If Instagram were anything to go by, you’d be forgiven for thinking that being a female entrepreneur means working from a different cafe every day, popping on the perfect blazer when it’s...
The only detox we need is from the perpetuation of diet culture on the ‘gram. 
“My scars do not make me ugly or weak, but are something that I can learn and grow from.”
Demanding good vibes from all people at all times is doing more harm than good…
Two ingredients and two minutes is all you need for a brighter smile.
March 16 is No Selfies Day, so put the camera phone away, and try a little self-reflection today, instead. 
Just when we thought we had seen every possible use for glitter.
What exactly was happening with Pharrell’s wife’s outfit?
“If you don’t look that way they don’t take you; maybe I was a distraction.”
The supermodel appears in Sports Illustrated alongside her gorgeous daughters.
You might want to think twice before posting that status update.