Robyn Lawley On Health, Happiness, And Motherhood

“In order to be the best you, you have to take time out. A healthy you is a healthy parent.”

How To Create A Healthy Habit

It’s said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, but for those of us who take a little longer, let’s extend it to a month. Giving yourself adequate time is one of the most important factors in creating a new healthy habit, as it means that you are putting aside minutes of your day to do this one thing that you will continue to do for a lifetime once you’ve created it.

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Healthy habits such as exercise, meditation, eating well and reading are often put on the back burner for ‘now’ objectives like work, television shows and nights out. But our bodies need us to create healthy habits to keep them in peak condition, so that we can better handle whatever life decides to throw at us.

Creating a healthy habit isn’t easy. It takes hard work and a bit of dedication, but once it becomes a habit, it becomes much easier to achieve every day. If you’re looking to create a healthy habit, follow our top tips on how to make it happen.

1. Set aside time

Set aside time for you to do your healthy habit everyday. Once you have the time, you will be more inclined to do it because you will feel like you can. This may mean shuffling around responsibilities, but your health is important and it deserves time too. Whether it means getting to the gym for an hour, or putting aside time to cut up vegetables for the day, health needs your time and effort.

2. Use your calendar

Use your calendar to mark down the days that you achieved your healthy habit. Use something that stands out, like a cross or a star on the days you accomplished what you wanted to do and try to keep this going for a solid month. By then, marking your calendar may well become a habit, too, and you can continue to keep track of how you are going.

3. Patience and perseverance

Keep at it. Keep trying and don’t give up. Be patient with yourself and allow your body and brain to become accustomed to something new.

4. Write down your goals

Everything becomes more official when you write it down on paper. Marriage certificates, divorce papers and loans are signed off on, so why not do the same and make a contract with yourself. Write down what you want so you know exactly what you’re working for and how you’re going to do it.

5. Prepare yourself

Maybe this means buying a gym membership, maybe it’s buying vegetables, or perhaps it means getting a yoga mat. Whatever it is, invest in the necessary equipment to ensure you have a strong base to work off.

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8 Ways To Wean Yourself Off Sugar

Cutting down on sugar seems nearly impossible if you’re not going cold turkey, but there are actually a few ways to trick your body into making the switch.

Help to curb those cravings and slowly make the process with the following tips, which won’t feel as if you’re completely cutting it out.

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Do your research

Sometimes sugar actually operates under a number of different aliases, so it’s important to understand what you’re looking for. Look out for evaporated cane juice, glucose, syrups, nectars, and agave at the supermarket.


Introduce some healthier food alternatives into your daily diet to make the transition easier for your body. This could mean cutting down the amount of fizzy drinks for water, chocolate for fresh fruit, and butter for avocado.

Cut down on sweets

The number one way to cut sugar out of your diet is decrease the amount of sweets you eat on a weekly basis. Instead, use fruit as a sweetener, and concentrate on creating healthy, wholesome snacks.


Rather than buying white or wholemeal bread, look out for sourdough which has less sugar, and is actually very cheap to make at home!


While we all enjoy the occasional glass of wine, sometimes it’s best to limit the drink to just one. Just think about all the added sugar in that glass of red wine?

Get the kids involved

If your kids are having a hard time cutting down on sweets, the best way to make this change is to involve them in the cooking process. This way, they can see what goes into each meal, and actually enjoy making their own healthy snacks.

Herbal tea

Who knew that herbal tea could be so good? Not only does green tea aid digestion, but it’s a good way to keep your stomach full between each meal.


If you experience sugar cravings during the early afternoon, take a short walk or hit the gym. This is one of the best ways to clear your mind, and avoid binge-eating before dinner.

What are some of your methods to cut-down on sugar?

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No More Diets! Mireille Guiliano’s Manifesto for Aussie Women

Mireille Guiliano, author of French Women Don’t Get Fat, has a simple message for Australian women: you can be a healthy weight and still enjoy good food and the things you like.

The international bestselling author is renowned for inspiring women all around the world to lose weight without dieting. Mireille’s philosophy is about a balanced approach to life and wellbeing that doesn’t include extreme diet or exercise regimes.

“We spend so much time worrying about eating bad food that we forget about the enjoyment that comes with eating good food, and sharing it with family and friends. Everything is fine in moderation,” says Mireille.

The French-born writer is in Australia to help bust the common myth that dairy foods are linked to weight gain and/or obesity. “Australians are blessed with some magnificent produce like cheese and yogurt that rivals some of the best in the world. There is no reason why you cannot enjoy this as part of a healthy lifestyle.”

Mireille says the secret to enjoying food and staying healthy is to not over indulge and to eat seasonal and fresh food. In her acclaimed book, Mireille writes about yogurt as a secret to tame hunger, revealing that French women often enjoy two servings a day to help them feel satisfied for longer.

“I believe we don’t need diets to tell us what to eat and drink but you need to listen to your own body to do it. Balance your food and drink with regular exercise on a daily basis.

“Enjoy food and all that comes with it, going to the market or shops, cooking and sharing. You will soon find that there is more to enjoying food and being healthy than counting calories,” Mireille advises.

Mireille’s healthy eating tips for Australian women:

1.    Start each day with a real breakfast.

2.    Introduce two servings of natural yogurt as a breakfast or snack food or dessert  – the protein will keep you fuller for longer.

3.    Enjoy milk, cheese or yogurt every day. Many people avoid these foods because they think they’re fattening – this is a mistake. Eating these foods as part of a balanced diet is not linked to weight gain.

4.    Stop dieting.

5.    Take the stairs and laugh more, it’s good for the waistline and for the soul.

6.    Never let yourself get too hungry or over eat.

7.    Good food isn’t pretentious. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and don’t let recipes intimidate you – they’re a guide not a formula.

8.    Cooking is slimming. Love is slimming. Happiness is slimming.

9.    Eat smaller amounts of more things, rather than bigger amounts of less things.

10.    Australians love their coffee, so take pleasure in the ritual of your morning latte or cappuccino.

11.    Choose and enjoy your weekend rewards, like your favourite dark chocolate rather than worry about eating ‘bad’ food.

12.    Explore Australia’s great outdoors with regular physical movement. Choose things you can do in street clothes like a daily walk or a leisurely bike ride.

13.    Avoid anything that demands too much effort for too little pleasure.

14.    Eat and serve what’s in season. With the Australian summer in sight, enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables aplenty.

15.    Don’t save Champagne for special occasions, being in good company is reason enough.

Do you believe everything in moderation is important for a healthy lifestyle?