Relationship Advice for Newlyweds

The dress! The ring! The photo booth photos! The honeymoon! Let’s face it: many newlyweds aren’t prepared for the reality of marriage. Riding the wave of post-wedding bliss isn’t enough to guarantee ever after, so follow our relationship advice to stay happy, healthy, and together.

Have clear communication
One of the easiest ways for a relationship to go downhill is a lack of communication. At first you think you know everything about each other, and have night-long conversations. But then you don’t want to bother him with what you think is a minor triviality, or they bite their tongue about something you did which annoyed them, which leads to a bigger fight.

To improve communication, it’s often recommended to begin setting aside time each day or week just to talk. It doesn’t have to be about anything deep or soul-revealing. It just has to be enough to show that you and your partner care about each other enough to listen to what the other has to say.

Hammer out the finances ahead of time
The most common source of stress in the lives of newlyweds and married couples is financial problems, from having to pay off credit card debt, dealing with a mortgage, or not having enough money to afford a new car. One way to mitigate these issues is to talk about finances on a regular basis. This will allow both of you to understand your financial situation, and be responsible for improving it.

You should also make sure that you and your partner have the same ideas about how money should be used. If one of you is a spendthrift and the other saves spare change, then there is a fundamental difference that needs to be addressed.

Have sex
At first, you couldn’t get your hands off each other. Then real life stepped in and suddenly it’s too easy to find excuses to not have sex. Maybe you’re too tired, too stressed, or just not in the mood. But having sex not only deepens the relationship but ensures that both of you are in tune with one another.

Make regular sex a priority, as well as talking about different things to try in the bedroom, including fantasies from both parties, and add different components to sex, such as sex toys. Finding out what turns your partner on, and showing them what turns you on, will help improve intimacy.

Spend time together
Many couples work long hours and are not able to see each other that often, or are too busy with the kids to even talk or share a meal together. Not spending time together is the surest way to kill a relationship. To prevent this, plan date nights, schedule babysitters, or simply commit to spending a certain amount of time together each day or week.

Dealing with families
Your partner’s family can be difficult to deal with – or vice versa – but forging a healthy relationship with them is vital for your own happy marriage. Respect their family and make sure your partner respects yours.

What relationship advice for newlyweds can you share?