Eat Your Way to Glowing Skin

You are what you eat, right? Well, so is our skin, so forget buying expensive lotions and potions. A healthy complexion is easy to achieve just by improving our internal health and eating a balanced diet.

But which foods are best for glowing skin? Nature’s Own Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist, Kate Save shares her expert insights into the three essential nutrient groups – and which foods to eat – that will leave you with clean, youthful-looking skin. Just think of this as your clear skin diet.

1.       Support skin synthesis and strengthening with key minerals

Zinc is an essential mineral that assists in developing cell membranes and repairing damaged tissues. It’s also shown to help resolve acne by controlling the production of the skin’s oil. Six per cent of the body’s zinc is in the skin, so eating zinc-rich foods can help maintain and enhance healthy skin.

What to eat: Red meat, scallops, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, or oysters.

Silica and Selenium are trace minerals necessary for achieving and maintaining good skin health. Silica strengthens the connective tissues such as hair, nails and cartilage, and can be found in foods such as strawberries, cucumber and asparagus. Selenium is responsible for preventing cell damage and sustaining skin elasticity.

What to eat: Salmon, eggs, wholegrain breads and cereals, or garlic.

2.       Combat pre-mature ageing and boost skin renewal with Vitamins A, C & E

Vitamin C is your anti-ageing weapon! It acts as an antioxidant to prevent damage to the skin’s collagen or elastin caused by overexposure to sun or pollution. Don’t forget, Vitamin C is sensitive to heat so best to eat raw or only lightly cooked for maximum goodness. 

What to eat: Citrus fruits, red and green capsicum, turnips, kale, parsley, broccoli, other dark leafy greens and strawberries.

Vitamin E works in conjunction with Vitamin C to reduce the effects of sun exposure and may reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It also has unique anti-inflammatory properties to help maintain a youthful appearance.

What to eat: Sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach, peaches, prunes, tomatoes, cabbage, asparagus and avocados.

Vitamin A is the secret to skin cell turnover and renewal making it ideal for those who suffer acne or other skin ailments.

What to eat: Egg yolks, butter, chili, carrots, apricots, melon and sweet potato.

3.       Achieve a natural glow and protect your skin with essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are a vital component of a balanced diet, as they cannot be produced by the body. EFAs protect against external toxins by creating a barrier in the top outer layer of the skin. They also maintain moisture content and skin flexibility and have anti-inflammatory properties – all of which are important for bright skin appearance.

What to eat: Found in salmon, tuna, walnuts, flaxseeds and canola oil (all rich in Omega 3) and sunflower and safflower oils (rich in Omega 6).

What foods do you eat for healthy skin?

7 Beauty Tips All Women Should Use

The secret to good skin isn’t just about using the most expensive product on your face, or getting a trendy facial. Sticking to a consistent skincare routine is the best way to give your skin the nutrients it needs on a daily basis. Even though we all have different skin types, there are a few tips all women should try for good skin.

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Cleanse every evening

It seems pretty simple, but a good cleanser is often difficult to find. Getting into the routine of cleansing every evening before bed is ideal since it removes those impurities lying on the skin all day long. Don’t choose anything too harsh or abrasive if you’re suffering from exposed acne spots since it can leave a scar.

Remove your makeup

And not just with a wipe. Think about how much makeup we all pile onto our face (neck and body) on a daily basis. Sometimes, the skin needs a deep clean even after using a makeup wipe. If you’re feeling lazy, use a lightweight micellar water which will remove any makeup residue, and doesn’t need to be washed off the skin.

Use an SPF everyday

Or try and find a foundation with an added SPF which suits your skin type. Women suffering from oily skin might find this a little difficult since SPF can only cause a heavier build-up of oil. Set your foundation with a light, translucent powder so it doesn’t get too oily throughout the day. Your skin will thank you!

Don’t pop your pimples

It might feel a little tempting to pop those pimples, but it’s really just a short-term solution. Busting your own pimples is actually a hazard since it invites a whole lot of bacteria into an open wound – not good. Apply a topical cream with a cotton bud, and let the pimple heal itself.

Exfoliate weekly

Many women feel a little scared when it comes to using an exfoliator since it can feel quite harsh. Avoid using micro-bead formulas which can actually scratch the outer layer of the skin and lead to irreversible damage.

Hydrate your lips

Especially during the summer, our lips can get dry and dehydrated. Use a matte lip cream and re-apply as often as you need to moisturise your lips.

Start using an eye cream

Although eye creams are often targeted to women in their 40s, it’s never too early to start using one. Opt for a lightweight, cream formula and dab it gently around the eyes until it completely soaks into the skin.

What are some of your must-have beauty tips for women of all ages?

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Easy Skin TLC

Your skin is the foundation of your whole look – literally! Which makes some easy skin TLC a big priority. That’s why we’ve put together some skin saving remedies that will solve all your skin woes.

Your skin will be with you for life and the last thing anyone wants is blotchy and pigmented skin, or worse still, the first tell-tale signs of wrinkles or skin that isn’t as plump and dewy as it should be. A number of factors can cause skin damage, but usually it’s not irreparable. From too much time in the sun to plummeting temperatures and not washing off makeup at night – some skin TLC can help reverse the damage to your skin before it’s too late.

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Feed your face

Certain foods combined with a healthy balanced diet will work wonders for your complexion and ensuring your skin has an irresistible and vibrant glow.

Foods rich in vitamin C protect your cells from breaking down, resulting in younger looking skin and act as a natural combatant against the appearance of fine lines. Although traditionally oranges are renowned for being rich in vitamin C, strawberries are actually more of a skin super food. Strawberries have more anti-ageing vitamin C than both oranges and grapefruit.

Antioxidant stars blueberries, raspberries, and green tea also all help boost your skins natural vibrancy.


Drinking plenty of water keeps your skin fresh and hydrated, but liquids alone aren’t going to cut it. You can also boost the natural moisture in your skin with toners, boosters, and masks. Ensuring you keep your skins moisture levels up will make your skin maintain the extra plumpness and dewiness in your skin.


Holding on to dead, dull skin isn’t going to do you any favours – that stuff’s got to come off! A combination of skin brightening lactic acid and hydroxy acid exfoliant two to three times per week will help make your skin the picture of health. A daily dose of rice bran powder and phytic acid microfoliant skin polisher will then be the icing on the cake.

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Slip, slop, slap

Many of us take the health of our skin for granted and get blinded by the chance of being naturally sun-kissed. Well, there’s some fantastic self-tanning lotions available on the market, including tinted moisturisers and non comedogenic products (so your skin won’t breakout), that are just as good as the real thing, minus the associated risks. That said sun protection is a must all year round. SPF+ moisturisers should be worn even when its cold and there’s plenty of cloud cover. When it’s hot and sunny out, always wear sunscreen, not wearing it will quicken your skins aging and cause permanent damage. Excessive sun exposure will also make your skin dry out in the short term.

Our skin is exposed to the elements everyday and as such we need to give it a little extra care and attention. These easy skin TLC tips will work wonders and prove to be your skins true salvation in both the long and short term.

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The Many Benefits Of Almond Oil

Not only is almond oil rich in vitamin E and vitamin D, but it can be used to repair a variety of different skin and hair disorders. This concentrated serum is not only inexpensive, but is completely natural and won’t cause any irritation or discomfort to problem areas such as broken or chapped skin and nails. Below are just a few reasons why almond oil should be a permanent fixture in your beauty cabinet.


Almond oil is heavily used in aromatherapy techniques since it helps to relieve stress, anxiety and also to relax the entire body. Pure almond oil can be used for any skin types since it is non-irritating and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals which could interfere with your current skincare regime. Almond oil helps to repair and replenish the skin in many ways:

  • Leads to a brighter and more vibrant complexion. Safe to use on the skin since it is gentle and super-moisturising.
  • Healing properties which allow it to moisturise the skin better than creams or spray formulas.
  • Helps to improve the effects skin irritation and inflammation on certain problem areas.
  • Improves the side effects of continuous skin exposure. Almond oil deeply moisturises and hydrates the skin, which can help to delay the ageing process.
  • Lightens any dark circles around the eye area if used for prolonged periods of time.
  • Makes the skin smooth and soft – perfect to use on extra-dry areas such as elbows, knees, feet and ankles. Heals broken or cracked skin and helps to make the area feel soft and luxurious.
  • Improves the appearance of skin rashes, and gentle enough to use on eczema or rosacea.
  • Reduces the size and appearance of stretch marks.
  • Can be used as a makeup remover by dissolving any unclean oils left on the skin. Then simply use your favourite cleanser to remove the excess makeup.
  • Prevents dandruff and also helps to improve a dry and itchy scalp.
  • Also works as a natural shaving foam which is great for people with extremely sensitive skin.


Ever used an oil serum on the ends of your hair? Almond oil is amazing at repairing split ends or broken strands with just a few drops. Simply pour 2-3 drops onto your palm and massage on the length of the hair, concentrating on problem areas. Gentle enough to use on blonde or bleached hair, and won’t stain or destroy lighter hair colours. Almond oil is packed with vitamin E which adds a youthful shine and texture to any hair type. This serum also helps to:

  • Moisturise hair and smooth hair cuticles which are damaged by hair colour or heat products.
  • Helps to create strong and thick hair after every application.
  • Works as a deep-cleansing hair masque to nourish dry patches and repair split ends.

Overall health

Eat just a few raw almonds every single day for better hair, nails and clear skin. Did you know that almond oil also helps the body from the inside out? Almond oil has been used for centuries as a natural painkiller, since it has a calming effect on the entire body. Some other health benefits include:

  • Reduces cholesterol since almonds are packed with monounsaturated fats, health-promoting fats which are proven to reduce the chance of heart disease.
  • Improves the digestive system by increasing the amount of good bacteria in the stomach.
  • Helps to boost the immune system with just a single teaspoon of almond oil if taken once daily.
  • Also works as a pain relief method. Almond oil has been proven to reduce pain levels, but also to relieve sore muscles and joints.

We recommend: In Essence Sweet Almond Massage Base Oil, $9.99

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7 Best Foods for Healthy Skin

Most of us spend a lot of money on skin care products, but you may be ignoring the real secret to healthy skin—what you eat. Some foods are high in nutrients that prevent acne, soften wrinkles and promote clear, younger-looking, radiant skin. Here are seven favourites that can help you glow from within.


Just one serving each day of this delicious dairy food can make your skin smoother and softer. The secret ingredient is protein, which helps skin become firmer and more resistant to developing lines. The best choice for skin is Greek yoghurt, which can have twice the protein of the regular kind.


Snacking on these tasty nuts can improve your skin’s texture in several ways. Walnuts are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids that can improve the elasticity of your skin, plus they’re full of the mineral copper, which can boost the production of collagen. Eating walnuts can also reduce skin inflammation for fewer breakouts.


If you’ve been troubled by brown spots on your skin, try snacking on edamame or adding soy milk to your latte. Soy has proteins and minerals that can reduce hyper-pigmentation of the skin. Consuming soy can also benefit the hair and nails.


The best oatmeal for healthy skin is the less processed steel-cut variety because it retains more vitamins. Also, it helps to keep your blood sugar stable by taking longer to break down in your body. This is important because spikes in blood sugar can elevate your body’s level of androgens—the hormones that contribute to wrinkles.


Carrots are chock-full of vitamin A, which is not only good for your eyesight, it can help clear up breakouts. Vitamin A helps to prevent the overproduction of cells in the outer layer of the skin, where dead cells can combine with sebum to clog your pores. Plus, they can slow the development of skin cancer cells.

Dark chocolate

No, chocolate does not cause breakouts, instead it can actually be good for your skin! But look for chocolate with a higher cocoa content, which means more of the good stuff and less butter and sugar. Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants called flavonols that can reduce skin roughness and help to protect against sun damage. Just don’t use this as an excuse to binge on chocolate —a few squares a day are enough.


This delicious fruit is probably the number one food for healthy skin because the avocado is supplied with essential oils and B-complex vitamins that can soothe and nourish your skin. Especially important is vitamin B3, also called niacin, an anti-inflammatory that can soothe irritated, blotchy skin. Just one avocado can supply more than 25% of your daily need.

What’s your favourite food for healthy skin?

Healthy Skin From Within

Your skin is a direct reflection of what is happening in your digestive tract. To get your head around this, consider the analogy of a beautiful, lush garden. In that garden, you’ll find a thriving eco-system filled with beneficial bacteria, insects, water and nutrients. It’s a very resilient system that’s often successful in repelling bad bacteria and any pests that may invade. However, if the soil becomes depleted and the good bacteria compromised, the garden can easily become overrun with pests and weeds and quickly degenerate. Your skin is like that garden: to grow well it relies on a healthy soil and that “skin soil” is your digestive system.


Your body has its own internal eco-system that’s home to trillions of microbes. For optimum health and for our exterior to shine, we need the predominance of these bacteria to be beneficial (as opposed to harmful bacteria or pathogens). Your digestive system is your nutrient processing centre and it requires a combination of adequate water, nutrients and beneficial bacteria to maintain health and wellbeing. An impaired or imbalanced intestinal flora is implicated in acne, premature wrinkles, eczema, brittle nails, lack-lustre hair, various skin conditions and myriad other health problems.

A healthy digestive system alive with good bacteria helps both assimilate and manufacture enough nutrients to feed all organs of the body, including the last to receive them: the skin, hair and nails. By boosting your immunity and facilitating digestion, probiotics help restore a youthful vitality. They also metabolise and recycle hormones from food sources that can help offset hormone-related skin problems.

In with the good

To support a healthy, thriving digestive system and therefore healthy skin, the gut needs to be colonised with a proliferation of beneficial bacteria. The proven strains of good bacteria are the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species. You can find them in yoghurt and probiotic drinks. However, depending on the brand, often the bacteria counts are not adequate. You need enough bacteria for a useful amount to reach the intestine, as many will be killed by the acid in your stomach.

A good probiotic supplement can help. One teaspoon in the morning and night, away from meals, is recommended — first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. Eating lacto-fermented foods rich in lactobacilli (like sauerkraut) is an excellent way of successfully colonising the gut with good bacteria. Other cultured foods such as kefir are highly beneficial.

Chlorophyll-rich green foods such as celery, lettuce, alfalfa and sea vegetables also promote healthy intestinal flora, as does slippery elm, which helps heal the gut wall. Green tea and ginseng also contain polyphenols that foster good gut bacteria.

The food you eat

Eat a diet rich in vegetables (best lightly steamed or sauteed, as an excess of raw vegies can weaken digestive strength). Although highly beneficial and high in nutrients, animal proteins can be hard to digest, so are best cooked slowly in soups and stews. This takes out the hard work for your digestive system. Spices such as garlic, ginger, cumin, cayenne and black pepper can be added to animal proteins to aid digestion. Grains provide a great source of fibre to aid detoxification, but they’re best soaked overnight to get rid of anti-nutrients before being cooked. Cook them with spices or eat them with a little umeboshi plum to aid digestion. Avoid refined foods and sugars that feed the bad bacteria. Eat organically wherever possible and avoid synthetic chemicals, which also compromise gut health.

The way you eat
To promote good digestion, drink a glass of warm water with a tablespoon of lemon juice on waking. Eat smaller meals and chew food until it liquefies before you swallow. Avoid drinking with your meal. Try not to eat when angry or stressed. Avoid skipping breakfast and reduce snacking as the digestive system needs periods of rest throughout the day. A cup of fennel tea after lunch aids digestion.

Read the whole article online at Wellbeing Magazine!

What do you eat for clean, healthy skin?

Make Your Skin Glow – Now!

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Here are the latest offerings that promise to give your face and skin a healthy summer glow and if nothing else put you in a good mood.

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Even if the sun isn?t shining you still have to protect yourself from the great outdoors. Shiseido?s Ultimate Sun Block Lotion boasts SPF of 50 (yes, 50) and the company claims it?s also more resistant to water, perspiration and sebum than any other product. The other great bonus to this sun block is that it will moisturise the skin with natural sophora and white lily extracts. If you don?t know already, white lily extracts help to fight dryness, fine lines and restore elasticity.

Want to keep your legs looking gorgeous until summer than try the new cellulite reducing Jergens Firming Lotion. It contains a blend of seaweed extract (known for its natural firming action) and Centella Asiastica, a botanical extract which boosts collagen.

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