“It’s All Fake” Insta-Famous Teen Shuts Down Accounts

“I took over 100 in similar poses trying to make my stomach look good.”

Modelling Agencies Cash In On Instagram

People used to joke about Instagram being a modelling agency, but now “Insta-fame” could get you a job. According to leading Australian modelling agencies, the demand for an ‘Insta-model’ or ‘influencer’ is high among clients, with models who had a large social media following now more inclined to get work.

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“It’s not unusual for a client to ask ‘how many followers does she have?’ before they ask what they look like, and what experience does she have,” Chadwick Models’ International Talent Manager Joseph Tenni told news.com.au.

There’s no doubt that Instagram – particularly when it comes to the fashion industry – can generate enormous publicity for a brand, and while being beautiful and healthy is still expected, clients want models “with more than 50,000 followers,” said Tenni.

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General Manager of Chic Management Paul Thomas told the Daily Mail: “If you think about it, your brand can send their product straight to someone’s pocket rather than printing a catalogue in store and waiting for a customer to go collect it.

“Influencers are like a captain of the ship – because there is so much information out there, people turn to models, fashion people and talent and begin liking what they are liking.”

While Thomas admitted that some clients still book in a traditional sense, he insisted that up-and-coming brands look for a “cool girl with vast social media numbers.” So, just how much of an impact is this ‘cool girl’ persona having on the modelling industry?

According to Thomas, models are now being trained how to self-promote on their Instagram, while modelling agencies such as Vivien’s Models are incorporating ‘influencer’ sections to their portfolio. “Our bookers were giving me feedback that clients wanted models who might be blonde, beachy and had a high social media following,” the general manager Catherine McGill told the Daily Mail.

“Now when we’re booking talent, in negotiation process, we talk about the girl’s numbers.” A following of 10,000 is generally the minimum number a client asks for, said McGill, and it’s also the minimum for a model to be considered for Vivien’s ‘Influencer’ page. So, what’s one to do to gain a larger social media following? Without, of course, having to hashtag #followback or #likeforlike on every account you come into contact with.

Thomas told the Daily Mail that health and fitness is very “on brand” at the moment, while Tenni (mentioned above) insisted that models “show off their bodies.” Ah, good thing it’s winter and knit is on trend. There will be no baring it to share it here!

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