12 Makeup Hacks That Actually Make Your Face Look Thinner

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe she knows the right makeup hacks.

How To Lift Droopy Eyes Using Makeup

Ever woken up with tired, droopy eyes that just won’t co-operate?

There are a few simple makeup tricks which can turn your look from drab to fab, without burning a hole in your pocket. Next time you wake up with tired eyes, try a few of these tricks to transform your entire appearance before stepping out the door.

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White liner

Not only is white eyeliner extremely easy to find both in-store and online, but it is also really inexpensive. Rather than lining your eyes with a black pencil (which also makes them look smaller), take a white liner and use it instead. Line both your top and bottom waterlines, to create the illusion of bigger eyes. This is a perfect trick to use if you haven’t had enough sleep the previous night, and need an instant pick-me-up.

Curl your lashes

Who knew that curling your lashes could make a big difference to the entire look of your face? If your eyelashes are straight, use a curler to give them some body and structure for the day ahead. There are many varieties which include hot lash curlers which are easy to use, and won’t harm your eyes.

To complete this look, use a waterproof mascara and stick to 2-3 coats which won’t clump your lashes. Waterproof formulas have the ability to hold a curl better, and won’t leave your lashes looking too dishevelled or out of place.

Under-eye concealer

If you suffer from prominent under-eye bags or veiny eyelids, then I’m sure that you’re already familiar with this handy makeup trick.

Take your concealer pen, and draw an upside-down triangle under each eye. Carefully dab the product into your skin with a damp Beauty Blender or your warm fingers to create a flawless, natural look with ultimate coverage. Not only does the concealer hide any dark patches of skin, but it also makes the entire eye area look lighter.

Shimmery eyeshadow

To enhance the shape of your eyes, use a shimmery cream eyeshadow on top of each lid. Stay away from dark, smokey shades which could have the opposite effect on your eyes, and ultimately make them appear smaller than they actually are. Light shades of rose, metallics, and beige are best since they enhance your look without creating additional dark patches on the face.

Tinted moisturiser

Keep it natural by applying a BB cream or tinted moisturiser to your face. This light coverage is perfect for maintaining a natural-look, and won’t draw attention to any harsh lines on your face. Rather than applying a thick foundation which only emphasises these areas, use a tiny amount of product and mix it with a shimmery skin perfecter for dewy skin. Don’t apply this over or around the eyelids since it can only aggravate sensitive skin.

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Quick Tips For Bigger-Looking Eyes

Make your eyes pop by incorporating a few simple techniques into your next makeup look. Strictly avoid using heavy black liner on the inner corner of your eyes, but rather choose shades which are shimmery and light instead.

Keep reading below to make your eyes look big and beautiful with these simple makeup techniques.

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Use a concealer 2-3 shades lighter than your natural skin colour to draw emphasis to the higher dimensions of your face.

A liquid concealer is best for the under-eye area, since it’s easy to blend out. Use the applicator and draw an upside-down triangle under the perimeters of your eyes. Then blend with a damp cosmetic sponge, your fingers, or even a concealer brush.

Shimmery shadow

Apply a shimmery shadow on the inner corner of your eye – this opens up the entire face, and gives the illusion of big eyes! Cream sticks are the best since they melt seamlessly into the skin, and don’t look too artificial sitting on the surface.


Whether you like to keep it natural with some mascara, or even apply a pair of falsies on a special occasion, they always work a treat. Make sure to curl your lashes for best results, and wiggle the mascara from side to side (it gets all the lashes this way!).

Quick Tips For Bigger Looking Eyes

If you are using falsies, don’t go for a pair which are too thick and heavy – this could only weigh down your eyes. Individual lashes are best for creating a natural look, since you can apply as little or as many as you want! Apply a thin layer of mascara to your bottom lashes as well – this helps to easily elongate the eyes.


This is a handy makeup trick which creates the illusion of thicker lashes directly from the roots. Take a black eyeliner pencil, and lightly shade your upper water-line. For the bottom waterline, use a white eyeliner and do the same. This helps to open up the eyes, and is perfect if you’re wearing a heavy eyeshadow look.


Neutral tones such as nude, brown, and copper are best if you want to give your eyes a pop of colour without going overboard. If you have slightly hooded eyes, stay away from a winger-liner since this could only make your eyes appear smaller than they are.


Don’t forget the brows! Use a brow pencil and fill in the arch, since this is perfect for creating symmetry in the face. Apply some gel to set it all in place, and don’t forget to choose a shade which looks natural and compliments your skin.

What are some of your tips for bigger looking eyes?

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How to Make Your Eyes Stand Out?

When you’re making your eyes stand out there are some rules you have to remember.


  • Groom Your Brows: The first thing you have to do if you want big sexy eyes is to groom those brows. Don’t muck around with this. Go to a beautician if you haven’t already had your brows shaped.
  • Your skin around your eyes tends to be darker and uneven. Use a thin coat of concealer – one shade lighter than your skintone – under your eyes and on your lids to make it look balanced. I suggest Yves Saint Laurent: Touche Eclat Radiant Touch.
  • Use a highlighter to dab on your browbones. Then apply a light-coloured shadow from your lash-lines up to the high lighter with a brush. Blend them so you don’t notice any lines.
  • Now apply Kenya Eye Intensifier Pencil by Sue Devitt along the base of your upper lashes but make it as thin as possible. Grab an eye-lash curler before you apply a coat of black mascara. While mascara is still damp, separate lashes with an eyelash comb. Voila! Your eyes will look bigger and sexier than ever before. I suggest to use Maybelline Full n’Soft mascara in Very Black.


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