Interior Design Trend: Modern Wallpaper

Trends come and go – and this certainly applies to funky wallpaper which seems to be a staple in the world of interior design. Rather than keeping that floral print from the fifties in your home, we show you how to incorporate some of the coolest designs around.

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Palm trees

Transform your living room into a 1970s cabana with this stunning print featuring palm trees. Not only is it easy to apply, but it fits so well with various design aesthetics.

Interior Design Trend: Modern Wallpaper


Make your room look stylish with these vertical stripes, which can also act as a feature wall. The wallpaper looks stunning with white accents or cream ceilings to tie in the relaxed feel of the room.

Interior Design Trend: Modern Wallpaper

Animal prints

If animal prints just aren’t your style, this modern twist certainly will be! The neutral colours are perfect since they don’t overpower the room.

Interior Design Trend: Modern Wallpaper

Geometric prints

Nothing beats a classic geometric print for the bedroom or living room, especially if you want a subtle pop of colour.

Interior Design Trend: Modern Wallpaper


Marble prints are just one of the biggest design trends of 2015, with everything revolving around this humble print. Try a beautiful feature wall which is best suited for the bathroom, hallway, or living room.

Interior Design Trend: Modern Wallpaper

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Interior Design Trend: Lucite Furniture

Spruce up your living room, dining area, or even the bedroom with lucite furniture. Lucite is easy to adapt into an existing space because it goes with almost anything! From an office table to a ghost chair, or even a stool, there are so many ways to style lucite future in any modern space.

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Update your coffee table with a funky lucite tray which acts as the perfect layering piece. Use it to store your magazines, trinkets, or even as a coaster!

Interior Design Trend: Lucite Furniture


Lucite chairs is currently one of the biggest interior trends everyone is raving about. Purchase a set for your living room or swap your desk chair for a cool lucite number. They are formally referred to as ghost chairs and come in a variety of clear colours.

Interior Design Trend: Lucite Furniture


To make any room look bigger than it actually is, a lucite table is the best option. Just be careful not to crash into it when the lights are turned off!

Interior Design Trend: Lucite Furniture

Makeup storage

If you’re rather meticulous with your makeup, lucite storage is just one way to make it look neat and tidy. Lipstick holders, brush holders and even lucite drawers are all popular ways to store your makeup without looking too cluttered.

Interior Design Trend: Lucite Furniture


Finish off your bar with a few lucite stools that are completely on trend! They match really well with marble or white interiors, but look great when paired with anything!

Interior Design Trend: Lucite Furniture

How To Spruce Up Your Dining Room

The dining room doesn’t have to be boring, especially since it’s one of the most frequented rooms in the entire house. Rather than replacing everything in the room, try some of these simple design tips which will always make it feel modern and fresh.

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Hang a few of your favourite pieces of art on the walls. Make sure it’s something that fits into the colour scheme of the room and place it in an area that everyone will notice.

How To Spruce Up Your Dining Room


Mirrors make any room feel larger, especially the dining room which is often small and cramped. Choose a fun mosaic piece that is quirky and can also be made at home!

How To Spruce Up Your Dining Room


Since natural lighting in the dining room can often feel quite dark due to the lack of windows, make sure to pass on the chandeliers. They don’t give off much light and will actually weigh down the entire room. Downlights are a contemporary favourite that are also really easy to adjust for any occasion.

How To Spruce Up Your Dining Room


Bring a pop of colour to any dining room with a vase of flowers or pot plant to make it look homely. Just don’t forget to trim and water your plants!

How To Spruce Up Your Dining Room


Update your dining room with a few candles to make the perfect centrepiece during more important events. Save those scented candles for the bedroom or the bathroom!

How To Spruce Up Your Dining Room

Buffet table

If you’re hosting a large dinner party, a buffet table is a great investment to make since it can store all of the food. Then, guests can go around the table and serve themselves with ease.

How To Spruce Up Your Dining Room

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The Dos And Don’ts Of Interior Design

Style is subjective but that doesn’t mean that the rules of interior design can be thrown out the window. It’s all about balancing out proportions, finding a happy medium for a particular room, and most of all – having fun designing your unique little space. As a general guide, stick to our rules below which will help to create the best room possible.

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DO: Incorporate lots of light

Position couches, tables and shelves around the natural light of the room. If your house is lacking some natural light, extra lamps are always a great idea for any room. Position them in the corner or next to the couch for easy access to an outlet.

The Do's and Dont's of Interior Design

DON’T: Buy small throw pillows

They might seem cute at first, but these pillows actually serve little to no purpose in the long-term. Invest in comfy pillows that will you will actually use! A throw blanket is always a great piece to have lying on the side of the couch.


DO: Think about your walls

White is always a safe choice, but if you want to step out of the box, try something a little off tangent such as grey. It’s not as risky as a darker colour and will still match the rest of the room and its furniture. Otherwise, a feature wall is always another good option.

The Do's and Dont's of Interior Design

DON’T: Isolate rooms

Instead of blocking off each room (for example the living room and the dining room) make sure they flow. This can be achieved with lamps, rugs and buffet tables.

The Do's and Dont's of Interior Design

DO: Invest in curtains and shutters

Especially during the colder months of the year when the sun is basically non-existent. Layer your curtains to give the room the option of letting a bit of sun in.

The Do's and Dont's of Interior Design

DON’T: Match everything

Long are the days when everything needs to match (sofas, tables, dining room chairs). This look can feel a little retro and outdated. Instead of throwing everything out and starting from scratch, keep a few of your favourite pieces and mix them with new ones from the store.

The Do's and Dont's of Interior Design

DO: Go thrift shopping

It’s true – older pieces are usually made from better materials and workmanship. Regularly pop into thrift stores which will give you a great offering of unique pieces that are made to last the distance.

The Do's and Dont's of Interior Design

What are some of your do’s and don’ts?

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Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair

Looking for a way to update a sad corner in your bedroom or living room? Butterfly chairs are a trendy way to decorate any room, especially if you’re looking to splurge on a permanent piece. Pay attention to the finish; leather only looks better with age and is quick and easy to spot-clean.

Style your own butterfly chair with a little inspiration from our favourite rooms below!

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A minimalist lamp is the best way to update any room without going completely OTT, and out of your comfort zone. A chic side table plus a few throw pillows help to bring some life to any room.

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair


Bring some depth to the room with a no-fuss rug which is suitable for both summer and winter. Something such as a cow hide rug is ideal since it also ages really well.

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair


If leather isn’t really your thing, canvas butterfly chairs are also a popular item to invest in. Simply change the cover, and throw it into the washing machine once it stains!

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair

Faux fur

Make any room look instantly cozy with a faux fur throw. Choose darker colours if you don’t want them to stain, or simply use them as a decorating piece.

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair


Who knew a butterfly chair could make such an amazing piece for the office? Position it near the desk or in a corner for a quick nap!

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair

Brown leather

If black decor just isn’t your thing, try a softer colour palette to match the rest of the home. Copper and rose gold look great with brown leather, and they age so well.

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair

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Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration

A big, comfy bed is on all of our agendas, so why not splurge a little with a canopy-style for the bedroom? They are definitely the main focus of any room and evoke a classic style that also fits in with many contemporary design aesthetics. Browse from a few of our favourite canopy beds below to get inspired for your own room!

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Try thin, white curtains to bring some modern edge to your canopy bed. This bed comes with lamps attached to the canopy for easy access!

Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration


Who else likes their bed comfy with a touch of wanderlust? This modem canopy bed is every travellers dream, equipped with a dream catcher and clean white linen.

Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration


For an effortless summer bedroom, skip the heavy throws in favour of light linen for your canopy. Not only is it breathable, but it requires no ironing either!

Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration


Any loft apartment isn’t completed without a beautiful bed, so why not make it a canopy bed? This is one of our favourites, since it isn’t your traditional style, and the curtains are instead draped over the top for an effortless look.

Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration


If you’re designing the ultimate day bed for summer, why not transform it into a canopy bed? It can keep away those pesky insects during the evening and looks amazing during the day!

Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration

Which canopy bed is your favourite? We can’t go past the loft in #4!

Images via Blogspot,, Flickr, Camille Styles

5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room

Does your room need a re-vamp this winter without burning a hole in your pocket? Try the following affordable ways to change the mood of any room without compromising your account balance, or maxing out another credit card!

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Make any space feel more homely by switching up the curtains in the room. This could mean replacing your old curtains with light-blocking ones, which could also save you some cash on electrical! Another great tip is to layer your curtains by using two rods for a truly unique look for the bedroom or living room.

5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room


Small pot plants are another thrifty way to make the most of the space in the kitchen, bedroom or living room. If you’re on the busy side of life, a cactus or succulent is the best option since they don’t require much attention (watering) and won’t die after the first week!

5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room


Small rugs for the living room are one of the best ways to switch up any space without going over the top. Pick something wild and colourful to bring some character to any room, or go for a rug which is chic and understated to complement the rest of your decor.

5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room


Lets face it, blankets and throws are an essential for the winter weather. There’s nothing better than unwinding on the couch with a glass of red wine, Netflix on in the background, and feeling comfy with a blanket right on top. We suggest something dark which won’t shed or stain too easily.

5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room


Create a warm, inviting ambience in any room by lighting a scented candle. You don’t have to spend half a fortune on something from Diptyque or Glasshouse either, incense or a cute little candle from Ikea is just as good!

5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room

Images via Design of Furniture, Buzzfeed, Dreams and Jeans, The Design Collector, Chanel Bags Cigarette Drags

How To Style A Small Space

Are you living in a studio, loft, or simply a small flat? Show off your personality and decorate your personal space with just a few of the following suggestions which are a must-have for any small living area.

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If you’re living in a studio apartment, odds are you won’t have much personal space. Divide the room with curtains to separate different living areas, and create the illusion of extra space.



Whether you want to hang it over the fireplace, bolt it over your bedroom, or simply lean it against a wall, mirrors are a great way to open up any living space.



An extra source of light such as lamps, candles, or fairy lights are a great way to make a small space look homely.



Faux fur rugs are warm and inviting, especially during the winter months. If you’re re-designing during the summer, a thin, woven rug is a great option which won’t clutter up your living space.

Make sure you place some grip under the rug so it doesn’t move out of place and hurt someone!


Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to maximise on space and decorate each room without going OTT. They are quick and easy to install, and hold so much more than you think!

Are you living in a studio, loft, or simply a small apartment? Show off your personality and decorate your personal space with just a few of the following suggestions which are a must-have for any small living area.

Images via Tiny Ass Apartment, Urban Outfitters, Mice Man, Sweet Home Style

5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas

Want to give your home a revamp without breaking the bank?

Try some of these inexpensive ideas which are perfect for every single room of the house, and can even be made at home yourself!

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Are you renting or just unable to paint the walls of your home? Decals and wallpaper are quick and easy ways to bring dimension and character to any room of the house. You have the option of creating a feature wall, designing the entire room, or simply just a corner of the house.

5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas


Believe it or not, there are a few different ways to incorporate fake plants into your home (and those which don’t look too tacky!). Simple shrubs often look best, just remember to dust them every now and then.

You can always pick the alternative and purchase a mini-cactus which requires little to no maintenance to look good.

5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas


Who doesn’t love a delicious candle during the winter time? It’s the perfect way to warm-up any room without spending a small fortune. Vanilla, lavender and fresh linen are all squeaky-clean scents which everyone is bound to enjoy.

5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas

Accent walls

Bring some life to your room with an accent wall made from inexpensive fabric and canvas. It is the perfect DIY project which everyone can partake in, plus it doesn’t take too long to create!

5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas

Photo frames

Hang some of your favourite family photos, holiday snaps, and pieces of art into individual photo frames. This way, you can create an effortless collage on the wall, and even design your work space or desk.

5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas

Images via Apartment Therapy, Urban Outfitters, MamaMia, Tumblr

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter

Need to update your home for the winter months ahead? Invest in a few of these must-haves to transform your interior and make any room feel warm and cosy, even if the temperature is dropping outside!

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Throws or blankets are a fantastic way to bring a little life into the living room. They can keep you warm whilst watching a movie, hanging out with friends, or even arranging them over the couch for decorative purposes.

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter


Whether it’s for the bedroom, living room, or even the hallway, plush rugs are ideal for every single room of the house. Not to mention that they’re really easy to clean if you spill a little something on the carpet… Just in case, of course!

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter

Bed linen

Who doesn’t love to decorate their bed with European pillows, throws and luxurious covers during the winter? This way, you can layer it up and still feel warm and cosy throughout the night. Quilt covers and comforters are available at many different price points to suit your needs.

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter


Winter is the perfect excuse to ditch the fresh flowers for something a little more long-term. Fake flowers are such a great investment since they will forever look the same (well, that’s obvious) and will blend into every room of the house. Place one in the living room and another in the bathroom for more of a homely feel.

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter

Faux fur

Did you think we forgot about faux fur? This popular trend is perfect as a rug, throw, or even a bed comforter since it adds a warm and fuzzy feel to any room.

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter

We would love to hear if you have any other alternatives, so please share them in the comments below!

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5 Coffee Table Books For Fashion Fiends 

Add a little style into your home with a fabulous coffee table book. Not only are they easy to style on your bookshelf, coffee table, or kitchen counter, but they’re a great conversation starter – especially if you’re prone to throwing a few parties like Jay Gatsby.

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Shop some of our favourites featured below, and share some of your own in the comment section!

CR Fashion Book, $60

If you’re looking for the ultimate book/magazine hybrid which is released only twice per year, CR Fashion Book by Carine Roitfeld is the perfect option. The former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris provides a tongue-in-cheek take on modern fashion, beauty and lifestyle editorials featuring some of the hottest personalities in the world.

5 Coffee-table Books For Fashion Fiends 

The Sartorialist: Closer, $35

Since the success of Scott Schuman’s blog, The Sartorialist – the book – captures some of the best and most inspirational outfits from all over the globe. You’re bound to find some outfit inspo for both men and women in this unique street style read, which includes images from Japan, New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

5 Coffee-table Books For Fashion Fiends 

Shoestring Chic: 101 Ways To Live The Fashionably Luxe Life for Less, $33.95

One of Australia’s most beloved illustrators, Kerrie Hess released a charming book about fashion, beauty, and shopping – on a reasonable budget. It’s the perfect gift for a fashionista or someone who is into design, and makes for a great coffee table read!

5 Coffee-table Books For Fashion Fiends 

The Fashion Book, $69.95

If you don’t know your Margiela from Missoni, this book is the best way to spruce up your fashion knowledge as it’s packed with biographies, images and a quick timeline of all the influential designers from the noughties.

5 Coffee-table Books For Fashion Fiends 

Paris Street Style: Shoes, $29.99

Finish off your collection with this amazing book about adding the finishing touches to your outfit – a perfect pair of shoes. Authors of the best-selling Paris Street Style, Thomas and Veysset have teamed up to showcase some of the best Parisian footwear.

5 Coffee-table Books For Fashion Fiends 

Image via Tumblr

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

Do you work from home or simply need a re-vamp on your usual workspace? The best way to inject a little style into this area of the home is to purchase a few useful trinkets which not only look good, but also make life a lot easier.

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Shop some of our favourite products below, or let them give you a little extra inspiration if you’re in-store or browsing online.


A monthly or weekly planner is an essential for someone who needs a little organisation in their life. Magnetic planners, whiteboards and chalkboards are all inexpensive pieces which are easy to update when something new pops up.

Pencil holders

Keep all your pencils, pens, highlighters and markers looking neat and tidy with the help of a pencil holder. You could go down the traditional route and use a wooden tin, or go for something a little more modern. Either way, you’re bound to find something which fits into your design aesthetic.

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget


If your desk is equipped with a drawer, invest in storage which will neatly organise all of your belongings. Here you can store some additional stationery such as a stapler, eraser, paper-clips and sticky tape.

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

Sticky notes

Who else is guilty of leaving a myriad of sticky notes around their entire desk? Well, they are an essential! Keep them handy (next to your computer) for easy access and then transfer them easily into your weekly or monthly planner.

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

Mood board

Even if you aren’t in a creative field, a mood board is a wonderful way to gather all your thoughts into one central place. Add pictures, quotes, deadlines and even bills (eek!) into your mood board, and keep in a place which will always catch your eye.

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

Desk lamp

For those who need a little more light, a desk lamp is crucial – especially if you’re in a creative field. Choose one which matches your design aesthetic, however white or black is standard if you can’t compromise on colour.

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget


Set a relaxing, zen mood by burning your favourite candle during the day. Not only is it perfect if for creating a homely mood to any room, but they can also be used as storage afterwards – perfect!

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

Motivational quotes

Who else requires a little extra motivation to get through the working week? Simply print off one of your favourite quotes and keep it in a frame on top of your desk. Instant-motivation!

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

Images via Stephanie Sterjovski, Etsy, BHG, The Every Girl, Casa and Company, Harpers Bazaar, The U Lifestyle 

5 Styling Tips For A Modern Nursery

Becoming the parent of a newborn doesn’t leave you with much time for anything else, especially decorating the nursery! So take advantage of the time you have before the delivery to gather some essentials for the baby’s room.

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If you’re struggling to create more of a homely feel, try some of our styling tips which are perfect for both boys and girls.


A big and comfy armchair is the perfect way to fill up some space and give the room some extra charisma. Also, just think about all of the hours you’ll be rocking the baby to sleep. Invest in a large armchair (and matching footstool), so you can sit back and feel comfortable.


Shaggy rug

As the baby grows a little older, you’ll be doing tummy time on the floor. So why not choose a shaggy rug? If you can’t find one at your local store, there are hundreds of sellers on Etsy who sell stunning rugs at discount prices.


Sun-blocking curtains

Since the baby needs so much sleep during the day, it’s important to invest in a pair of sun-blocking curtains. Shutters are also another great way to control the amount of sun that comes in and also keep your baby well-rested.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose


Since the baby will be needing a change of clothes quite often (between bathing, accidents, etc), it’s good to have some quick and easy storage in the nursery. Rather than keeping clothes in a conventional drawer, use storage baskets which are easy to access and don’t require much tidying up afterwards.



Bring some personality to the room with some bespoke pieces of art. If you already know the name and sex of the baby, personalised art works or throw pillows are cherished pieces that they’ll have for life.

If you want to keep the theme slightly neutral, then decals, stickers or other wall decorations are great ways to spice up any room. They are also easy to remove and don’t cause any damage to the wall.


Images via Rebecca Judd, Homemade in Heaven, The Minimalist Home, Container Store, Etsy

5 Vintage Pieces For A Modern Home

Want to give your home a spring refresh without burning a hole in your pocket? Buying vintage is a thrifty way to find yourself a one-of-a-kind piece, without spending a small fortune at the department store. Markets, online bidding and second-hand stores are filled with pieces which give a vintage edge to a modern home, but what should you choose?

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Bar cart

Cocktail or bar carts are absolutely everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram, and for a good reason! Not only are they cheap and cheerful (we once saw one for $25 – what a steal!), but they can also be easily re-vamped to suit the colour scheme of your home.


French armoire

A classic, French armoire looks just like a wardrobe with a vintage twist. Most of them don’t come with much hanging space, so you can store some of your shirts, towels or manchester in this timeless looking piece. If your armoire is looking a little worse for wear, they’re actually really easy to sand-down, paint, and apply a gloss before looking brand new.



The plush armchair might feel a little dated if you’re working with an entire set, but one piece for the bedroom or living room is perfect for evoking a feel of classic sophistication. If you’re not happy with the fabric (it can often stain easily), get it reupholstered by a professional.



It looks like wallpaper is quickly replacing the modern feature wall, and is a great way to spice-up any home. Choose a loud, vibrant colour or print, which will bring some character to the bedroom or living room.



Traditionally used as storage for plates and cutlery, the credenza is perfect as a side feature in a hallway, or alternatively storage for the living room. Most classic styles are made of wood and are glossy, but you can always change that after purchasing.


Images via Porch, Specks of Glitter and Gold, Etsy, Style Me Pretty, Bloglovin

DIY Crate Coffee Table

Bring some character into your home by designing and creating your own bespoke coffee table. Okay, this might seem rather difficult, but it’s actually really simple, especially if you have a few crates laying around the house.

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Follow our easy tutorial to create your own coffee table, side table, or even some storage for the laundry room.

What you need

  • 4 wooden crates
  • 2 (1×4) pieces of pine wood
  • 4 casters
  • Stain


  1. Before you get started on actually building the table, make sure to stain the crates first. Use a homemade stain (vinegar, steel wool, and brewed tea) or choose a ready made stain which requires a little more waiting time.
  2. When the stain has dried, create a frame by nailing each piece of pine wood into a small square (looking somewhat like a window). This will also dictate the size of your coffee table.
  3. Then, simply arrange each crate over the top and use a drill, nails, and a hammer to secure them onto the frame. You might want some storage in the centre (for snacks or remotes), so make sure to leave some room in the centre for that.

Image via Instructables

Interior Design Trends For Autumn

Redecorate your home with some of the seasons hottest interior design trends for the colder months of the year.

It’s time to bring out the blankets, fluffy cushions and thick rugs to combat the colder temperatures, and make your house look good at the same time.

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Faux fur

Who doesn’t love a little faux fur in their home? Whether you decide to incorporate a blanket, cushion, rug or throw, the possibilities are endless with this signature autumnal trend.

If you do decide on a rug, make sure to place some non-stick layers underneath so it doesn’t move out of place.

Interior Design Trends For Autumn


Warm, woody candles are a must-have for the autumn-winter season. Keep them away from a window so they can burn evenly, and remember to trim them before lighting. Soy-based candles require little to no maintenance, and the glass can also be used to store the essentials after it’s been cleaned.

They also help to set the warm and cozy ambience that we all want to achieve during the colder seasons.

Interior Design Trends For Autumn


A low-maintenance way to bring some greenery into your home is with a terrarium. These are small groups of plants (mostly cactus and succulents), which last forever only need to be watered sparingly.

Keep them in direct sunlight (on a window sill) for best results.

Interior Design Trends For Autumn

Wall hangings

Creating your own art hanging is as easy as stapling your favourite piece of fabric onto a canvas.

Ikea and other craft stores sell fabrics by the metre, and you can easily come up with a creative piece for every room of the house. They are also more homely than a traditional painting.

Interior Design Trends For Autumn

Timber chairs

Nail that Scandinavian style by incorporating some timber tables and chairs into your living room or study. You can then accessorise them with faux fur throws which look and feel so luxurious.

Interior Design Trends For Autumn

Images via Poppy Talk, Only Deco Love, Gritty Pretty, Erika Brechtel, Lamb and Blonde, Tumblr

5 Ways To Decorate Your Non-Functioning Fireplace

Fireplaces are great pieces of interior design and can mean an amazing feature in your living, dining or bedroom – especially if it’s not being used.

Try some of these trends to bring some life to your fireplace, especially if you have no intention of using it.

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If you’re an avid collector of magazines, then you would be familiar with the stress of storing them – especially if they’re different sizes!

Simply pack them all away into a large drawer and move it into the fireplace. You can put some of your favourites at the top, and rotate them on the coffee table.



Grab a few of your favourite scented candles and use them in an old fireplace. This way, you won’t have any issues about the hot wax spilling everywhere, and they are really easy to clean up and start over.


Stacked wood

Another great option if you’re a fan of the rustic look, and like a little DIY. Simply glue each round onto a board, and position it perfectly into the fireplace when you’re done!

5 Ways To Decorate Your Non-Functioning Fireplace

Dog bed

Okay, this one might seem a little weird at first, but it’s perfect if you’re living in a small, terrace house without any extra room.

Lay down a faux fur shrug which is perfect for keeping your pet warm during winter!

5 Ways To Decorate Your Non-Functioning Fireplace


Add in a few customised shelves into your non-functioning fireplace for extra storage, or simply to display your beloved trinkets.

5 Ways To Decorate Your Non-Functioning Fireplace

Images via Better Homes and Gardens, Wall Spirit, Pepper Design Blog, Dwell, The Design Tabloid

Interior Design Trend: Mixed Metals

Spice up your home with one of the hottest interior design trends, mixed metals. Not only are they really easy to find at your price range, but they look amazing in almost any room of the house.

To get the creative juices flowing, we have hand-picked some of our favourite mixed metal products for then entire home below.

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A metal shelf is a fantastic way to inject a bit of colour into your bedroom, study or even living room. It’s a piece of furniture that you can keep forever, and even looks better with a bit of wear and tear!

Interior Design Trend: Mixed Metals

Zanui The A Metal Wall Shelf, $199.95


If you’re thinking about changing the style of your outdoor/patio area, then a lantern is a must-have for the summer season. The light from the candle also creates a unique pattern which is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Interior Design Trend: Mixed Metals

Ikea Gottgora Lantern, $14.99


Photo frames are one of the easiest ways to liven up your bookshelf. They look amazing when you’ve got a few in different shapes and sizes, plus they always come in handy!

Interior Design Trend: Mixed Metals

Witchery Home Small OCRF Silver Frame, $9.95


Shower storage is completely underrated; where else would you store your favourite shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and combs?

This is one of our all-time favourites since it won’t rust and looks amazing with all tiles.

Interior Design Trend: Mixed Metals

Bed Bath N Table 3 Tier Shower Caddy, $24.95


Where would we be without a good chair? While it might feel a little uncomfortable at first, these chairs look amazing in photographs.

Opt for a trendy shade of rose gold to bring some lift into your dining room.

Interior Design Trend: Mixed Metals

Elio Dining Chair in Rose Gold, $220

Image via Tory Burch

Decluttering Tips and Tactics For Your Home

A cluttered home often results in a cluttered mind and it can be difficult to find space where there isn’t any. If you’re at the stage when you simply can’t find any more room in your home and you’re beginning to worry about the very real possibility that you may be, for lack of a better word, a ‘hoarder’ it may be time to call in the professionals.


The easiest and quickest way to free up some space in your home is to rent a self-storage unit from a company such as Storage units come in every size imaginable so that you can store anything from large pieces of furniture to smaller household items and electronics with ease. The company will then take care of everything, allowing you to free extra space in your house.

Create space

Creating some much needed space is very simple. Transform a back garden shed into a mini storage room. You can also create additional space by putting up shelves in your bedroom or living room to store your favourite books, CDs and DVDs, etc.

Charity shops

If you have tons of old clothes, books or other items that you just don’t use anymore, take them to your local charity shop so that someone else can benefit from them. You will not only be helping others but freeing your closet space for the more important things in life…such as new shoes.

Attic space

The attic is usually where everyone keeps the Christmas decorations and old camping gear but people often forget all that useable space when in reality, it provides the perfect solution to house all the things that you rarely or never use. This concept is not new, as the Telegraph suggests that you should “organise your things into ‘occasional need’ and ‘regular use’ categories. Put the occasional stuff in the attic or the cellar,” which is good advice, especially if you have a large attic with plenty of free space around the baubles.

Wicker baskets

If you have a family or younger siblings who have a habit of leaving their toys scattered about the house, then a wicker basket or plastic box is the perfect storage solution and can be tucked away under the coffee table or by the sofa.

Small item storage

If you have lots of small items and nowhere to put them then you may consider using jewellery boxes to store little gadgets. Real Simple advises that instead of throwing the boxes out, “clip them together to create tidy divided storage for pens and pencils, lipsticks, plastic flatware, whatever it is that clutters your drawer.”

Clean and organise

Grab a black rubbish bag and begin filling it with all the things lying about your house that you no longer need. Last night’s Chinese leftovers? No, thank you. An ex-boyfriend/girlfriend’s T-shirt? Throw that in there too … or maybe burn it, the point is that you will feel so much better after a good clean-up.

Affordable Luxuries For Your Home

Everyone deserves a treat. Whether your idea of luxury is a cream tea at Fortnum & Mason, or a home makeover, we all need to have something to dream about. Affordable luxuries make life worth living.

What is an affordable luxury?

An affordable luxury is an aspiration that won’t break the bank, but is an activity or treat that is special. For some people, this might be making your home secure and warm. Thermostats from Underfloor Heating Store are one way of making sure that your home is always welcoming and well heated. Another person’s idea of a treat might be to buy the latest wallpaper or even possession of a Marc Jacobs handbag.
It all depends on the word, ‘affordable.’

You can afford luxury

If you are earning and see most of your valued salary disappearing on bills, office suits, food and other necessities of life, you may feel that you can’t always afford a treat. Wrong. Everyone deserves a treat, and if you cut a few financial corners throughout the month, you’ll soon see that you may have the pounds to spare for an affordable luxury.

A recent article in The Daily Telegraph highlighted the growing popularity of saunas and steam rooms across the UK. Apparently one in ten Brits has a hot tub according to international insurers Lloyds; this amounts to an impressive 2.6 million households. You may have to save up for some time to have one of these luxuries installed in your home, but their price is coming down all the time. The basic sort of hot tub in 2013 was £3,000, but you could spend up to £16,500 for a Jacuzzi J470: obviously this all depends on your budget.

Entertainment on the go

The days of the desktop PC would appear to be numbered and technological innovations in the fields of tablets and smartphones mean that an increasing number of people are investing in these appliances. According to an article published on the BBC website ‘global shipments of PCs have been hurt by the popularity of tablets and smartphones.’ If you have some spare cash, make sure that you invest in one of these devices, then you can watch films and TV, message your friends and access your Facebook and Twitter accounts all from the same platform. You can also take selfies, film your friends and even make Skype calls to your nearest and dearest all over the world.

Revamp your house

Art never goes out of fashion, and sometimes the addition of a piece of sculpture or a painting or print can make all the difference to your home. Take a look at your local art galleries and see if you can afford an original piece of work. Once you’ve acquired your new artwork, you’ll be able to see exactly how your hard earned cash was spent, gain hours of pleasure just looking at the work, and maybe it might even increase in value.

6 Things Before You Renovate – Getting It Right

Let’s face it renovations are not all sunshine and smiles. A dream home doesn’t come easy – especially when you are dealing with a bunch of different tradies. Most of us brace ourselves for a fair amount of sweat and tears – it comes with the territory, right?

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Well, yes and no! There are ways to help minimise the pain – even though you may still encounter a hiccup or two, it is possible for it all to run to budget and on time. So how do you ‘get it right’ and make sure it is a (mostly) sunshine filled experience?

Well, being organised is undoubtedly a good start – think timing and coordination – otherwise these 6 pointers should set you on the right track…

renovation, landscape, hipages

© Outside In Landscape Management

1. Planning

Planning is all about considering every aspect of your project and what it involves. Here you need to think outside the box and work out:

  • Scope of your project
  • Budget for your project
  • Materials to be used
  • Who is going to carry out the work?
  • Timeframe for all stages of your project

2. Budget

Budgeting is a crucial aspect of any reno – and goes hand in hand with a thorough project plan. If you don’t take every single cost into account, you are likely to encounter some nasty surprises down the track. That means itemising every material and labour cost down to the last nut and screw. Then add a 10% – 15% contingency – for anything unforeseen, quite a likely scenario.

3. Regulations and red tape

If you are doing any structural (building) work to your home, it is very likely that you will need to get the relevant permissions from your local council. Even a relatively small project like building an outdoor deck may require this. So it pays to research this beforehand. The tradie who is carrying out your work may also be able to assist in this process.

4. Hire the right team

Getting the right team to work on your project is another must. Besides having all the right licences and insurance – tradies should ideally also come recommended by other homeowners. Don’t take anything for granted! Personally inspect their licences and insurances to make sure they are valid. Larger projects may also require you to enter into a formal contract with the tradie. All this may seem like a hassle, but it is your best protection in case anything goes wrong during (and after) your project.

Standby Electrical Services, renovation, home design

© Standby Electrical Services

5. Schedule

Having a schedule helps to keep your project on track – and is especially useful for larger, more complex jobs. Here a calendar or spreadsheet can help you keep on top of it all – including your expenditure and the timing of the various elements of your job.

6. Get inspired!

Last but not least – and definitely the fun bit – collect ideas and inspiration for your project. Besides the obvious sources – blogs, magazines, TV and forums – I also get cool ideas from these three sources:

  • Commercial and industrial buildings often have innovative materials and design solutions which could look awesome in your home.
  • Hotels and spas are full of inspiring ideas to take back home – so take note when you are on holiday.
  • The homes of your friends, family and neighbours may have reno ideas you can ‘borrow’ 🙂

Bottom line is to have fun and try to think of any obstacles as stepping stones to the greater goal!

By Craig Gibson, the online editor of, Australia’s largest network of trade professionals. Helping more Australians complete more jobs everyday. Why don’t you let us help you find the best tradie for your job.

Jonathan Adler Interior Design Essentials

Many years after launching his career as an interior designer, Jonathan Adler opened his first self-titled boutique in Manhattan. His design aesthetic can best be described as fresh and funky meets classic lines and patterns – a true reflection of modern interior design trends.

Now, you can shop through his website from all around the world, and really capture his design aesthetic through the countless established as well as up-and-coming designers featured on this online boutique.

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A few of our must-haves from his website are featured below. Enjoy free shipping on all Australian orders over $150. Let us know of your favourites in the comments below!

Black Gio Kilim Flat Weave Rug, $165

This is an essential piece to complete the look of any bedroom or living space. The geometric print goes with any interior design theme, and is made to last the distance in terms of wear and tear.

Jonathan Adler Interior Design Essentials

Mr. & Mrs. Muse Reversible Mug, $24

A classic mug with a twist for the couple who has it all – but still wants more! Comes with a glossy white glaze with a fabulous moustache and lips on each cup.

Jonathan Adler Interior Design Essentials

Harlequin Table Lamp, $475

The simple brass gold candlestick lamp is what makes this piece so eye-catching, and an absolute must have for any bedroom. Ideal for a smaller space, or even to accessorise your office or bedside table.

Jonathan Adler Interior Design Essentials

Gold Carnaby Stacking Dish, $32

A fun little design at an affordable price is the popular zebra dish by Jonathan Adler. Made from porcelain materials and is thick and sturdy to withstand the daily wear and tear. Use as a jewellery dish to store all of the essentials.

Jonathan Adler Interior Design Essentials

Santorini Salt and Pepper Shakers, $23.99

An affordable little trinket inspired by the majestic Aegean sea, which will surely spice up any evening get-together. Available in gold accents which are paired with funky bold colours.

Jonathan Adler Interior Design Essentials

Image via Material Girls Blog

Erika Brechtel Interior Design Profile

You have probably seen her inspirational interior pictures plastered all over Pinterest, but Erika Brechtel is so much more than the mastermind behind such eclectic home design. Working as a brand stylist for more than 11 years allows Erika to give and gain inspiration for a number of home and lifestyle solutions which are classic and trendy at the same time.

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Even though she works as an avid graphic designer for a number of independent companies, her real inspiration comes from interiors. Erika’s main inspirations stem from something clean and sophisticated while still reflecting her infectious personality in all rooms of the house.

Erika Brechtel Interior Design Profile

Erika’s self-titled blog showcases some of her recent and timeless styling work, but also offers inspirational alternatives which you can add to your own home. This click-through feature sources work from both popular and up-and-coming designers and gives them a platform to sell their designs.


You can recreate Erika’s signature style by sticking to clean lines, but don’t be afraid to mix and match different prints and textures for maximum effect.

Little trinkets and ornaments act as a main feature on bookshelves, coffee tables, and on a desk, so don’t be afraid to splash out on these items every now and then.

Images via Erika Brechtel

5 Small Space Storage Ideas

Living in a small space can have its downsides, one of them being a lack of storage. While it is difficult to keep all of your things looking neat and tidy, there are innovative ways to organise all of your belongings. We bring you some of 2015’s hottest interior trends, designed for those living in house or apartment.

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Hanging bags

Keep everything from your toiletries to vegetables looking neat and tidy in small bags. This way, you can easily use a hook and arrange it neatly and clear some space from the cupboards.

5 Small Space Storage Ideas


Arrange your jewellery and accessories into various trays to keep everything organised. This way, you’re able to see everything without making a huge mess each time! Go one step further and label each tray so you know where everything should belong.

5 Small Space Storage Ideas

Book storage

Many coffee tables come with added storage compartments to keep your favourite magazines and books. Take advantage of this and organise some of your most-loved books to keep them handy for visitors.

5 Small Space Storage Ideas

Portable shelf

Where else but the bathroom could a portable shelf be needed more? Hang this straight onto the wall to maximise on space, and de-clutter the entire bathroom. Use it as a place to store haircare essentials which are always on rotation; straightening irons, hairdryers, and brushes.

5 Small Space Storage Ideas

Bed storage

Keep clothes and blankets which are out of season (and out of sight) under the bed. This is a simple way to clear out the rest of the room, and maximise on all the extra space in your drawers and wardrobe!

5 Small Space Storage Ideas

Images via How To Do This and That, Ikea, Dump A Day, Brit and Co

DIY Floating Shelves Tutorial

One of the hottest interior design trends over the last few years is floating shelves. They basically give the illusion of unhinged wall ornaments which fit easily into any part of the house.

Not only are they really easy to install, but most homeware centres come with some type of variation if you don’t want to battle it out by yourself.

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What you need

1 sheet of 1/4 plywood

10 1×2 pine boards

1 inch brad nails (tiny tack nails which don’t require a hammer)

2 inch screws

3 inch screws (for mounting onto the wall)

Wood filler

Sand paper

Paint (your desired colour)


Measuring tape

Drill with countersink and drill bits

Saw (not essential if your wood is already made to measure)



Paint brushes

Stud finder



1. Cut the plywood into 7 3/4 inch strips from the hardware store, or simply just do it yourself at home. We are essentially creating the foundation for each shelf, and want each piece of wood to be level.

Screen shot 2015-01-12 at 9.11.22 AM

2. Pre-drill the countersink into the frame, then use glue to keep it all together. Work from the inside out, and keep edges flush.

Screen shot 2015-01-12 at 9.11.26 AM

3. At this stage we’re building the trim, so it’s important to fasten the trim ends to the face.

Screen shot 2015-01-12 at 9.12.09 AM

4. Tack the plywood to the top and bottom of each shelf, and make sure it fits well into the sleeve. Sometimes you may need to slightly sand it down before it fits in perfectly.

5. Fill all holes with the wood filler for a flawless finish. Then make sure to sand it really well to create an even base.

6. Prime your shelves, then move onto paint once they’re completely dry. This may take up to 2 hours until everything has dried.

7. Look for any beams in your wall, and locate the anchor point in the muddle of each shelf. Keep everything straight by using a level.

8. Once you’ve made at least 6 incisions into the beam, slip the shelf sleeve over the frame. It should fit tightly and without any issues.

Images and tutorial via Young House Love, and Shanty 2 Chic

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