Why I’m Still Angry At My Girlfriend, Years After Her Death

Being mad at someone who’s dead is the definition of impotent rage.

Why We Need To Say The Words “I Love You”

Saying I love you can never be said enough to the people we cherish. People often assume others know how they feel, but it’s not always the case. People who mean so much to us like our partner, parents, kids, family or closest friends need to hear the words “I love you” just as much as we all need to say it.

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There’s plenty of ways people say it everyday, but some feel uncomfortable saying the words out aloud so it goes left unsaid. Life’s unpredictable and the one thing we know for certain is that none of us are immortal.

While we’re all busy living, the last thing many of us consider is just how quickly life can be taken from both ourselves or a loved one. For some, it’s a thought too raw to contemplate, yet each and every day we put ourselves at risk – we drive cars, go to work, cross the street and get on with living. So if tragedy strikes, as many people have experienced, the opportunity to tell others how we really feel is all but lost.

I recently went to the funeral of an incredibly close, irreplaceable friend and these three little words were the way we always ended our conversations. It may sound lame or even morbid, but it’s not something we wanted left unsaid if it was the last time we spoke. Although the pain of losing such a significant person has been intense, it’s been comforting to know that this was the very last thing we got to say.

At the funeral, I noticed others weren’t so lucky. Saying “I love you” was the one thing people wished they’d said more. Amid their tears was the question: “Did they know how I felt… Did they know I loved them?” No one can really know or answer that question with certainty for them – their loved one is gone and they’ll never really be sure.

So why leave that to chance? It’s three little words and to those closest to us, it should be a pleasure to say. No one should ever feel embarrassed about the feelings they have for others and should always be able to proclaim it.

There are people who like to shelter their feelings from the world, and while some might tell their partner, others will avoid it altogether. Saying “I love you” to their closest friends is a different story, also. Some need to learn and understand that it’s not pathetic or unmasculine to say “I love you” or a similar variation to each other. Is “love ya mate” so difficult to say? For some, yes it is, but we all need to get past it.

So, for this reason, we need to say “I love you” to those we care about. Not to everyone, but to those people who make our lives what it is. With every call, every goodbye and every conversation, make it a habit to end the conversation with how you feel. That way, if something were to happen, there won’t be those unanswered questions – you’ll have said what you intended to say if it was the very last time you spoke. Grief is hard and knowing you said “I love you” makes it easier.

March Book Reviews

March chick lit

Uptown Girl
Olivia Goldsmith
Harper Collins

The bestselling author of The First Wives’ Club and Young Wives has delivered another sparkling comedy. Set in New York, Uptown Girl is about making plans for other people ? and then getting yourself involved in them too.

Brooklyn boy Billy Nolan is not only devilishly handsome, but there is something about his magical charisma – every woman he dates and dumps (and he dates and dumps them all) immediately goes on to marry someone else.

There is one women, however, resistant to his charms. Sassy uptown New Yorker, Kate, left Brooklyn behind a long time ago, and she?s determined not to fall for the attractive waster from the old neighbourhood. Why would she? She?s dating Michael, a man much more suitable to her lifestyle. But Kate decides that perhaps her friend Bina would be perfect for Billy. Bina has fallen apart after her almost-fianc? Jack has decided to ?explore his singleness?. Kate?s perfect plan is to get Billy to date Bina then dump her. All they have to do then is await Jack’s return and watch the magic happen. At first everything seems to be working perfectly, but the one thing Kate forgets to consider is how Billy feels about it all?

Olivia Goldsmith, the novelist whose savagely funny debut book, “The First Wives Club,” became a revenge fantasy for wives tossed aside in favour of younger women, died of complications of plastic surgery on January 16th 2004. She was 54.

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The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters
Elisabeth Robinson
Simon & Schuster

Meet Olivia Hunt. Jobless, living alone and working on the fourth draft of her suicide note. It isn?t until she gets a phone call from her younger sister that she learns what real trouble is.

Madeleine Hunt is the annoyingly perfectly happy sister. While Olivia set out to conquer Hollywood, Madeleine married her childhood sweetheart and appeared to live happily ever after. But as Olivia learns, this is apparently not to be, as she gets swept into her sister?s world. Back home for the first time in years, Olivia tries to help her sister, keep her parents from running off the rails and re-ignites the spark with a former boyfriend who left her but might still be the love of her life. And of course, as soon as she leaves Hollywood, her career begins to heat up.

Racing between LA, hospital and film sets in Spain, Olivia has to achieve the impossible at work, at home and learns that love will let her do no less.

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PS, I Love You
Cecelia Ahern
Harper Collins

A wonderfully warm and heartfelt debut from a stunning new talent.

‘Remember wonderful memories, but don’t be afraid to make some more?’

Holly and Gerry had the perfect life. Happily married with a brilliant social life, living in Dublin within a stone throw of family and friends. The world was their oyster. That is until the unthinkable happens. When Gerry dies, Holly is naturally shattered. It is the eve of her 30th birthday and her soulmate, her lover and best friend has gone on without her. But Gerry promised to always be there for her, and he is. His last bequest is The List ? a bundle of notes which give Holly instructions for getting her life back on track.

The year unfolds and the notes are gradually read. Not only do they cheer Holly up but they challenge her and help her learn that life does indeed go on. Her loving friends and noisy family join her in laughing, crying, singing, dancing and being braver than she ever thought possible.

She learns that life is for living, but it always helps to have her guardian angel watching over her.

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Alphabet Sisters
Monica McInerney

Anna, Bett and Carrie are the Alphabet sisters. Once childhood singing stars, the three girls haven?t spoken for years. The rift began when Bett?s fianc? left her for another sister. Their grandmother brings them together three years later for a birthday party, and their feud draws to a close. It is then that the sisters face a test that none of them ever imagined. An unforgettable family drama.

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