Hens Party Ideas For Every Budget

If you want some ideas for an upcoming hens’ party you’ve come to the right place! I’ve noticed most hens party ideas are location-based, but I’d like to cater for everyone. So regardless of where you live or the budget you have, I’ve got some fun hens party ideas for everyone.

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The PJ party/sleepover

If the budget is super tight for everyone this one may sound boring but it’s actually a lot of fun especially if there’s a few of you. Ask everyone to bring along bedding, drinks and nibbles and turn it into a pajama party. Order take out, watch the latest chick flicks (or porn?), drink some champers, snap some photos and just enjoy time together.

To make it more like a hens’ party, hire a stripper, tarot reader or some sort of entertainment that will come to you, plus play some hens’ party  games. There are heaps around. The main focus is to get together and have a great night in. No one has to drive or go anywhere so it makes for a fun, intimate night with the girls.

hens party, hens parties, hens night, girls day out, girls pj partyStart your night with a photo shoot

Tell the ladies to come in casual clothes and bring along makeup and a sexy outfit. Prepare some drinks and nibbles at someones house, crank the music and everyone can get ready together. There’s nothing like girl time and dress ups! Pre-book a limo and take it to a preferred location and have yourselves a photo shoot. If cost is an issue, ask someone handy with a camera to take the photos. Alternately search for a studio, tell them what you want and see if they will accommodate.

After your shoot, head out to dinner or hit the clubs. Starting with a photo shoot will give the bride-to-be some amazing memories and begin the night a little differently. Getting ready together will be a lot of fun plus it’s a great ice breaker for ladies who are unfamiliar with each other.

A day out with the girls

If sitting around drinking champers sounds a bit sedate why not book a limo and take the crowd to paintball, laser skirmish, bowling, a fishing charter, jet boat ride, river or dinner cruise, scenic flight, day spa, a guided tour of some description or what ever else is available where you live and within the budget.

This can done during the day or night, depending on the activity you select. Perhaps complete a daytime hens’ party with  sleep over or night on the town. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it’s fun, everyone enjoys themselves and the bride-to-be has an awesome experience.

girls day out, hens party ideas, hens party, hens parties
Weekend away

Why let the fun stop after a few hours? Head away for the weekend, just the girls. If the budget is a little tight, go to a caravan park or hire a room or two for the weekend. This one can cost as little or as much as you like. Take some hens’ party games, hit the town, hire a limo or try some new restaurants.

If budget allows, book a bus that will fit the entire party and take you all to a holiday house at the beach or in the country. Go explore the region together, relax and get a bit or R&R at the same time. Organize a tour or combine some of the other options while you’re away. With so much time you’ll be able to pamper the bride-to-be, experience something new and have heaps of opportunity to giggle, drink champers and have fun.

A night interstate

It’s quite unlikely the bride would have done this before, so go explore the nightlife in another city. Hire a return limo to the airport and back and don’t bother taking luggage. Larger cities are open 24/7 so catch an evening flight and fly back in the morning. Providing you’re not too drunk to be let on board!

Explore the nightlife and the hens can be as silly as they like knowing they’re not likely to bump into anyone any time soon! You won’t need accommodation either if you feel like you’ll all be able to pull an all niter. This one is probably be for a younger crowd but don’t underestimate the older hens. They just might teach the young ones a thing or two!

Being so unique the bride-to-be most likely hasn’t done this before, so it will be something special. Plus, if friends or relatives interstate are attending the upcoming wedding, this is a perfect option to be able to include them providing you visit their city.

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A weekend interstate
If one night interstate sounds too hectic or if you just want to prolong the fun, bring your bags, book accommodation and spend the entire weekend interstate. Set off Friday night so you can make the most of the weekend. When you get there you can either hit the town or have a quite night in. (Good luck with that one!)

Organise a tour the next day, followed by dinner and a night out on the town. Check out what the city has to offer and make bookings well in advance. You might find some fun ladies entertainment venues, a naught show, plus checkout what packages the local limo companies have to offer.

Make the most of the weekend away and go exploring, shopping or sightseeing the following day. Have dinner  together and book a late flight home. Remember to take loads of photos for the bride-to-be to look back on the experience.

As you can see a hens party doesn’t have to be one night of alcohol, clubs, topples waiters and limo’s. There’s a world of experiences waiting out there so why not make the best of this awesome excuse to get the girls together and experience them!

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February 7, 2015

Hens Night Games and Tips

So you’re organising a Hen’s night? These great games and tips from www.hensweekend.com.au will ensure a night of dares and risque embarrassment that you’ll never forget!

Suck for A Buck Not as rude as this sounds, its actually great fun! All you need is a shirt for the Hen to wear, and you sew some lifesavers onto the shirt and have people you meet during the night bite one of the lifesavers off the shirt for $1.00. You can also do this with a candy necklace, and have the candies bitten off necklace! A different version from paying a buck is to have a list of dares that the bride has to complete for the night, and each time she does one, the man she was doing the dare with gets to bite off a lifesaver! This is great fun and gets others involved as well.

“I Never…” This game is great
fun! It’s one of my favorites, and it’s great to play at home before you hit the town, it gets the drinks flowing and you can make it specific to any given person! All you have to do is sit around with your friends, and start a phrase with ‘I Never…’ Anyone who has done the act you are talking about has to drink a shot of alcohol straight down. You can start with a simple one such as “I never lied about my weight” or “I never had sex in a car” or “I never wore a skirt without underwear” and so on. You will see some slowly down their drink, and hope you aren’t watching! The drunker you get the more risque the “I nevers..:” become!

Scavenger Hunt Come up with a list of things that the Hen must obtain throughout the night, such as a man’s business card, a condom from a guy’s wallet, a pair of boxers or briefs and so on! The Hen has to get all the things on the list so remember to be a little realistic with this one! There are a few different variations with this one. Instead of having items that she must obtain, you can make a list of dares that the Hen must perform. For example asking a guy for change for the condom machine, asking the bartender how to make a slippery nipple, handcuffing a guy to her and taking him to the bathroom, etc. This is limited only by your imagination – and the Hen’s ego!

Truth or Dare This is always a good one to play at home and you can continue it when you are out on the town. Be careful what you dare, she just may do it!

Role Playing When you send the invitations to the Hen’s Night, let each guest know they have to dress up as their favorite character and they have to stay in character all night. They can be anyone they like, from Marilyn Monroe, to Wilma Flintstone, to Malibu Barbie!

June 4, 2002