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Party Shoes: Dancing Heels And Where To Find Them

Every woman should own at least one pair of sky-high dancing shoes, which are the must-have for a night out. So, if you’re on the search for the perfect pair this summer, shop from a few of our favourite picks below – they won’t disappoint, especially if you need the extra height!

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A pair of nude coloured sandals are a must-have for the summer… Why? Not only do they match almost every single outfit combination and aren’t too in-your-face, but they also give the illusion of longer legs.

Nude sandals won’t cut off your leg at the ankle, but rather, will slim down the entire area and blend in with your skin tone. To keep your foot from sliding forward, use a sticky cushion and apply it into the arch of the shoe.


Siren Ivette, $139.95

Cut out

Want to add a little edginess into your accessories? Cut out heels are the perfect way to show a little extra skin without of course, going over the top. Stick with regular black for an everyday heel, or something dramatic like a deep red or nude is always another option. Wear with anything from a sexy evening dress, to a tube skirt for work. The possibilities are endless!

Screen shot 2015-04-27 at 1.11.40 PM

Aquazzura Sexy Thing Sandals, $495


If your closet mainly consists of black, white, and grey then a little texture is exactly what your shoes might need. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you might find yourself looking at coloured shoes which aren’t your style – instead, look for interesting patterns and materials which will make your outfit pop.


Wittner Dunley Pumps, $179.95


A loud party sandal is the best way to inject a little colour into your outfit during the summer time. Choose a thicker heel so you feel more stable (for lunch, dinner, and evening drinks), plus they’re so much easier to walk in.


Miss KF Faye, $130


And finally, who can resist a comfortable wedge? Nobody! You can really experiment with wedges in summer, so why not try a pair combined with the best bits of an espadrille. Cork heel, navy, red and white are the most traditional types of wedges, and fit perfectly into the summer theme this year.

Screen shot 2015-04-27 at 1.32.14 PM

ALDO Maslianico, $89.95

Image via Bloglovin

Should You Be Wearing Flats Or High Heels?

Pumps, pointed toes, strappy sandals, mules and booties – we can’t deny that we have a strong affection for a beautiful pair of high heels. Women have been donning a pair of Christian Louboutin’s or Valentino’s for years, to work, to dinner, to church; anywhere and everywhere to show off the legs, the butt and of course that gorgeous pair of heels that you swore to your partner you bought on sale. But with heels, comes the struggle and the pain from the balls of your feet that can make your feet swell and get you a piggy back home after a long night.

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Now flats are all the rage at the moment with brogues, moccasins and sneakers being seen everywhere from fashion week to the early morning trains at Central Station and really, they seem like the healthy alternative to a pair of high heels. But do those ballet flats cause just as much damage to your feet as your heels do, or should you be swapping your pumps for penny loafers?

We’ve all heard the horror stories and had a look at the awful pictures that come with prolonged heel wearing, but does this ever actually deter us from buying or wearing heels? Maybe, sometimes, but probably not. Walking long distances and wearing high heels all day can have a serious impact on your feet. Not only does it put a lot of pressure on the balls of your feet to carry your body weight, it also tightens the quadricep muscles to help stabilise your arching back making them more prone to injury. You may also notice your calves feeling tight when you take your heels off after a long day at work, which actually makes your calves shorter and can make it uncomfortable to walk without heels if you are a chronic heel addict.

are heels or flats better for your health

Wearing high heels everyday can also result in the dreaded hammer toe, that no woman wants to ever see on their foot. The bony prominence on the top of the toes is caused by overuse of high heels and is not only painful, but also very unsightly. High heels use can also cause bunions, callouses and ‘pump bumps’, which are little bony bumps on your heel from the rubbing of the shoe. It’s also been said that high heel wearers are more likely to develop osteoarthritis and back pain. High heel wearers may also gain extra weight per year, due to their lack of activity while in heels.

But we’re giving heels a really bad wrap here. While overuse of them can cause these issues, the do have some benefits, and while most of them are aesthetic, a study by The University of Verona has found that heel wearers have stronger pelvic floor muscles. High heels can also make the wearer feel more glamorous and confident, which may help them in aspects of their life.

Now you don’t have to give up heels completely, there are still plenty of options. For everyday use, a lower, thicker heel is recommended for stability and ease of walking. The heel should also have enough space around the toes for the inevitable swelling that comes by 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Your highest heels or those most difficult to walk in should be left for dinner events, where there will be little walking.

Flats don’t get off that easy though, they’re not always the angels you would think. When choosing flat shoes, it is imperative that you ensure they have enough internal support for your arches, heels and balls of your feet. If the shoes are quite literally flat, this can cause problems within the arches and cause pain when walking from the lack of cushioning. Flats that roll up or curl easily should be avoided or have innersoles added to help support the foot. Sneakers and joggers are a good choice as they have internal cushioning that supports the arches, heels and balls of your feet.

The moral of the story? Be smart about the shoes you buy. Look for flats with cushioning and support and look for heels that are comfortable, roomy in the toes and with a smaller, thicker heel. Keep those gorgeous stilettos for fancy dinners where you partner parks right outside the front door.

Images via popsugar.com and blog.catherinejane.net

Footwear You Need This Summer

Although we really don’t need another excuse to buy more shoes, summer is the perfect reason to stock-up on a variety of footwear for the new season. But with so much variety out there on the market, where do we start?

Use the following footwear options as a sartorial guide for shoes that you need to survive the warmer season.

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Wedges are an incredible shoe for the summer, since they are still very dressy but comfortable at the same time. To show off your killer-tan, choose a colour such as brown or black (since this can also go with almost any outfit).

If you plan on wearing wedges for a long time, choose a pair which has a tiny platform – this will keep your feet happy all night long!

Footwear You Need This Summer

BETTS Toni, $99.99


There’s no doubt about it that espadrilles are definitely staying in trend for summer. They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles, all of which are flattering on every foot!

If your outfits are mostly monochrome, choose a fun pattern which will remain as the focal point of your entire outfit.

Footwear You Need This Summer

Missoni For Target Women’s Espadrilles, $40

Block heels

Every girl needs a pair of thick heels in their life – they’re easy to walk in, flatter the foot, and are appropriate for almost any time of formal event. Choose between gold and silver hardware if you shoes have an ankle strap, and make sure to match it with your other accessories.

Footwear You Need This Summer

ZU Shoes Cayman Nude Platform Sandal with Electroplated Ankle Strap, $130

Lace-up sandals

Whether you prefer a flat or heeled sandal, there is no denying that lace-up straps are a big trend this season. Wrap them around your ankle and make sure to tie with a double knot so they don’t come tumbling down!

Footwear You Need For SummerSenso Rhiannon I, $275

Footwear You Need This Summer…Just Because Ishka, $48.96


Last and not least have to be mules. Love it or leave it, but this trend has been resurrected from the late 90s, and it’s not going back anytime soon! Not only are mules extremely versatile, but they are a subtle and secure way to dress up your outfit without going over the top.

Footwear You Need This SummerTony Bianco Mary Heels, $118.96

Image via J Rebecca Style

Most Stylish Boots Of Fall 2014

Every gal needs a good pair of boots to get her through those colder months. This fall, the boots – like the clothes – are wild. Sixties-mod styles dominate, but there is no shortage of quirkiness if you’re brave enough. Be inspired by these fall runway looks.

Knee-high and thigh-high boots

You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of knee-high boots, like Valentino‘s wide-legged, heels – perfect for both day and night occasions. However, we also love Alexander Wang‘s fresh, modern take on the style, with his low-heeled, tri-toned thigh-highs.

valentino elle.com vogue alexander wang

Block heels

On-trend with the popular mod look, are these Lanvin (left) and Gucci (right) boots with square, block heels. Blue is a popular color this season, as is the tan leather.

elle.com lanvin vogue - gucci

Textures and prints

Snakeskin patterns and reptile textures are hot – just see Tom Ford and Gucci (left-right). However, Valentino is also making waves with his colorful retro-print ankle boots (pictured top).

elle.com - tom ford glamour gucci

Straps, buckles and laces

Adornments of all kinds were seen on the fall runway, but my personal favorites are the Isabel Marant stiletto boot, and Louis Vuitton‘s tan ankle boot with a patent finish.

elle.com - isabel marant vogue louis vuitton

Flat and casual

Calvin Klein showed a range of sporty sneaker-boots at his show, but the velvet-textured Doc Martin replicas are the street-friendly winner. Also loving Rick Owens‘ boots/tights/sneakers combo shoe.

elle calvin klein Rick Owens

Images via Elle/Vogue/Glamour

3 European Shoe Designers To Watch This Season

While we all love a pair of Jimmy Choos and simply can’t go past a pair of Manolo Blahniks, there are some major players in shoe design that you need to start taking notice of right now. These shoe labels are at the forefront of women’s fashion in Europe and any trendsetter would be crazy to pass these guys by.


Vicini and its young creative brand Vicini Tapeet, are one of the most iconic brands in Italy. With designer Giuseppe Zanotti and his 550-strong team in the largest shoe manufacturing district of San Mauro Pascoli, what’s not to love?!

With at least four launches a year of beautifully designed shoes, there is always something spectacular to choose from. Platform pumps with bright colours and metallic metals are so hot in Europe right now, as always. 

shoes, heels, European design, shoe design, shoe trends, fashion trends


Baldinini have been making and designing shoes since 1910. Manufactured by hand and now handed down three generations, they have designed and created millions of shoes. It is no surprise that they have continued their bold designs and creative printed fabrics when it comes to their shoe designs; testament to their family’s history of the brand.

Their motto is ‘Baldinini is a code, a permit that allows you to stride confidently and elegantly along the most exclusive fashion paths’. Choose a bold platform wedge with pattern fabrics and you’re sure to be noticed! 

shoes, heels, European design, shoe design, shoe trends, fashion trends

Barbara Bui

Barbara Bui Paris is a favourite of many Hollywood superstars such as Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry and Jessica Biel. The brand is renowned for its fashion-forward approach to shoe design, and is adored by many all over the world. It is for this reason that we are excited to note that Liberty Shoes import this beautiful brand in their Sydney store.

An ever-popular design is the tight hugging ankle boots, we can honestly say they make your legs go for days. Barbara Buil’s shoes are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. These boots are simply divine!

shoes, heels, European design, shoe design, shoe trends, fashion trends

All these styles and more are available now at Liberty Shoes, 47 Knox St, Double Bay, NSW.