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It’s Friday morning and you wake up with a screaming headache, a dry, furry mouth, and bags so big they would be classed as oversized luggage. There’s definitely still leftover margaritas and white wine cocktails in your system from what started as Thursday night happy hour, and turned into staggering home after midnight. Everyone loves starting the weekend early, right? Ah, not when you have to be at work early on a Friday morning.

As we get older, this strange phenomenon starts to happen wherein our bodies don’t bounce back from a night of mixed drinks like they used to. Instead, you wind up with a raging hangover, significantly less cash and needing to be at work in an hour – getting your mum to call in sick for you is no longer an option.

There are a few hangover hacks that need to be shared among us ladies that love a cocktail. The first hack: To know that there is no cure for your hangover, there are simply ways of easing the terrible, self induced symptoms.

Many of the symptoms of a hangover are caused by dehydration, so it’s time to get some water into you before you start to shrivel like a weed under herbicides. If you can remember to do so, drink water before bed to help hydrate the body. However, if you can’t get to any h20 while you stumble through your door, drink some when you wake up. The more hydrated your body is, the better you will feel.

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Do your best to not look hungover. Wash your hair, put on a well-put-together outfit, use some eye drops if necessary and try to use the illusion of makeup to look as awake as possible. By looking great, there will be less questions asked about your previous evening’s antics, and even though you don’t want to admit it, you’ll feel a whole lot better about yourself.

Now, the secret to a less malicious hangover is all about what you eat before deciding to down shots at midnight. Food that helps the absorption of alcohol is best for lessening its effect, as it slows down the alcohol getting to your blood steam. If you’re still feeling a bit shaky in the morning, however, I’ve got your secret weapon: A chocolate Paddlepop. While it may seem like the worst choice you could ever make, it actually makes you feel better because the sugar can help you to feel less trembly. Honey sandwiches are also said to help.

For some, having a huge fatty breakfast may seem like the way to go, but it’s actually better to eat lightly and healthily to aid your body in recovering from your night out. If necessary, pain relievers can be taken to combat headaches. Sleep will also help you to feel better after a big night. So, if you have the luxury of sleeping in, let your body rest itself and you will feel much better. If you don’t have that luxury and your boss is calling, make sure you get plenty of shuteye at the end of the day.

In any case, the best hangover cure is prevention. Know your limits and drink responsibly.

Images via Le Physique, New York Times