5 Celeb Men Who Are Regulars At The Day Spa

Gone are the days when men required just a quick shave to look good, now it’s taking almost as much effort as females to get ready. With celeb heartthrobs making beauty treatments are “cool” thing to do for men, there’s been a growing increase in the number of males visiting their local day spa and indulging in some pampering.

Contrary to popular belief, a trip to the day spa is not just a feminine activity. Thanks to celebs like George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Keith Richards, David Beckham and many others; the day spa is no longer the dominion of women. More attention to beauty is now are regular thing for men – manicures are no longer just a female luxury, waxing is more widespread than just the back or chest area and facials are actually a way to spoil yourself.

These days, men are taking a lot more pride in their physical appearance and want to look great in the public eye. Day spa treatments for men are booming in popularity so we decided to check out the top male celebs that are regular goers at their local day spa and exactly just what treatments they get.

1. David Beckham

Crowned the biggest male beauty icon last year, David Beckham is renowned for his sexy well-groomed looks. From regular at-home beauty treatments with his wife Victoria Beckham, the footballing legend has indulged in the likes of Botox injections, facials and waxing. Both Beckhams’ have given the bird poo treatment a go and swear by the Japanese face mask which acts as an exfoliate and unclogs pores. It is believed this beautifying facial was recommended to the Beckhams by Tom Cruise.

Beckham’s attention to detail and pride in the way he looks has sparked inspiration all over the world, with many men following closely in his footsteps. Thanks to his regular beauty treatments, David Beckham regularly tops male celeb polls for his handsome and fashionable style.

2. Snoop Dogg

This rap superstar is known for posting pictures on his Instagram account showing off his freshly manicured French nail. Occasionally mixing up his style with Rasta graphics and dollar sign prints on his nails, Snoop Dogg is definitely guilty of enjoying the odd beauty treatment – and loves it too!

And why shouldn’t he? It’s been proven that such beauty treatments offer a much needed way for people to spoil themselves and feel good. According to a study done by lastminute.com, the top reason men listed for taking a trip to their local day spa was simply for a “pick-me-up” – and almost everyone can relate to that. Other male celebs that too have enjoyed the odd manicure or pedicure include Johnny Depp, Al Pacino and Keith Richards, just to name a few.

3. Jay Z

Rap icon Jay Z has also proven that regular trips to your local day spa are definitely a normal part of life – even if you are a guy. Known for his regular appearances at New York day spa Skin by Mamie, Jay Z pampers himself with hydrating facials and skin extractions to stay looking fresh and sexy.

Usher too has been known to indulge in a variety of facials at the same day spa, proving these beauty treatments are pretty contagious for those male celebs. Even if the trend has stemmed from female partners motivating their men to pay more attention to their looks and attend day spas as a couple, the benefits these treatments are having on men are undeniable.

4. George Clooney

As far as handsome and well-groomed men go, actor George Clooney is definitely up there with the very best. Closely followed by Brad Pitt, these guys know what it takes to look (and feel) great. Famously known for his ridiculously good looks and extremely toned figure, Clooney goes all out with his beauty treatments.

Whilst the norm – facials, waxing and the occasional Botox treatment – is on Clooney’s list of beauty rituals, he has inspired a new Hollywood craze in your not-so-average beauty treatments. Referred to as “tightening the tackle”, celeb men are becoming increasingly motivated to get the skin on their genital area “ironed” out thanks to various comments made by Clooney to get it done instead of his eyes.

It’s become a Clooney-inspired cosmetic treatment that like a women’s Brazilian wax, will eventually become very much of the norm. A similar procedure to that of an eye lift, the cosmetic treatment is said to offer men some pleasing results.

5. P.Diddy

In a bid to look luscious for the ladies, P.Diddy has admitted on many occasions his chosen beauty treatment – waxing, down there. Urging all men to follow in his footsteps, P.Diddy has expressed the importance of such beauty treatments to keep things “in shape” for their female lovers. To top off his regular day spa visits, P.Diddy is also known to treat himself to a manicure and pedicure too.

By Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Keturah Day Spa, Australia’s multi award winning spas for relaxing and pampering treatments for men

Why Chocolate Is Better Than Ryan Gosling

Hey girl. If you can’t get through each day without a cheeky treat, you may feel slightly more guilty turning to a block of chocolate over looking at a picture of Ryan Gosling. Here, however, are some good reasons as to why you actually should choose that box of Malteasers over a rerun of Blue Valentine.

Chocolate can help warm your toes

Ok, ok. So if you were in a room with the real Ryan Gosling, I’m sure he could warm your toes too. If you only have a picture of him though, it would need to be printed on a thick piece of paper for the same effect. Chocolate warms your toes by improving your blood flow and circulation. There’s a reason you get those hot chocolate cravings in the middle of winter.

Chocolate makes you happy instantly

The coco in chocolate boosts serotonin in the brain which enhances your mood. While watching Crazy Stupid Love can also enhance your mood, it takes a couple more hours to do so. If you’re in need of an instant pick-me-up, chocolate is the way to go.

Chocolate is good for that time of the month

Similarly to the above point, brain serotonin drops prior to and during your period. While a picture of a hunky guy may help a bit at this point, the stimulation of serotonin that comes from a chocolate bar will do a lot more for getting you through the next six days or so.

Chocolate shows you care

One joy of Easter is hiding chocolate for the kids to find and sparking their wonder about a giant rabbit’s generous habits. Similarly, giving a box of chocolates to mum on Mother’s Day says ‘thanks’ for the myriad of dinners she’s cooked for you. Yes, mum would probably like Ryan Gosling too, but he’s not as widely available as a box of Cadbury Favourites.

Chocolate stops you from being sick

The cocoa in chocolate gives you a healthy dose of antioxidants with each mouthful. These antioxidants protect your body’s cells and can work to prevent various forms of sickness. Will Ryan Gosling be there to help protect you from heart disease? I don’t think so.

Chocolate makes people buy romantic literature

Ok, so Ryan Gosling may have the same effect, but we don’t know because this hasn’t been tested under rigorous scientific conditions. A 2013 study however did find that customers in a book shop were more likely to buy a romance novel if they were exposed to the scent of chocolate. If you ever need to shift any old copies of Fifty Shades of Grey at your next garage sale, just rip open a Twix.

Countries that eat more chocolate produce more Nobel Laureates

There is a significant correlation of chocolate consumption and a country’s number of Nobel Prize winners. It is no surprise that Switzerland tops the list both in terms of chocolate intake and Nobel Laureates. If you’re looking to make a serious breakthrough in quantum mechanics, eating a Bounty wouldn’t go astray. To date, there has been no study on how Ryan Gosling affects a country’s production of Nobel Laureates.

Chocolate works like truth serum

A UK survey found that more than 70 per cent of people would reveal their computer password in exchange for a chocolate bar. If you want to hack your friend’s Facebook page to spam it with cat pictures, just give them a block of Dairy Milk. I’m not sure watching The Notebook will give you this kind of access.

Chocolate is widely available

The real Ryan Gosling is not.

All in all, the benefits of chocolate far outweigh the benefits of Ryan Gosling. Now if Ryan Gosling were standing in front of you holding a Crunchie that would be a whole other matter.

This post was written by Jodee Wearne, the owner and manager of Just In Time Gourmet in Perth who provide a wide range of pre-designed gift baskets and create your own hampers as well as a wide range of chocolate goodies!