Your Winter Homewares Checklist

Conquer the cold in your decor with this easy survival guide. 

Add layers

It’s a bit of a no-brainer when it comes to escaping the chill, but we couldn’t compile a winter list without indulging our love of all things textural and cosy. Think chunky knit throws, patterned rugs, and lambswool for an inviting haven. Remember to vary the textures between each piece for an eye-pleasing finish.

Play with mood lighting

Warm the senses with functional and artful lighting solutions including candles, and table and floor lamps. Better yet, put that indoor fireplace to good use for a maximum cosy effect. 

Keep warm with colour

Avoid a complete monochrome finish that will leave your decor cold and uninviting. Just because it’s grey outside, doesn’t mean it has to be grey inside. Don’t be afraid to play with bright highlights to warm things up. 

Bring the outdoors in

Fill your vases with the season’s latest floral. You’ll find the flower market blooming with orchids, tulips, hyacinth and white magnolias. Keep an eye out for poppies and ranunculas that will dazzle late in winter, too. 

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By Lauren Circosta

July 25, 2014

6 Popular Flowers To Brighten Your Office This Season

For many of us there is nothing more depressing than being couped up in an office all day – especially when your desk doesn’t have a window view. Whilst physical activity or a flexible work schedule can definitely boost those morning blues and workplace productivity, office workers are now turning to something a little simpler and prettier.

Studies have shown that flowers are a mood-boosting solution in the workplace and create a stress-free environment. Starting with a person’s wake-up, participants in the study felt much happier and lively after looking at flowers in their office first thing in the morning. But it doesn’t stop there; these colourful additions have been proven to have other positive effects included reduced anxiety, negativity and air pollutants, improved memory and increased creativity– a few essentials to a healthy office environment.

Flora in the workplace creates a more attractive and comfortable area and some of the best for the office require very little maintenance. Depending on your office and specific needs there are many choices – we look into a few of the best.

flowers-peace-lilies6 Popular Flowers To Brighten Your Office This Season1. Peace Lilies

Easily distinguished by their crisp white flowers and glossy leaves, Peace Lilies are perfect for the office because they thrive on indirect exposure to sunlight. This plant is renowned for cleaning the air from toxins and in Chinese culture it acts as a symbol for good luck and harmony. Peace Lilies yield flowers that bloom for a long period of time and work beautifully as a focal point in a dull space. Because they require very little maintenance, they are an easy-care solution for office workers.

2. Rieger Begonias

Rieger Begonias are an easy-to-grow plant with clusters of blossoms ranging in colours from oranges, reds and yellows – ideal for brightening your office in the winter months. They work best as a tabletop plant in medium to bright light making them ideal for the workplace. Rieger Begonias are winter-blooming plants but still treat you with flowers almost all year round when exposed to short daylight hours. Typically, they are disposed of once the season is up but you can keep it growing throughout the year to enjoy its flowers next winter turnaround.

6 Popular Flowers To Brighten Your Office This Season3. Guzmanias

If you’re a lover of pineapples, then the Guzmania is for you (just not to eat!) As a member of the pineapple family, these glossy green plants bud super attractive, tropical-looking flowers. Bloom colours can range from deep reds, to vibrant yellow and purples, and stay pretty for up to six months. For the office space, Guzmanias are definitely a conversation starter with their exotic appeal. If you’re constantly daydreaming of venturing off to a paradise island, then these flowers can make your working day a little more exciting.

4. Orchids

Naturally, Orchids are grown outdoors in tropical climates but have easily adapted to indoor living. They are one of the most captivating plants, with animated flowers that give off a sweet-smelling scent and exotic presence. If you’re considering one for your office, its important artificial light is only provided for as long as the natural day length. If you extend its exposure to artificial light beyond these hours, blooming can be prevented. To care for your Orchid, daily misting is helpful as these flowers need constant moisture to stay healthy.

6 Popular Flowers To Brighten Your Office This Season5. Moth Orchids

Moth Orchids are the ‘lucky version’ of your regular Orchids. The name stems from its moth-shaped flowers and in Asian cultures they are ideal for good fortune and occupy as a standard décor for many Chinese businesses. Ideally, Moth Orchids work best with low light so keep them away from window sills and place on your office desk instead. They are one of the longest blooming Orchids with flowers that grow in a huge range of colours so they are bound to keep you happy in the office for longer.

6. Sunflowers

Labelled as the environmentally friendly flower, Sunflowers are the proud species of plant life. They ooze happiness with their bright yellow blooms and offer a dull office space a sense of elegance and calmness. Whilst they are ideal in the sunniest of environments, they can be indoors but a sunny room is best. Sunflowers that are used in an office space won’t grow as much or last as long as Sunflowers exposed to constant sunlight.

By Jayde Ferguson, who writes for A Touch of Class – Perth based florists with a difference, sourcing only the freshest flowers daily with delivery 6 days a week. You can catch her on Google+.

June 19, 2014

Winter Homewares To Bring Light And Colour Into Your Home

The winter season is a great time of year to stay in your comfort zone and create an inviting warm nest in your home. Banish the winter blues with a shopping spree to transform your abode into an oasis that says ‘hibernation’. Snuggly blankets, bright cushions, romantic candles and woolly rugs are all a hit in winter.

Winter doesn’t have to be the gloomy season, bring a bit of fun and colour to your home with these helpful tips…

Brighten up your mood in the living room with a new throw rug and a few comfy cushions. Find a vibrant colour or pattern that compliments your couch and suits the surroundings in the room. When selecting these items, keep an eye out for those with a bold pattern or texture. We love woolly throw rugs as they look inviting and they’re great to snuggle up in on those lazy Sunday mornings. Make sure you don’t overdo it though; know when you have enough for comfort and colour.

Tip: if you’re daring, go for a bold bright colour that contrasts with your couch and embrace clashing colours!

The kitchen can feel like the room where you spend majority of your time – timeless family moments and memorable cooking creations come to life in the kitchen. Bring some colour into your space with bright feature pieces – choose a bright fruit bowl, or accessorise with colourful appliances. A few indoor plants or flowers will instantly give your kitchen the cheerful lift it needs in winter. Add life to your cooking surrounds with a herb garden, which will grow all year round and provide you with fresh delicious herbs to add to your family meals!

homewares, bedroom, living room, home furnishings, decor, interior decorating, interior design

Add a bit of warmth to the bedroom with a welcoming rug, they are a great way to introduce playfulness and fun into a room. Don’t skimp on size though, the biggest mistake made when purchasing a rug is selecting a style that either boxes in your room or makes it look too sparse.

Tip: To centre your room, ensure you leave the same amount of floor space on all sides of the rug.

Candles are also a great addition to the bedroom, adding a sense of warmth, atmosphere and winter cosiness. And just like that, winter is already a little brighter!

These homeware trends are courtesy of Uni Hill Factory Outlets in Melbourne. For more information visit www.uhfo.com.au or like us on Facebook

June 15, 2014

Australian Design A Winner In The Big Apple

The spotlight is on Australian design after Melbourne-based Adam Cornish won the prestigious 2014 New York Design Awards last week. Adam’s Trinity bowl designed for Italian based company Alessi, received first prize in the homewares category, putting Australian design back on the global map. The Trinity bowl was born from self-initiated research into lightweight structure of the Nautilus shell.

Adam says:

“Each year the Nautilus adds an extra chamber to its shell, a process that eventually forms a beautiful spiralled structure that is strong yet very light in weight. My aim was to create a hybrid product that was not only visually inspired by nature, but also a product that uses the inherent logic of nature.”

In conjunction with New York Design Week held last month, Adam is among top leading industry experts selected to showcase his designs through the “Alessi Research Lab’ initiative, as part of the WantedDesign 2014 exhibition. The workshop displayed a selection of projects that highlight a specific topic and the related research developed around it; ranging from research in the working of metal wire by Pauline Deltour, LED lighting by Giovanni Alessi Anghini through to nature observation based design by Adam Cornish. 

The Trinity bowl is available from selected David Jones stores and Alessi online.

New York, design, homewares, kitchen, designer, Adam Cornish

June 10, 2014

Charlotte Dawson’s Homewares Collection

The homewares line spearheaded by late celebrity Charlotte Dawson will be launched this month to carry on the much-loved media personality’s legacy in support of her favourite charities. The range of handmade Balinese canvas cushions and coasters carries elegant old world-style images of palm trees, elephants, ships and toucans that will add a whimsical touch to any indoor or outdoor area.

Charlotte first fell in love with the cushions on a holiday to Bali when she spotted them at the villa belonging to her longtime friend of 25 years, homewares designer Billy Allen. Charlotte styled the cushions around Billy’s Seminyak villa, taking snaps to post on Instagram. The pair collaborated and the line Charlotte Dawson Home was born. The business was already rolling ahead before Charlotte’s passing in late February. She was so passionate about the cushions that they became her main focus, the warming designs having caught her keen eye for style, beauty and fun. The new homewares line was also one of the many ways in which she planned to expand her talents in the coming year.

Charlotte Dawson, homewares, interiors, lifestyle, cushions, soft furnishings

Seven different styles of cushions are in the range with colourful designs printed on white canvas. Patterns include a black and white elephant, a large cruise liner in two shades on white and orange background, toucans in two sizes as well as a palm tree.

The homewares line is being run by one of Charlotte’s long-time friends, Jai Evans, who had partnered with her on the project. Jai wanted to continue both Charlotte’s legacy and support of her favourite charities.

Jai said:

“Charlotte is still with us, she was always there for others, and this is a great opportunity to give back. This will put a smile on Charlotte’s face wherever she is now.”

Proceeds from the sale of the handmade Indonesian cushions and coasters will be donated to Charlotte’s favourite charities: Lifeline, Community Brave, ACON, Variety’s Smile Program, and Angels Goals for whom Charlotte campaigned relentlessly.

May 14, 2014

Loving Right Now: El Hummingbird

In a sea of same same but different, I love stumbling upon the new. As a traveller, filling my home with treasures from my travels is a way of connecting to the people and places I’ve experienced, even when I’m far from those dreamy destinations.

So I was excited to discover this new Australian shopping site selling hand-picked jewellery and homewares from Peru. El Hummingbird sources the pieces directly from artisans and designers in Peru, and sells them on their online store, as well as at Bondi Markets and soon, Mosman and Paddington Markets. There are plenty of lovely items to tempt the traveller (and armchair traveller). Here are a few of the things I have my eye on:

These silver rings embellished with semi-precious stones (above) by jewellery designer Alexandra Temple, from $79. I want them all!


This vibrant frazado, $300, a traditional Peruvian handwoven blanket, has precious heirloom woven right through it. Imagine snuggling up underneath it in autumn, or using it as a design piece by draping it over your bed.


Nothing feels as good as alpaca. Warm, soft, luxurious, El Hummingbird sells a number of alpaca blankets, and I love this fringed blanket with alpaca motif, $100.

El Hummingbird is offering free Australia-wide delivery to celebrate their online launch. Visit their website elhummingbird.com.

January 15, 2014