How To Turn Your Outdoor Area Into A Luxe Retreat

It’s time you started living like the queen you are.  

How To Create The Perfect Home Office

It’s becoming increasingly common to work from home. Whether you are a blogger, a graphic designer, or any other profession that doesn’t necessarily require you to sit in a cubicle all day, working from home can be great as it allows you flexibility.

It also means you have to be extra organised and take care of simple things like ordering stationery yourself. You don’t want your work to interfere with your home as a place of relaxation though, so having a proper workspace at home really helps to keep the two separate.

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Interiors expert Jen Bishop knows a thing or two about the perfect workspace as she not only writes about interior design for a living, but she also does so from her home office. Jen let us in on her top tips on how to create the perfect home office and also told us a bit about her own workspace:

Measure up

To get the most out of your office area, ensure the style and size of your furniture suits the room. Corner desks work well in small spaces, whereas a wall to wall desk may be better suited to a larger or narrow room. Make the most of under desk space with storage options like mobile filing drawers and pedestals.

Give yourself space

Maintain spatial awareness when setting up your desk space – you don’t want to be cramped up facing a wall day in day out. If possible, face a window that offers a long-distant view. This will give your eyes the opportunity to shift focus away from the screen, which is necessary at least every 30 minutes. You’ll find that this simple exercise will boost both your concentration and mood.

Kick it to the side

A sideboard can be a fantastic storage option, while looking great. They also provide benchtop space for desk lamps or the perfect spot for a wireless printer. These act as great ‘work stations’ which encourage intermittent exercise.

Lighten up

Have a variety of lighting sources available for your work space – we draw energy from our surroundings. A window offering natural light and fresh air is ideal however a desk lamp can be useful for task lighting, especially in the late afternoons or mornings (depending on which direction your window faces).

Remove tangled cords

Wireless tech will free up desk space, reduce messy cables and increase overall efficiency. Think cordless for your phone, keyboard, mouse – almost anything can be wireless these days!

Maintain a ‘to-do list’

Set up a white board in your office to create a visual and updateable to-do-list. Alternatively, make the most of the calendar app on your smartphone or tablet, by linking it to your mailbox diary – enabling you to receive deadline reminders and on-the-go notifications.

What does colour say about you?

Choose a colour scheme for your workspace that balances your mood and energy. Vibrant colours are known to invigorate and inspire, whereas pastels tend to be calming and encourage concentration. If you’re a minimalist, opt for monochrome – for you, less is probably more.

Layer the colour palette

It really comes down to the rule of three – pick two contrasting colours and one base neutral such as white, black and blonde timber, or white, aqua and pink. Only use small touches of the most prominent colour. For example, pair your white desk and chair with aqua and hot pink accessories – it will make the hot pink ‘pop’ without being overbearing.

Add some life

Greenery or flowers helps to create a fresh atmosphere in any space and can be particularly motivating in the workspace, which has a tendency of becoming stuffy and stale.

Don’t overdo it

While it’s important to have an inspiring workspace that speaks to your personal style, it’s just as important not to overdo it and create something that’s ‘too busy’ on the eye. Try applying the ‘Coco Chanel Decorating Mantra’ where you style your workspace, then remove one thing. This might help with any unnecessary clutter!

How To Create The Perfect Home Office

Thanks, Jen! After reading all your amazing tips for creating a workspace I am curious to hear about your own! What does your workspace look like?

My home office is right at the end of the house with doors out onto the deck. I’ve tried to keep it really simple and feminine without being girly in a cliché way. The colour scheme is white and gold with gold confetti spots on the walls. I recently had to make this room work double duty as a spare bedroom which was challenging, but because of the colour scheme it seems to work quite well! One of the best things about working for myself and from home is having more control over the aesthetics of my work environment. I try to keep it tidy and sparse, because if I filled it full of too many things I loved, I’d get distracted!

How often do you redecorate or change the look of your workspace?

I haven’t redecorated my office since moving into our home a year ago, which is a good sign it’s working. Other rooms get changed a lot more often! I am constantly inspired and finding a new favourite focal piece or trend.

Is there anything that absolutely doesn’t belong on your work desk?

Clutter! I hate clutter and multi-coloured ‘stuff’ that doesn’t match, it makes me feel itchy! I like to have everything hidden away which is why storage is so crucial in an office space. I recently partnered with Officeworks to help others enjoy the benefits of having an organised workspace –create a place for everything, and then make sure everything is in place!

What are the trending colours for spring/summer 2015/16?

The latest Dulux colour forecast which is literally just out claims we will all be embracing earthy greens and, shock horror, browns! We shall see…

Interior Design Trend: Modern Wallpaper

Trends come and go – and this certainly applies to funky wallpaper which seems to be a staple in the world of interior design. Rather than keeping that floral print from the fifties in your home, we show you how to incorporate some of the coolest designs around.

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Palm trees

Transform your living room into a 1970s cabana with this stunning print featuring palm trees. Not only is it easy to apply, but it fits so well with various design aesthetics.

Interior Design Trend: Modern Wallpaper


Make your room look stylish with these vertical stripes, which can also act as a feature wall. The wallpaper looks stunning with white accents or cream ceilings to tie in the relaxed feel of the room.

Interior Design Trend: Modern Wallpaper

Animal prints

If animal prints just aren’t your style, this modern twist certainly will be! The neutral colours are perfect since they don’t overpower the room.

Interior Design Trend: Modern Wallpaper

Geometric prints

Nothing beats a classic geometric print for the bedroom or living room, especially if you want a subtle pop of colour.

Interior Design Trend: Modern Wallpaper


Marble prints are just one of the biggest design trends of 2015, with everything revolving around this humble print. Try a beautiful feature wall which is best suited for the bathroom, hallway, or living room.

Interior Design Trend: Modern Wallpaper

Images via Harpers Bazaar, Knight Moves Blog, Etsy, Babble

Interior Design Trend: Lucite Furniture

Spruce up your living room, dining area, or even the bedroom with lucite furniture. Lucite is easy to adapt into an existing space because it goes with almost anything! From an office table to a ghost chair, or even a stool, there are so many ways to style lucite future in any modern space.

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Update your coffee table with a funky lucite tray which acts as the perfect layering piece. Use it to store your magazines, trinkets, or even as a coaster!

Interior Design Trend: Lucite Furniture


Lucite chairs is currently one of the biggest interior trends everyone is raving about. Purchase a set for your living room or swap your desk chair for a cool lucite number. They are formally referred to as ghost chairs and come in a variety of clear colours.

Interior Design Trend: Lucite Furniture


To make any room look bigger than it actually is, a lucite table is the best option. Just be careful not to crash into it when the lights are turned off!

Interior Design Trend: Lucite Furniture

Makeup storage

If you’re rather meticulous with your makeup, lucite storage is just one way to make it look neat and tidy. Lipstick holders, brush holders and even lucite drawers are all popular ways to store your makeup without looking too cluttered.

Interior Design Trend: Lucite Furniture


Finish off your bar with a few lucite stools that are completely on trend! They match really well with marble or white interiors, but look great when paired with anything!

Interior Design Trend: Lucite Furniture

The Dos And Don’ts Of Interior Design

Style is subjective but that doesn’t mean that the rules of interior design can be thrown out the window. It’s all about balancing out proportions, finding a happy medium for a particular room, and most of all – having fun designing your unique little space. As a general guide, stick to our rules below which will help to create the best room possible.

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DO: Incorporate lots of light

Position couches, tables and shelves around the natural light of the room. If your house is lacking some natural light, extra lamps are always a great idea for any room. Position them in the corner or next to the couch for easy access to an outlet.

The Do's and Dont's of Interior Design

DON’T: Buy small throw pillows

They might seem cute at first, but these pillows actually serve little to no purpose in the long-term. Invest in comfy pillows that will you will actually use! A throw blanket is always a great piece to have lying on the side of the couch.


DO: Think about your walls

White is always a safe choice, but if you want to step out of the box, try something a little off tangent such as grey. It’s not as risky as a darker colour and will still match the rest of the room and its furniture. Otherwise, a feature wall is always another good option.

The Do's and Dont's of Interior Design

DON’T: Isolate rooms

Instead of blocking off each room (for example the living room and the dining room) make sure they flow. This can be achieved with lamps, rugs and buffet tables.

The Do's and Dont's of Interior Design

DO: Invest in curtains and shutters

Especially during the colder months of the year when the sun is basically non-existent. Layer your curtains to give the room the option of letting a bit of sun in.

The Do's and Dont's of Interior Design

DON’T: Match everything

Long are the days when everything needs to match (sofas, tables, dining room chairs). This look can feel a little retro and outdated. Instead of throwing everything out and starting from scratch, keep a few of your favourite pieces and mix them with new ones from the store.

The Do's and Dont's of Interior Design

DO: Go thrift shopping

It’s true – older pieces are usually made from better materials and workmanship. Regularly pop into thrift stores which will give you a great offering of unique pieces that are made to last the distance.

The Do's and Dont's of Interior Design

What are some of your do’s and don’ts?

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Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair

Looking for a way to update a sad corner in your bedroom or living room? Butterfly chairs are a trendy way to decorate any room, especially if you’re looking to splurge on a permanent piece. Pay attention to the finish; leather only looks better with age and is quick and easy to spot-clean.

Style your own butterfly chair with a little inspiration from our favourite rooms below!

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A minimalist lamp is the best way to update any room without going completely OTT, and out of your comfort zone. A chic side table plus a few throw pillows help to bring some life to any room.

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair


Bring some depth to the room with a no-fuss rug which is suitable for both summer and winter. Something such as a cow hide rug is ideal since it also ages really well.

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair


If leather isn’t really your thing, canvas butterfly chairs are also a popular item to invest in. Simply change the cover, and throw it into the washing machine once it stains!

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair

Faux fur

Make any room look instantly cozy with a faux fur throw. Choose darker colours if you don’t want them to stain, or simply use them as a decorating piece.

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair


Who knew a butterfly chair could make such an amazing piece for the office? Position it near the desk or in a corner for a quick nap!

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair

Brown leather

If black decor just isn’t your thing, try a softer colour palette to match the rest of the home. Copper and rose gold look great with brown leather, and they age so well.

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair

Images via CocoLapine Design, ShowHome, Essenziale, Stories By Me, A Gentle Woman

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home

Is your home or living room stuck in a monochrome phase? Rather than buying all of your items in various shades of black, white, and grey, give any room a pop of colour with these simple tips.

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Any type of artwork suspended on a canvas is a great way to bring some colour into any room. There are so many different colours, themes and styles to choose from, which is sure to fit in with your design aesthetic.

Canvas and Canvas is an affordable, Melbourne-based online store that sells unique pieces of art for any room and any type of budget. See how each piece of art fits in with your room using the free iPhone app, Happy Wall!

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home


If you’re looking for a way to re-vamp your living room, choose a beige or cream-coloured couch instead of the same old black option. It’s a subtle way to introduce some colour into the room without feeling too overwhelming at the same time.

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home


Fun and textured blankets or throw rugs are another inexpensive way to break up all the monochrome in any room. Whether it’s in the bedroom, living room, or even the kitchen – with towels of course.

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home


Who else loves collecting fun little ornaments for the bookshelf or the coffee table? These could be anything you’ve collected from your travels, online, or even a bargain from the local markets. Don’t skimp on colour and remember to add some of your favourite books into the mix for a truly unique set-up.

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home


If beautiful flowers are always on your agenda, ditch the standard white roses in favour of some stunning peonies or khalias. Not only do these flowers last for ages, but they’re definitely a conversation starter! Fake plants are another great alternative if you don’t want to deal with the maintenance of real flowers – there’s no shame in that!

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home

Images via Canvas and Canvas, Trendeser, Tumblr, Rug Knots

5 Thrifty Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Who else finds it difficult to decorate their bathroom? It’s often the smallest room in the house, but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected in the style department. Below are a few ways to revamp your bathroom without spending all of your budget at once!

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Plants and flowers are an effective way to bring some life to any room, even if they’re just artificial! Prop a pot plant on the windowsill, near the bath, or on the side of the sink to bring a little charisma to the room.

Thrifty Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Floating shelves

If your bathroom doesn’t have much space for additional drawers, install a set of floating shelves to maximise on storage. These are so easy to install, we even have a tutorial on how to do it yourself!

Thrifty Bathroom Decorating Ideas


Keep all your essentials in order by storing them in translucent jars for easy access. This can be particularly helpful if you have a small bathroom with not much storage space.

Thrifty Bathroom Decorating Ideas


A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in any living space, especially if you’re on a budget. Whether it’s to spruce up the windowsill, sink, or even the toilet itself, it can make such a difference to your bathroom!

Thrifty Bathroom Decorating Ideas


Who else finds it comforting to shop for towels? Good – then it’s not just us! Hand towels are a great way to introduce some colour into your bathroom without committing to any drastic changes. Geometric prints are also a very popular choice if you want to bring some life to the bathroom.

Thrifty Bathroom Decorating Ideas

What are some of your ideas for sprucing up the bathroom?

Images via Deco-Holic, Desert Domicile, Liz Marie Blog, Remodelaholic, Rebecca Judd Loves

How To Style A Small Space

Are you living in a studio, loft, or simply a small flat? Show off your personality and decorate your personal space with just a few of the following suggestions which are a must-have for any small living area.

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If you’re living in a studio apartment, odds are you won’t have much personal space. Divide the room with curtains to separate different living areas, and create the illusion of extra space.



Whether you want to hang it over the fireplace, bolt it over your bedroom, or simply lean it against a wall, mirrors are a great way to open up any living space.



An extra source of light such as lamps, candles, or fairy lights are a great way to make a small space look homely.



Faux fur rugs are warm and inviting, especially during the winter months. If you’re re-designing during the summer, a thin, woven rug is a great option which won’t clutter up your living space.

Make sure you place some grip under the rug so it doesn’t move out of place and hurt someone!


Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to maximise on space and decorate each room without going OTT. They are quick and easy to install, and hold so much more than you think!

Are you living in a studio, loft, or simply a small apartment? Show off your personality and decorate your personal space with just a few of the following suggestions which are a must-have for any small living area.

Images via Tiny Ass Apartment, Urban Outfitters, Mice Man, Sweet Home Style

Trend To Watch: Marble Prints

What comes to mind when I say the word “marble”? Luxurious, elegant and classic would be a few words that I associate with it – three very positive descriptions, might I add. So, is that why marble print has become so popular lately?

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Real marble is, of course, very expensive and can usually be found in high-end kitchens and bathrooms, but faux marble and marble prints can be found on pretty much anything at the moment. From sneakers to phone cases and wallets, marble is one of the biggest trends of 2015. Here are a few of our favourites:


Asos Marble Print Dress

If you love wearing black and white, then this asos marble print dress is a must-have for your wardrobe. It’s a perfect combination of modern and classic – you really can’t go wrong with it.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-27 um 21.05.29

Rebecca Minkoff Wallet

Wallets can be a fashionable accessory, too! Think about it, how often do you take out your wallet? Often enough to justify buying this marble print Rebecca Minkoff wallet.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-27 um 20.57.00

Marble Candle Holder

Bring a bit of luxury into your home without spending a fortune with this pretty marble and copper candle holder. Better yet, buy three and make them the centerpiece on your table at the next dinner party.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-27 um 21.00.01

Vans Marleaux Sneakers

While colorful sneakers have been ruling the streets, the trend is moving towards black and white. But, if monochrome is too boring for you, these marble Vans might be just what you’re looking for.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-27 um 21.03.21

Marble iPhone 6 Case

A marble iphone case – nothing special you might think? Well, what if I told you that this wasn’t a print, but real marble? That’s right, if your iphone wasn’t expensive enough, this marble case will do the trick and make your phone the ultimate luxury item in your handbag.

Images via Sant Magazine, Asos, The Iconic, Royal Design, Vans, Native Union

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter

Need to update your home for the winter months ahead? Invest in a few of these must-haves to transform your interior and make any room feel warm and cosy, even if the temperature is dropping outside!

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Throws or blankets are a fantastic way to bring a little life into the living room. They can keep you warm whilst watching a movie, hanging out with friends, or even arranging them over the couch for decorative purposes.

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter


Whether it’s for the bedroom, living room, or even the hallway, plush rugs are ideal for every single room of the house. Not to mention that they’re really easy to clean if you spill a little something on the carpet… Just in case, of course!

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter

Bed linen

Who doesn’t love to decorate their bed with European pillows, throws and luxurious covers during the winter? This way, you can layer it up and still feel warm and cosy throughout the night. Quilt covers and comforters are available at many different price points to suit your needs.

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter


Winter is the perfect excuse to ditch the fresh flowers for something a little more long-term. Fake flowers are such a great investment since they will forever look the same (well, that’s obvious) and will blend into every room of the house. Place one in the living room and another in the bathroom for more of a homely feel.

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter

Faux fur

Did you think we forgot about faux fur? This popular trend is perfect as a rug, throw, or even a bed comforter since it adds a warm and fuzzy feel to any room.

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter

We would love to hear if you have any other alternatives, so please share them in the comments below!

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How Colours Influence Our Mood

What is your favourite colour? It’s one of my most dreaded questions as I find it hard to answer. My favourite colour depends on the context: Is it interior design? Fashion? Cars? It varies, and one explanation for this might be the fact that colours influence our mood up to the point of manipulation.

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Ever wondered why red is such a popular colour for kitchens and restaurants? The colour red is a stimulating colour, it can increase our heart rate and also our appetite. It is a bold colour that grabs our attention and is therefore one of the most popular colours in marketing. Just think of all the food brands that use red logos such as Coca Cola, KFC, Kellogs etc.

Colour Psychology is also very helpful when it comes to painting and decorating a room. Blue, for example, acts like the opposite to red. It has a calming effect, can bring down our heart rate and relax us. This is why blue is very popular in bedroom design as it can support a good night’s sleep.

We associate green with nature and health, which is why it can be found a lot in the health food aisle in supermarkets or on skincare products. It’s also a very balancing colour that’s said to make people feel at ease and create a harmonious atmosphere.

Yellow is the ‘happy colour’ and can lift our spirit and help with a positive attitude. We associate yellow with the sun and warmth, therefore it is well suited for small or dark rooms.

Orange is a colour that has a motivating and energy-boosting effect. The biggest proof of this is the fact that it is used so much in workout gear and active wear. Orange can also support creativity, which makes it a good colour choice for schools and offices.

Purple is considered a very rich, luxurious colour. It is associated with royalty and sophistication, especially the darker hues like eggplant.

With this bit of colour coding in mind you can make a more educated decision next time you want to decorate a room, choose between two products, or even manipulate your mood.

Image via empiricalzeal.com

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

Do you work from home or simply need a re-vamp on your usual workspace? The best way to inject a little style into this area of the home is to purchase a few useful trinkets which not only look good, but also make life a lot easier.

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Shop some of our favourite products below, or let them give you a little extra inspiration if you’re in-store or browsing online.


A monthly or weekly planner is an essential for someone who needs a little organisation in their life. Magnetic planners, whiteboards and chalkboards are all inexpensive pieces which are easy to update when something new pops up.

Pencil holders

Keep all your pencils, pens, highlighters and markers looking neat and tidy with the help of a pencil holder. You could go down the traditional route and use a wooden tin, or go for something a little more modern. Either way, you’re bound to find something which fits into your design aesthetic.

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget


If your desk is equipped with a drawer, invest in storage which will neatly organise all of your belongings. Here you can store some additional stationery such as a stapler, eraser, paper-clips and sticky tape.

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

Sticky notes

Who else is guilty of leaving a myriad of sticky notes around their entire desk? Well, they are an essential! Keep them handy (next to your computer) for easy access and then transfer them easily into your weekly or monthly planner.

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

Mood board

Even if you aren’t in a creative field, a mood board is a wonderful way to gather all your thoughts into one central place. Add pictures, quotes, deadlines and even bills (eek!) into your mood board, and keep in a place which will always catch your eye.

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

Desk lamp

For those who need a little more light, a desk lamp is crucial – especially if you’re in a creative field. Choose one which matches your design aesthetic, however white or black is standard if you can’t compromise on colour.

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget


Set a relaxing, zen mood by burning your favourite candle during the day. Not only is it perfect if for creating a homely mood to any room, but they can also be used as storage afterwards – perfect!

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

Motivational quotes

Who else requires a little extra motivation to get through the working week? Simply print off one of your favourite quotes and keep it in a frame on top of your desk. Instant-motivation!

How To Style Your Workspace On A Budget

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How To Revamp An Old Attic

Why not convert your attic into a modern part of the home? Just think about all the space the kids will have in their new rumpus room, or that extra bedroom for guests – better yet, a wardrobe for all of your clothes (here’s hoping).

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Here, we show you some of the ways to convert your tired old attic into a busy and useful part of the home.


Bookshelves are an essential part of the home since they can hold almost anything – books, toys, DVDs, games – you name it! Depending on how deep your shelves are, you could also use some baskets for more discrete storage solutions.



A chest of drawers is another essential part of any room – just think of how much clutter it can neatly store away. Drawer dividers are also a great way to store all of your belongings, so you know exactly where they are at all times.



A cute and comfy couch, beanbags and stools are great for any room, especially if your attic is quite small (everyone will be sitting down!). Throw a beautiful faux fur shrug or blanket over the top to make it look more rustic and lived-in.



Depending on your style, you could invest in a stunning rug for the entire attic (trust us, it’ll keep everyone cosy in the winter months). A shaggy rug is ideal for the colder weather, but a Persian rug is better since it doesn’t shed.



If you’re turning the old attic into a study, then a desk should be at the very top of your list. Choose one with lots of storage for books, stationery and computer products, which also looks good!


What are some of your tips to style an old attic?

Images via The Glitter Guide, 6th Street Design School, The Ultra Linx, Blogspot, Buzzfeed

5 Reasons You Should Visit Stockholm

From the fashion bloggers to the food, nothing beats Sweden – especially during the springtime.

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Now is the best time to book your ticket to this Scandinavian country and indulge in all it has to offer, including style, design, and a relaxed way of life.


Where: Bageriet Bulleboden

Parmmatargatan 7, 11224 Stockholm

If you’re coming to Stockholm for the traditional Scandinavian food, then you will find many cafes scattered all over the city. Don’t miss Bageriet Bulleboden, which offers delicious pastries known as kanelbullar (cinnamon rolls), and freshly brewed coffee.



Where: Stockholm Market

Riddargatan 3, 11435 Stockholm

There’s a reason Swedish style is big all over the world, so much so that a street style blog created by Caroline Blomst has put it on the map. Popular fashion labels include Acne Studios, Filippa K, and Nelly just to name a few, but the best place to grab a deal on a bespoke item is at the market. Pick up a beautiful souvenir for a family member or friends as you’re leaving and catch the exclusive pieces from some of Sweden’s up-and-coming designers.


Interior design

Where: E. Torndahl

Vasterlanggatan 63, S-11129 Stockholm

Scandinavian design is renowned all over the world for its approach to clean, sophisticated lines and timeless techniques. Rather than going to one of their many Ikea stores (there are more than 20 in Sweden alone), the smaller more independent sellers are where you’ll find some of the most original pieces. While they might come with a heftier price tag, you will keep them for years to come as a memory of your travels.



Where: Stromma

Sodra Blasieholmshammen 35, Stockholm

If you’re visiting between October – February, why not take a boat tour which takes you across the entire archipelago. The tour comes with a bowl of traditional Swedish tomato soup or pea soup (it’s your choice), and a glass of arrack to keep you warm. Tours can run anywhere between 1.5-3 hours.



Where: Nada Bar

Asogatan 140, Stockholm

Sweden might have a strict view on alcohol (drinks are heavily taxed), but the nightlife is nothing but booming. There is a plethora of small bars and venues which offer a modern take on traditional cocktails and a few bites on the side to keep you full for your next travels. If you’re not into the nightlife or alcoholic beverages, look out for a fika cafe, which is usually located in a beautiful garden.


Images via Lost in Stockholm, Fotografi, Stromma, Madame Figaro Japan, W Magazine, Visit Sweden

5 Interior Pieces Every Modern Home Needs

Rather than replacing every single piece in your home, invest in a few modern trinkets which will change the look of any room.

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Whether it’s a coffee table, book, or simply a small pot-plant for the kitchen, these five pieces can make a huge difference to your home.

Faux fur

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to bring out those warm and fluffy throws for the bedroom and the living room. Faux fur is a great option since it looks amazing and feels so luxurious!

5 Interior Pieces Every Modern Home Needs


Break up the usual clutter on your bookshelf with a terrarium or mini cactus. Not only do these plants require minimal upkeep, but they also look amazing in any part of the house.

5 Interior Pieces Every Modern Home Needs

Geometric rugs

Bring a little spice to a classic living room with a geometric rug. They will help to bring modernity to any living space and come in different shapes and sizes!

5 Interior Pieces Every Modern Home Needs


Why not place a sweet-smelling candle in the bathroom for the next time guests are coming over? They help to create a warm ambience and also act like a room freshener.

5 Interior Pieces Every Modern Home Needs


Instead of investing in an outdated portrait for the living room, do a little DIY and create some colour on a blank, white canvas. Not only will the piece look original, but it’s also very thrifty if you’re on a budget.

5 Interior Pieces Every Modern Home Needs

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10 Of The Best Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Clutter is the bane of many UK households, with homeowners struggling to find enough storage space to keep it all under control. According to The Express, the average Briton clings on to £514 worth of unused goods that simply lie dormant. The British Heart Foundation survey found that 15 per cent of people said their clutter made them feel ‘stressed’. Whether you occupy a small flat or a large house, we all seek the need for extra space once in a while. Below are ten of the best storage solutions to help you:

Double duty furniture
In a small room, try to ensure that every component is multifunctional. For example, in the bathroom double up the cabinets to be mirrors too and in the children’s room, turn a toy storage box into a bench to sit on.

Mobile self storage
Mobile self storage from Kelly Store is the perfect option for anyone seeking space for a short period of time. A storage pod will be delivered to your door, you can load at your convenience and it will then be taken away and stored securely until you’re ready for it again.

Under-the-bed storage
Many beds nowadays come with drawers underneath so you can hide all those items that take up so much space in a smart way. Alternatively, you can buy under bed storage boxes.

You’ll find there are many unused and dead spaces around the home such as in corners or under the staircase where shelves will fit perfectly. Alternatively, an open shelving unit will instantly add more storage without taking up too much floor or visual space.

Wooden crates
Wooden crates are perfect for a rustic DIY look within the home. Stack a couple together using screws and ‘L’ brackets and you have yourself a very interesting bookcase or storage tower.

An attic or cellar
It’s easy to forget about how much space your attic or cellar holds. Move the items that you occasionally need into the attic or cellar so they are out of the way.

Coat rails and stands
It’s very easy for shoes and coats to clutter up a small hallway, but by using a hanging rail or coat stand, you can make a real difference to the space. It’s amazing how a tidy hallway will make your entire house feel in order.

A multi-use coffee table
If you struggle for space in the living room, use a chest or an ottoman as a coffee table. Not only will it look the part, it can hide away all those magazines and DVDs.

Kitchen hooks

Hooks work wonders in the kitchen. You can hang utensils, mugs, pots and pans. Some people choose to place them on a pegboard, hang them on a linear rack or even from the kitchen windows. Houzz shares some great examples of this.

Creative shoe storage
Children are the worst for leaving their shoes around the house. Avoid this by using wine boxes to store them in, hanging them on clothes hangers or even using an old ladder.

Interior Design Trend: Mixed Metals

Spice up your home with one of the hottest interior design trends, mixed metals. Not only are they really easy to find at your price range, but they look amazing in almost any room of the house.

To get the creative juices flowing, we have hand-picked some of our favourite mixed metal products for then entire home below.

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A metal shelf is a fantastic way to inject a bit of colour into your bedroom, study or even living room. It’s a piece of furniture that you can keep forever, and even looks better with a bit of wear and tear!

Interior Design Trend: Mixed Metals

Zanui The A Metal Wall Shelf, $199.95


If you’re thinking about changing the style of your outdoor/patio area, then a lantern is a must-have for the summer season. The light from the candle also creates a unique pattern which is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Interior Design Trend: Mixed Metals

Ikea Gottgora Lantern, $14.99


Photo frames are one of the easiest ways to liven up your bookshelf. They look amazing when you’ve got a few in different shapes and sizes, plus they always come in handy!

Interior Design Trend: Mixed Metals

Witchery Home Small OCRF Silver Frame, $9.95


Shower storage is completely underrated; where else would you store your favourite shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and combs?

This is one of our all-time favourites since it won’t rust and looks amazing with all tiles.

Interior Design Trend: Mixed Metals

Bed Bath N Table 3 Tier Shower Caddy, $24.95


Where would we be without a good chair? While it might feel a little uncomfortable at first, these chairs look amazing in photographs.

Opt for a trendy shade of rose gold to bring some lift into your dining room.

Interior Design Trend: Mixed Metals

Elio Dining Chair in Rose Gold, $220

Image via Tory Burch

Decluttering Tips and Tactics For Your Home

A cluttered home often results in a cluttered mind and it can be difficult to find space where there isn’t any. If you’re at the stage when you simply can’t find any more room in your home and you’re beginning to worry about the very real possibility that you may be, for lack of a better word, a ‘hoarder’ it may be time to call in the professionals.


The easiest and quickest way to free up some space in your home is to rent a self-storage unit from a company such as www.alligatorstorage.co.uk. Storage units come in every size imaginable so that you can store anything from large pieces of furniture to smaller household items and electronics with ease. The company will then take care of everything, allowing you to free extra space in your house.

Create space

Creating some much needed space is very simple. Transform a back garden shed into a mini storage room. You can also create additional space by putting up shelves in your bedroom or living room to store your favourite books, CDs and DVDs, etc.

Charity shops

If you have tons of old clothes, books or other items that you just don’t use anymore, take them to your local charity shop so that someone else can benefit from them. You will not only be helping others but freeing your closet space for the more important things in life…such as new shoes.

Attic space

The attic is usually where everyone keeps the Christmas decorations and old camping gear but people often forget all that useable space when in reality, it provides the perfect solution to house all the things that you rarely or never use. This concept is not new, as the Telegraph suggests that you should “organise your things into ‘occasional need’ and ‘regular use’ categories. Put the occasional stuff in the attic or the cellar,” which is good advice, especially if you have a large attic with plenty of free space around the baubles.

Wicker baskets

If you have a family or younger siblings who have a habit of leaving their toys scattered about the house, then a wicker basket or plastic box is the perfect storage solution and can be tucked away under the coffee table or by the sofa.

Small item storage

If you have lots of small items and nowhere to put them then you may consider using jewellery boxes to store little gadgets. Real Simple advises that instead of throwing the boxes out, “clip them together to create tidy divided storage for pens and pencils, lipsticks, plastic flatware, whatever it is that clutters your drawer.”

Clean and organise

Grab a black rubbish bag and begin filling it with all the things lying about your house that you no longer need. Last night’s Chinese leftovers? No, thank you. An ex-boyfriend/girlfriend’s T-shirt? Throw that in there too … or maybe burn it, the point is that you will feel so much better after a good clean-up.

Interior Design Trend: Industrial Design

The industrial design trend has gained popularity over the last few years as a clean and simple style which focuses on the mantra of ‘less is more’.

You probably won’t find an abundance of colour in any of these spaces, but it doesn’t mean that this trend is boring! We show you how to incorporate industrial design into your home or office space with a few of these essentials.

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Silver or oxidised chairs are a popular way to incorporate both practically and comfort into one aspect of the room. Chairs which fit this personality are often easy to find, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and even a flexible price-range.

Interior Design Trend: Industrial Design

Wall features

Rather than keeping the walls plain and simple, choose a fun feature wall which takes the edge off the rest of the room. Many interior designers love working with the current state of the room, whether this is a natural slate of concrete or even an exposed brick feature wall. It brings an almost urban feel to the room, and is also extremely low maintenance.

Interior Design Trend: Industrial Design


Experiment with metallics to transform the state of each room, and create a relaxed living space. Copper lights are a fantastic way to bring a pop of colour into any space, even for those who are really indecisive!

Interior Design Trend: Industrial Design


Who would’ve thought that a backsplash could look so good? If you want to stay away from the conventional white-tile look, then choose something like metal instead. Not only does it match the faucet perfectly, but is so easy to clean.

Interior Design Trend: Industrial Design


They are probably one of the most-used items in the entire home, so it pays to invest in a quality set of stools. Choose a matte finish which looks better with age, and is also easy to maintain. Anything which requires extra polish won’t last the distance in our books.

Interior Design Trend: Industrial Design


Not only does marble look chic, but it can be used in a variety of different ways. Since this material can often come along with a big price-tag, try investing in a few key accessories to last the distance. A vase, bowl, key-holder, or tray is a great way to incorporate the trend in your home without breaking the bank.

Interior Design Trend: Industrial Design

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Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas

Who wouldn’t love to have all their precious jewellery lined up in a neat and tidy drawer?

Most often this isn’t the case (especially if the kids are always going through your things!), but a few essential storage accessories can really help. We share just a few of our favourite ways to store all your jewellery without taking out a second mortgage on the house.

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Creating different compartments for your rings, bracelets, and necklaces is the best way to keep everything neat and organised. This way, you will know exactly where all the pieces are located, and it’s also really easy to clean!

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas


Store some of those bigger statement necklaces and bracelets in transparent jars on your desk or table. Look around the house for some empty jars, and simply label them on the outside so they’re quick and easy to locate.

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas


Insert little hooks onto the inside of a wooden coat hanger, and display some of your most-worn items. Extremely long necklaces or heavier pieces are best in this type of storage, since they can also be used to design your room!

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas

Thread rack

Transform a standard thread rack into a jewellery stand, and hang on the wall as a statement piece. A cheap and cheerful way to display some of your most precious pieces.

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas


Smaller drawers traditional used for ties or scarves can be transformed into the perfect jewellery storage. Neatly arrange each piece over a non-slip piece of felt so each piece can stay in place and won’t get tangled.

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas

Mug trees

Organise some bangles or bracelets on a traditional mug tree which we all have somewhere in the house! It neatly keeps all your jewellery in one place, and can be stored over a dressing table for easy access.

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas

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Affordable Luxuries For Your Home

Everyone deserves a treat. Whether your idea of luxury is a cream tea at Fortnum & Mason, or a home makeover, we all need to have something to dream about. Affordable luxuries make life worth living.

What is an affordable luxury?

An affordable luxury is an aspiration that won’t break the bank, but is an activity or treat that is special. For some people, this might be making your home secure and warm. Thermostats from Underfloor Heating Store are one way of making sure that your home is always welcoming and well heated. Another person’s idea of a treat might be to buy the latest wallpaper or even possession of a Marc Jacobs handbag.
It all depends on the word, ‘affordable.’

You can afford luxury

If you are earning and see most of your valued salary disappearing on bills, office suits, food and other necessities of life, you may feel that you can’t always afford a treat. Wrong. Everyone deserves a treat, and if you cut a few financial corners throughout the month, you’ll soon see that you may have the pounds to spare for an affordable luxury.

A recent article in The Daily Telegraph highlighted the growing popularity of saunas and steam rooms across the UK. Apparently one in ten Brits has a hot tub according to international insurers Lloyds; this amounts to an impressive 2.6 million households. You may have to save up for some time to have one of these luxuries installed in your home, but their price is coming down all the time. The basic sort of hot tub in 2013 was £3,000, but you could spend up to £16,500 for a Jacuzzi J470: obviously this all depends on your budget.

Entertainment on the go

The days of the desktop PC would appear to be numbered and technological innovations in the fields of tablets and smartphones mean that an increasing number of people are investing in these appliances. According to an article published on the BBC website ‘global shipments of PCs have been hurt by the popularity of tablets and smartphones.’ If you have some spare cash, make sure that you invest in one of these devices, then you can watch films and TV, message your friends and access your Facebook and Twitter accounts all from the same platform. You can also take selfies, film your friends and even make Skype calls to your nearest and dearest all over the world.

Revamp your house

Art never goes out of fashion, and sometimes the addition of a piece of sculpture or a painting or print can make all the difference to your home. Take a look at your local art galleries and see if you can afford an original piece of work. Once you’ve acquired your new artwork, you’ll be able to see exactly how your hard earned cash was spent, gain hours of pleasure just looking at the work, and maybe it might even increase in value.

6 Things Before You Renovate – Getting It Right

Let’s face it renovations are not all sunshine and smiles. A dream home doesn’t come easy – especially when you are dealing with a bunch of different tradies. Most of us brace ourselves for a fair amount of sweat and tears – it comes with the territory, right?

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Well, yes and no! There are ways to help minimise the pain – even though you may still encounter a hiccup or two, it is possible for it all to run to budget and on time. So how do you ‘get it right’ and make sure it is a (mostly) sunshine filled experience?

Well, being organised is undoubtedly a good start – think timing and coordination – otherwise these 6 pointers should set you on the right track…

renovation, landscape, hipages

© Outside In Landscape Management

1. Planning

Planning is all about considering every aspect of your project and what it involves. Here you need to think outside the box and work out:

  • Scope of your project
  • Budget for your project
  • Materials to be used
  • Who is going to carry out the work?
  • Timeframe for all stages of your project

2. Budget

Budgeting is a crucial aspect of any reno – and goes hand in hand with a thorough project plan. If you don’t take every single cost into account, you are likely to encounter some nasty surprises down the track. That means itemising every material and labour cost down to the last nut and screw. Then add a 10% – 15% contingency – for anything unforeseen, quite a likely scenario.

3. Regulations and red tape

If you are doing any structural (building) work to your home, it is very likely that you will need to get the relevant permissions from your local council. Even a relatively small project like building an outdoor deck may require this. So it pays to research this beforehand. The tradie who is carrying out your work may also be able to assist in this process.

4. Hire the right team

Getting the right team to work on your project is another must. Besides having all the right licences and insurance – tradies should ideally also come recommended by other homeowners. Don’t take anything for granted! Personally inspect their licences and insurances to make sure they are valid. Larger projects may also require you to enter into a formal contract with the tradie. All this may seem like a hassle, but it is your best protection in case anything goes wrong during (and after) your project.

Standby Electrical Services, renovation, home design

© Standby Electrical Services

5. Schedule

Having a schedule helps to keep your project on track – and is especially useful for larger, more complex jobs. Here a calendar or spreadsheet can help you keep on top of it all – including your expenditure and the timing of the various elements of your job.

6. Get inspired!

Last but not least – and definitely the fun bit – collect ideas and inspiration for your project. Besides the obvious sources – blogs, magazines, TV and forums – I also get cool ideas from these three sources:

  • Commercial and industrial buildings often have innovative materials and design solutions which could look awesome in your home.
  • Hotels and spas are full of inspiring ideas to take back home – so take note when you are on holiday.
  • The homes of your friends, family and neighbours may have reno ideas you can ‘borrow’ 🙂

Bottom line is to have fun and try to think of any obstacles as stepping stones to the greater goal!

By Craig Gibson, the online editor of hipages.com.au, Australia’s largest network of trade professionals. Helping more Australians complete more jobs everyday. Why don’t you let us help you find the best tradie for your job.

What’s Hot And What’s Not In Home Design This Year

New year, new change! With the start of the new year, you must be thinking of ways on how you can improve the look of your home. There are plenty of design trends that you can follow, but not all of them may be good for you. You also need to learn how to edit in order to create a balance between functionality and style. Here is the dish on what’s hot and what’s not this 2015.

HOT: Glamour

Everybody wants a glamorous home where they can entertain guests and relax when they are alone. To add a bit of glamour to your home, add pops of color in a neutral space or add small jewels, such as lightbulbs, mirrors, or even a chandelier. It can be easy to go overboard when decorating with these types of items, which is why you have to step back and take a look after you are done decorating. Get rid of items that make your room look cluttered.

HOT: Colors

Different colors are hot every years. This year, Pantone announced that the color of the year is Marsala. You don’t have to stick to Marsala. Other colors that are hot this year include navy blue and indigo, as they go well with Marsala. You can use these colors as accent pieces in your home. You can work with paint or wallpaper.

HOT: Mixed metals

Another hot trend this year is metals. It doesn’t matter what type of metal you use, mixing is matching is the key. You can use metals everywhere in your home from bathroom to the kitchen. Work with stainless steel, brass, or gold. You will be surprised at how beautiful mixing and matching metals turn out.

NOT: Old ratty curtains

Throw away those old and ratty curtains and look for another type of window treatment such as elegant drapery. Old and oversized curtains can make your home look outdated. Out with the old and in with the new this season. You can work with patterns and colors that are trendy this season.

NOT: Mason jars

Mason jars were hot last year. They were used in different ways – planters, glasses, cupcake holders, and many more. Leave the mason jar trend behind as it is going to be a thing of the past this year. Shabby chic has gone and elegance is in. Instead of mason jars, use crystal vases and containers.

NOT: Chevron print

If there is a pattern that was overused the past years, it’s chevron. Chevron walls, carpets, and curtains. According to experts, chevron won’t be as hot this year as it was the past years. Out with the chevron. This year, cow patterns are your best bet. Use cow patterns for furniture, curtains, or carpets.

Now that you know what’s hot and what’s not, you can start updating and redecorating your home to welcome your friends this coming year. For more of the latest trends when it comes to design, consult home decoration magazines or get help from an interior design expert!

Image via ceterrainteriordesign.com

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