How To Keep Hydrated In Winter

Now that the cold weather is here to stay, we’re probably drinking more coffee than water in the office. When you’re really chilly, the clear, coolness of water just doesn’t seem appealing compared to a warm, creamy cappuccino. However, while it’s great to indulge during winter, we also need to make sure that we stay hydrated.

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During the colder months, we naturally consume less water. We don’t feel as hot, we’re not sweating as much and it generally rains more than it does in the summer time, but it’s important to still keep those hydration levels up or there could be some serious side-effects.

Drinking enough water helps us in many ways and depriving ourselves can have detrimental effects on our productivity levels. When we’re dehydrated, we’re more likely to suffer from headaches and the cold and flu, making it harder to concentrate and focus.

Drinking enough water keeps us healthy on the inside by helping our cells stay hydrated, which then also affects our outsides. Consuming enough water also makes our skin more supple and healthy. When our skin cells lack water, they become dry and flaky, which is often what happens in the winter. Dry lips, cracked elbows and scaly legs are signs that our bodies are not getting enough moisture and this can be helped by topping up your drink bottle during the day.

keeping hydrated in winter

Here are our top tips for keeping hydrated in winter:

1. Swap the coffee for tea

Instead of your milky latte, choose a peppermint tea or hot water with lemon instead. This keeps you drinking water throughout the day and lowers your calorie intake.

2. Snack on hydrating foods

It’s not just water that hydrates your body. Foods with high water content are great snacks to eat when you’re a little hungry. Tomatoes, zucchini, strawberries and watermelon are high in water content, so toss together a salad to have during the day.

3. Keep a water bottle on your desk

Keeping a count of how much water you drink during the day will help you to know how much more you need to be consuming. You also get a bonus calorie burn when you’re up and down from the toilet and the water cooler.

4. Add fruit to your water

If you’re not keen on plain water, chop up some mint, cucumber and strawberries, or lemon and lime, and put them into your drink bottle. The flavour will make your water a little more enjoyable.

5. Sip during your workout

In cold weather, sweat evaporates easier and we lose moisture through breath. Sip water before, during and after your workout to stay hydrated.

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The Benefits of Chia Seed Oil

We all know that chia seeds are good for our health, but did you know that they also have many benefits for healthy skin? Not only are chia seeds packed with vitamin E – which is essential in fighting against the ageing process – but there are also a few different ways this miracle product can help your skin when applied topically.

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Vitamin E

If you want the secret to soft, smooth skin, look no further than vitamin E. It is essential in decreasing those existing lines and wrinkles and is so quickly absorbed by the body. Chia seed oil is packed with high volumes of vitamin E to repair the skin and give it a nice, youthful glow.

All skin types

Who knew that chia seed oil is ideal for all skin types? Even those suffering from extremely sensitive skin can use this product on a daily basis without the fear of imminent breakouts. Simply use 2-3 drops for your face and neck, then pat it gently until your skin soaks it up.


Just like other natural skincare products, chia seed oil is known for its antioxidant properties. It’s packed with high volumes of phyto-nutrients which assist cell-turnover and keep the skin looking its best at all times.

Omega-3 fats

This super-food is also rich in omega 3 fats which is essential for a healthy body, skin and mind. Since the serum is so concentrated, just a few drops in the morning and night is enough to nourish even dehydrated skin types.


Did you know that chia seed oil has been clinically proven to hydrate super dry skin? Incorporate it into your daily skincare routine after toning, but before moisturising, for best results.

The Benefits of Chia Seed Oil

Goodness Natural Beauty Lab Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil, $19.95

5 Drugstore Moisturisers Under $15

Why spend so much money on your skincare when you just don’t have to? We have found five of the best drugstore moisturisers under $15, which are sure to keep your skin looking and feeling its best during winter.

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Puretopia Sensitive Care Soothing and Comforting Moisturiser, $14.99

Ideal for sensitive skin types, this formula by Puretopia has a light fragrance which won’t break out your skin. The breathable formula can be worn on its own, or layered under makeup for extra hydration.

Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 1.34.58 PM

Sukin Facial Moisturiser, $9.99

The daily moisturiser is ideal for all skin tones, and helps to boost hydration during the day. Apply generously onto your t-zone, cheeks and neck in the morning and before bed.

Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 1.36.11 PM

Neutrogena Moisturiser SPF15, $10.49

If you’re having a makeup-free day, this oil free moisturiser is your best option. It offers UVA/UVB sun protection whilst keeping your skin clear and hydrated at all times. Wear it under your foundation, or re-apply as needed on a daily basis.

Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 1.37.36 PM

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser, $3.99

An ultra light moisturiser designed for all skin types, especially if applied before using foundation. You only need a few pumps to cover the face and neck area for the ultimate sun protection.

Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 1.39.05 PM

Natio Evening Primrose Moisturising Face Lotion, $13.95

Finish off your morning skincare routine with this moisturiser which will leave your skin feeling super-soft. It neutralises oil production for all skin tones and also helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time.

Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 1.41.59 PM

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Summer Skin Hydration

During the warmer months, keeping your skin soft and supple can be a challenge. A combination of dry warm days, swimming in chlorinated pools and a little too much UV can leave your skin feeling dry and dehydrated in no time.

Here’s a few simple key skincare tips to help you hold onto that dewy glow.

Keep your beauty routine simple

Summer Skin, Hydration

The cleaner your beauty and makeup routine, the better. Especially in the warmer months as your skin is already dealing with increased changes – being exposed to harsh sunlight which can lead to skin dehydration and warm days which means more sweating.

If you can afford to, keep your daytime makeup to a minimum. This is when heat is at its peak and you’re more likely to clog up your pores with makeup and perspiration. Leave your detailed makeup looks for the evening when you’re less likely to get hot and bothered.

Use a hydrating mask

This is a great way to plug back in that lost moisture after a long and hot day on the beach. Cloth face masks are especially good for thorough, instant moisturisation and hydration, as they are literally dripping with nutrients and sit right next to the dermal layer of skin. Try Skin Republic’s CoQ10 + Caviar Face Mask Sheet for intense hydration and improved skin elasticity.

Use an SPF

Summer Skin, Hydration, SPF, sunscreen

Use sunscreen and use it wisely. Starting the day with an SPF moisturiser should be the first step in your beauty routine. Opt for something that provides UVA and UVB protection to make sure you’ve got all bases covered.

If you’re out in the sunshine all day, remember a hat and be sure to reapply every few hours.

Use a spritzer

This is a handbag must-have especially for those long, hot summer days. When your skin is feeling down and dry, simply pump a few sprays onto your face, neck, arms and legs. Cool off and add back that lost hydration!


summer skin, hydration, water

Easier said than done but you must drink water, and lots of it! There’s no point trying to keep your skin moisturised if you neglect nourishing your body from the inside out. We recommend eight glasses a day – and more if you’re out and about in the heat.

These summer skincare tips are brought to you by Skin Republic. For more on nourishing and hydrating skincare products visit www.theskinrepublic.com.au

5 Of The Best Hydrating Hand Creams For Winter

The cold snap has hit and it’s only going to get colder, windier and more harsh on our skin – particularly those part of our bodies that aren’t covered up and hidden from the elements. While much emphasis is put on our faces, with products and treatments specifically designed to lessen the impact of winter conditions, it’s our hands that are left out in the cold. So we have searched high and low to source the best of the best hydrating hand creams that will help you get through the season with soft, supple and youthful-looking hands.

hand creams, hydrating cream, hydration, winter, skincare, dermalogica

Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand & Nail Treatment

An intense, non-greasy treatment of botanicals and vitamins to protect and repair chapped hands while strengthening nails against splitting and peeling. Contains no artificial fragrance or colours.

hand creams, hydrating cream, hydration, winter, skincare, Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist Intensive Hand Cream

A rich intensive hydrating hand cream that is instantly absorbed reviving the driest skin without leaving a greasy feel.

hand creams, hydrating cream, hydration, winter, skincare, The Aromatherapy Co

The Aromatherapy Co Therapy Range Hand Cream

Infused with rosehip, sweet almond and carrot seed oils, and extracts of pomegranate, blended with 100 per cent pure and natural essential oils of sweet orange and jasmine to encourage healthy, glowing skin. Sweet orange can boost circulation and aid in discouraging the formation of fine lines. Jasmine can encourage cell growth, improve skin elasticity and tone dry, irritated, sensitive skin providing suburb protection whilst rehydrating and leaving your skin radiant, restoring your hand’s inherent softness.

hand creams, hydrating cream, hydration, winter, skincare, Burt's Bees

Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream

This is a rich, all-natural hand cream made with sweet almond oil and vitamin E to moisturise dry skin and beeswax to help seal and shield your hands from the elements.

hand creams, hydrating cream, hydration, winter, skincare, Appelles

Appelles Sea Buckthorn Skin Lotion

The Sea Buckthorn Skin Lotion provides a supreme moisture effect in a lightweight formulation that will not leave the skin greasy or tacky. Sea buckthorn supports the epidermis resulting in a firmer, more youthful-looking skin. This is packed with antioxidants including the precursor formulation of vitamin A that is amazing for promoting cellular turnover, regulating the moisture content and brightening.

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