She Said It: The Best Tweets Of This Week (28 October – 4 November)

Oh yeah, she said it! This week wonderful women were tweeting about calling out men in the DMs, Halloween, and the burdens of being a woman. 

When a creepy guy slides into your DM’s, do you ever want to mess with them a little bit?

A lot of women do, if only to make sure they stop doing the off-putting behavior of messaging random people on the internet with sexual thoughts or comments.

And across the internet this week, women everywhere were sharing screenshots of them calling out these men online – it was beautiful. There was also an instance of a woman calling out a bad man in real-life – Harvey Weinstein,

Add to that a whole lot of tweets about Halloween, the highs and lows of adulthood and general female empowerment, and this week really did have it all!

As we always do, we’ve collected the best tweets of this week for your viewing pleasure.

So relax and get ready to round out the spooky season with the best tweets of the week…

1. A haiku that hits home

2. The ultimate truth

3. Neither option is great…

4. More people telling on gross men to their mothers, please

5. An example of speaking out

6. Pole dancing is a skill, but spooky pole dancing is a gift.

7. This depressing fact

8. We stan these two strong, female icons

9. Spooky season thoughts

10. A great lil clip on the problems with cancel culture

11. This truth bomb about women’s reproductive rights (One of our writers had a similar experience)

12. And I oop-

13. Straight facts

14. Self-care and rest days are important, guys

15. Hands up if you feel personally attacked by this tweet.

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