Harry’s Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

Nothing beats homemade ice cream. Lawrence Harris, creator of Harry’s Ice Cream, shares his best homemade ice cream recipe and how to come up with winning flavour combinations every time

Having a good base recipe is the backbone to creating scrumptious ice cream, and Lawrence recommends bringing it back to basics – no need for thickeners or emulsifiers, just use good quality ingredients.

Makes: 1 litre of ice cream

Equipment required
Ice cream maker
Temperature gauge
Double saucepan

300ml pure cream (at least 35% butter fat)
300ml full cream milk
175gm sugar*
3 medium egg yolks**
Your pick of mix-ins such as honeycomb, nuts, chocolate, pieces no larger than a 10-cent piece (refrigerated)


1. In a double saucepan on a low-to-medium heat, add the cream and milk and heat to 40 degrees.

2. Add the sugar and eggs and whisk continuously until the temperature reaches 80 degrees. Remove from the heat and put the bottom of the saucepan in a bowl of ice water to prevent the mixture heating further.

3. Let the mix cool to room temperature and then refrigerate to 4 degrees.

4. When you’re ready to make your ice cream, remove the freezer bowl from the freezer and assemble your machine. Turn the machine on first then pour in the mixture.

5. The ice cream will take 15 to 30 minutes to thicken (depending on the machine). Add your choice of mix-ins after about 12 to 15 minutes when the ice cream is just beginning to solidify. Once churned, the ice cream should hold its shape when scooped with a spoon.

6. Once the ice cream churning process is complete, transfer the mixture immediately to a freezer-safe container and put it in the freezer. Freeze until your desired consistency, or until ready to serve.


* If you’re adding a very sweet mix-in such as white chocolate or honeycomb, consider reducing the amount of sugar in the base mix to ensure the end product isn’t overly sweet.

** You can add two extra egg yolks if you prefer a more custard-like ice cream.

What’s your all-time favourite ice cream recipe?