16 Ways To Cinch Rose Gold Hair

Introducing next-level hair inspo.

How To Layer Long, Thick Hair

Want to spice up your super-long and thick hair with a fresh style for fall? A few layered locks can visibly leave you looking years younger, especially with a few added highlights to frame the cheekbones. Take these pictures to the hairdresser the next time you’re in need of a change!

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Short layers

Short, wispy layers are perfect if you’re looking for some movement and texture as opposed to straight and limp hair. Add in a few chin layers at the front and back to create the illusion of body.


Long layers 

This is perfect if you want a minor change in your hair, without resorting to a style that’s too dramatic. Choose longer layers at the front for a perfect change of scenery.

How To Layer Long, Thick HairSide bangs

Shorter layers at the front will make you look like Brigitte Bardot, and create a tonne of volume at the crown and length of your hair. Make sure the bangs aren’t blunt since this will only add more weight to the top of your head.

How To Layer Long, Thick Hair

Side bangs and longer layers 

This classic look is ideal if you have naturally straight or wavy hair, since it is easy to create lots of volume at the crown of the head. Add a few highlighted strands at the front of the face, since these will catch the light and contour your face.

How To Layer Long, Thick HairChin layers 

Chin-length layers best suit women who have hair up to their shoulders or even higher. This look is inspired by the early 1960’s, and it’s super easy to create volume with almost any hairstyle.

How To Layer Long, Thick Hair

Disconnected layers 

Do you have super-thick hair and want to make it thinner and easier to manage? This is often unheard of! Many women prefer to have short layers at the front and back of the hair to create the perfect undone look. It can also take a lot of weight off of the hair, and frame the face up to the chin.

How To Layer Long, Thick Hair

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Tips For Low Maintenance Hair

If you’ve got kids or you’d prefer to spend your mornings sleeping in for as long as possible rather than tackling your hair then you need low maintenance hair which will save you time and money.  Some simple changes to how you cut, colour and care for your hair will ensure that you’ll spend less time in the bathroom and more time catching up on those precious zzzz’s.

  • If you’re thinking about losing your locks and going short for a low maintenance hairdo then think again.  Short haircuts actually need more maintenance because they need to be trimmed more frequently and they’re likely to need more styling product than longer styles.  Another reason why longer hair can be more low maintenance than short is because it’s a lot easier to throw up into a ponytail or a braid when you’re running short on time or having a bad hair day.
  • When you consult with your hairstylist make sure that you choose a haircut that’s going to work with your natural curls or waves so that you can simply wash and go with minimal styling.  If you have straight hair you’re in luck because this is the hairstyle that requires the least amount of effort to look good so a simple blunt cut like a bob could be your best bet.
  • Maintaining quality hair is much easier than maintaining dry and frizzy hair so ensure that you look after it by using quality shampoos and conditioners.  Consider a deep conditioning treatment on a weekly basis and ensure that you use heat protecting products before styling.  Use quality hairbrushes and combs that won’t damage your hair and prevent breakages.  These tips will ensure that your hair looks good with minimal effort.
  • Hair that hasn’t been artificially coloured is the best low maintenance hair colour but if you want to change it up then ensure that you choose a shade as close to your natural colour as possible.  This means you’ll have to worry less about colour fade and root touch ups.  If your roots are noticeable then consider a root touch-up kit which will save you a trip to the salon for a month or longer.
  • A small number of highlights can be a great way of adding colour to your hair without a lot of up-keep.  Again, stick within a few shades of your natural colour so that if you choose to grow them out they’ll be less noticeable than a full colour.  Avoid a full head of highlights which will be much more noticeable when they grow out, meaning another trip to the salon.

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5 Hair Colour Ideas to Try Right Now

Are you ready to try some new hair colour ideas? If you’re feeling blah and bored with your current shade, maybe it’s time to kick it up with something exciting. Here are a few current fashion and beauty ideas to try inspired by celebrities.


Go dark

If your brown hair is more mousy than ferocious, maybe it’s time to go darker. Black may be a bit extreme unless you’re very young and have the punk rock ‘tude to go with it, but taking your hair a few shades darker can deliver a bit of added drama. Did you know that both Kristen Stewart and Sofia Vergara were born with fair locks but gained stardom after becoming brunettes?


Lighten up with highlights or ombre tones

Brightening a drab shade of blonde or brown hair with sunny highlights gives extra zip to your ‘do without making a drastic change, like Drew Barrymore has done here with ombre colouring. Start with a few subtle highlights placed where the sun naturally hits your hair, then add more if you love the look. The best thing about highlighting is that you don’t need frequent touch-ups, which is why this is one of the most popular beauty trends.


Radiant red

Red is not the easiest hair colour to wear, but when it works, nothing can turn your look from forgettable to frisky like going red. From strawberry blonde to deep auburn, there are many shades of red to choose from, so pick the one that suits both your skin colouring and your personality. Whether your redheaded role model is Rita Hayworth, Jessica Chastain or Christina Hendricks, you’re sure to find going red will heat up your life!


Sexy silver

While our mums may have reached for the dye bottle at the first grey hair, women today are feeling younger and better about themselves as they head into middle age. That’s why more confident ladies like Helen Mirren, Jamie Lee Curtis and singer Emmylou Harris are flaunting their naturally silver locks. Letting your hair go grey isn’t for everyone, but when it works, it’s fabulous!


Blonde power

Back in the 50s, Clairol revolutionized the marketing of home hair colour with the ad slogan, “If I have only one life, let me live it as a blonde!” That’s the way many non-natural blondes feel today, and it’s true that nothing turns heads like a mane of shiny blonde hair. The number of legendary ladies who’ve found fame after going blonde is too long to list, from 30’s vamp Jean Harlow to current bombshells like Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Watts.

What are your personal favourite hair colour ideas?