4 Creatively Sexy Ideas Using Handcuffs

If you have a pair of handcuffs and looking to spice up your sex life, we have 4 creative & sexy ideas for sex with handcuffs! They are fast becoming a default sex toy for couples. The issue with such widespread use is that couples have probably role played them to death in the bedroom.

There are only so many times you can be cuffed to a bed post before it gets a little stale. Coming up with something new and exciting might be a bit tricky. Maybe that’s why bondage and sales of bondage toys are on the rise? (Hmmm… that’s another conversation.) Anyway, assuming the bedroom has probably been fully explored, lets consider the rest of the house and see if we can come up with something new for you.

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Look but don’t touch

Now the bathroom usually has a towel rack or something similar. So do kitchens. Handcuff both hands together and tease your partner while you take a seductive shower, do a strip tease or masturbate in front of him. Being cuffed to the wall will ensure they look, but don’t touch. This one will drive him absolutely crazy because men are so visual. When you’re ready, un-cuff him and let him join in.

Behind the door

Some doors have coat racks or something similar attached to hang items. Why not make that item your partner! Put both hands in cuffs and slide the center links over the door. Depending on their height it might be a bit of a stretch, so women can be hoisted up onto their partner, arms in the air, and he can take control. It can be done either facing toward or away from the door. The door behind you will provide resistance and some support. Alternately use the door nob if the hanger is just too high. It won’t have the same effect but it will provide another experience.

If you want to try the hanger, you can get portable versions which are held in place when the door shuts. If you want to add to the excitement, why not hook one over the front door and hope someone comes knocking.


If you have stairs and a pair of handcuffs you’re in luck, providing they reach around the area you’re being cuffed to. Get your man to cuff you to the stairs while you kneel on the steps. If they aren’t carpeted, improvise so you don’t end up with scuffed knees. One hand will need to be free for you to balance. When he’s ready, he can enter from behind. If you wear a skirt or dress without underwear, he won’t be able to resist for long, particularly if you tease him!

Sex in the shower/bath/spa

Some handcuffs have been made with suction cups especially for use in water or resistance against most porous surfaces including tile, glass, cars and even wood. They resist any pulling or struggling and can be placed around the wrist or ankles.

If you want to give these a try, get your partner to position you exactly where they want you or vice-versa. The suction actually makes it safer to have sex in the shower, bath or spa, plus gives you both something a little extra to hold onto. As they can be used on many different surfaces, why not try attaching to the fridge or maybe the washing machine while it’s vibrating. Get creative and don’t forget car bonnets, widows, doors and anything else you discover works.

Lastly, don’t forget the portability of the humble handcuff. If you want to take these outside or even out in public (providing you don’t get caught!) it will give you another experience. Don’t just limit sex with handcuffs to the bedroom, explore and get creative!

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A Couple’s Guide To Erotic Massage

Did you know some smells increase sexual pleasure and are better to use during an erotic massage? Much like the Ultimate Oral Sex Guide, this isn’t a step-by-step instructional guide to performing an erotic massage. No one can tell you what your partner likes better than your partner. Instead, we want to give you some tips on setting the scene, oil selection and the power of scent, plus a couple of performance tips to make the experience better.

Setting the scene

Now when setting the scene for an erotic massage, there are certain things you need to take care of BEFORE you begin.

Make time – Erotic massage isn’t something you should rush. If you are a busy couple, make a date for it to happen. If you have little kids, who still wake up during the night, send them to grandma’s/aunty’s/a friend’s place or you might have to get an overnight sitter and go to a hotel for the night. Don’t feel guilty about it. An erotic massage is an investment in your relationship so don’t make excuses, just make it happen!

Picking the location – You want the experience to be pleasurable. That can be hard to achieve if you are lying or kneeling on the floor for any length of time, particularly as you get older. If you use protective bedding, like a waterproof mattress protector, draped with high thread count sheets, you will both be much more comfortable. Yes, they will stain, so wash them after and keep them for these occasions. Just make sure you don’t end up having to sleep in a puddle of oils and body fluids later.

Lighting – Dim lighting is best because it induces relaxation and pleasure. Candle lighting is perfect, so aim for that effect.

Technology – Turn it off. That includes mobile phones and TVs. You might want some nice calming music playing quietly in the background but that’s about the only technology you should have around you.

Clothing – None. If you wear expensive lingerie, it will get stained when you are using oils. Plus, the bonus of being naked is knowing you will be free to use every part of your body to massage him. The sensation of skin on skin, especially if you slip and slide around together, will be much better without clothing restraints.

Preparing for the massage

There will be certain things which are needed to perform an erotic massage. Things like towels for cleaning up after and oils you plan to use. You might want to try a blindfold or add some sex toys. Get these ready before you begin. Why, you may ask? Not only will it allow you to concentrate solely on your performance but it can be really dangerous hunting around the house for things covered in oil. You want fun and pleasure, not a trip to the emergency room because you slid over and cracked your skull open! It may sound a bit ridiculous but it does happen. So please, don’t let it happen to you or your partner.

Oil selection and the power of smell

When choosing an oil, please take into consideration the effect smell has on pleasure senses. Erotic massage should be rejuvenating for the mind, body and spirit; so some smells are much better to use than others. For example, the scent of ylang ylang is soothing, a powerful aphrodisiac, increases libido, boosts low energy levels and improves love making. Then there’s cinnamon, which entices heat from within the body, increases sexual appetite and when rubbed sparingly on genitals, produces powerful stimulation.

Now, Lady Sclareol, which has been around since the middle ages, is an essential oil which has been blended using some of nature’s most exotic and aromatic essential oils, including ylang ylang, geranium, rosewood, jasmine, clary sage, sandalwood, and others. Its proprieties are an aphrodisiac for both sexes, claiming to calm, balance, enhance libido and encourage fertility.
Be aware that some essential oils may burn or irritate when they are directly used on the genital skin. If you are unsure, use only edible lubrication rather than an essential oil.  Many come in scented flavors. Keep in mind the scent won’t be as powerful as a pure essential oil, so you may want to use some incense, scented candles or oil in a burner, to improve the experience.

Performance tips

There’s a few things to remember when giving an erotic massage:

  • It’s a marathon, not a sprint and there’s no finish line. If you begin to get tired or sore, swap over with your partner and take turns. Make it last and don’t be consumed by arriving at the happy ending. It’s all about the journey!
  • Use plenty of oil. Don’t be afraid to get messy. The messier the better and that’s why you need to prep BEFORE you begin.
  • Use all of your body to perform the massage. If you do the entire massage with your hands, they will get tired. There’s nothing wrong with adding a heap of oil and laying on top of your partner and moving around. It’s all about the sensation of touch and the power of connection.
  • Don’t forget about their head and face either. Some people start at the head and work their way down for a few reasons. The first is you need to start somewhere. The second: Starting with the head will instantly relax your partner. Thirdly, you won’t be smothered in oil and get it in their eyes. Finally, by the time you reach the lower half of their body, you will be smothered in oil!

We hope you’ve found these tips useful. The power of smell, when it comes to improving sex and sexual performance, is reasonably in-depth and way more than we can cover here. If you want to know more; we have an article coming up in the next few weeks, on How The Power Of Smell Can Improve Your Sex Life, so look out for that one.

If you want to share anything we have or haven’t covered here, speak up, because we’d love to hear from you!

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How to Spice up your Sex Life?

There’s been a bit of a buzz about vibrators at the moment, but there are plenty of other toys and tools out there to help ease you into the wonderful world of spicy sex. Here’s the SheSaid guide to the latest bedroom accessories – you’ll have fun and games in the bedroom and a cheeky smile on your face all week…Sexy massage

Massage is a great way to relax and unwind, but it’s also a great chance to explore your partner’s body (or your own for that matter)! Massage oils and lotions range from the simple unscented oils such as sweet

almond oil to totally indulgent edible massage oil in a wild fruit fragrance. Top tip: Always lay a towel over the bed when using massage oils as oil is notoriously hard to get out of your crisp white Sheridan sheets’.Set the scene

Candlelight is not only flattering, it’s totally sensual and warming. Keep a supply of candles on hand to use when you want to set a seductive mood in your room. Choose from divine scented candles, gorgeous baby tealights or thick beeswax pillars for the ultimate in mood lighting.

That tickles!

French Ticklers have been around for years as a saucy

add-on for sexy encounters. Coming in a range of shapes (and colours) these guys are rolled on the penis like a condom – the end featuring a textured latex or rubber ‘tickler’ designed really tickle your fancy…Use one with your favourite penis or over your favourite battery-power pal. Top tip: Ensure that you use plenty of lubricant when trying out these babies…Oral Sex Rings

Sweet as sugar with the flavour and texture of Gummi Bears, these little treats are designed to be worn just behind the head of the penis – for added flavour! Providing extra incentive for longer licking,

are totally edible Oral Sex Rings and a deliciously devilish way to spice up your next session…Feather sticks

For a simple, playful way to turn your bedroom into a boudoir, invest in a lusciously soft Feather Stick. Use the feather as an alternative to a sensual massage – you’ll have you partner writhing with ecstacy and begging for more. Top

If they’ve been very bad, you can always give them a little spanking with the stick…Sexy supplies

Keep your sexy supplies How to Spice up your Sex Life in a safe place, dedicate a draw in your room to your collection of lotions, potions and more. Not only will this ensure your privacy, but your sexy draw will be the source of inspiration whenever the urge takes you. Treat the draw as a lucky dip – reach in and pull out the first sexy item you touch, then incorporate it into your next steamy session. Lucky dip indeed.

The key to really spicing up your sex life is communication. Make time to discuss different sexual ideas with your partner and create a loving, trusting sexual haven where you can introduce toys, games and more into you sex life. Your only limit is your imagination.

Find out more about the range of saucy, sassy sex products available for beginners right through to sexperts. Visit Sassyroad.com.au for a liberating, discrete shopping experience. You can thank us later 😉