in India, the Hindustan Times reveals that the real-life lovebirds, Lopez and Affleck, have vowed to never, ever make a movie together again. And by the sounds of it, it?s probably for the best.


August 5, 2003