How To Style A Small Space

Are you living in a studio, loft, or simply a small flat? Show off your personality and decorate your personal space with just a few of the following suggestions which are a must-have for any small living area.

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If you’re living in a studio apartment, odds are you won’t have much personal space. Divide the room with curtains to separate different living areas, and create the illusion of extra space.



Whether you want to hang it over the fireplace, bolt it over your bedroom, or simply lean it against a wall, mirrors are a great way to open up any living space.



An extra source of light such as lamps, candles, or fairy lights are a great way to make a small space look homely.



Faux fur rugs are warm and inviting, especially during the winter months. If you’re re-designing during the summer, a thin, woven rug is a great option which won’t clutter up your living space.

Make sure you place some grip under the rug so it doesn’t move out of place and hurt someone!


Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to maximise on space and decorate each room without going OTT. They are quick and easy to install, and hold so much more than you think!

Are you living in a studio, loft, or simply a small apartment? Show off your personality and decorate your personal space with just a few of the following suggestions which are a must-have for any small living area.

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June 13, 2015

Affordable Luxuries For Your Home

Everyone deserves a treat. Whether your idea of luxury is a cream tea at Fortnum & Mason, or a home makeover, we all need to have something to dream about. Affordable luxuries make life worth living.

What is an affordable luxury?

An affordable luxury is an aspiration that won’t break the bank, but is an activity or treat that is special. For some people, this might be making your home secure and warm. Thermostats from Underfloor Heating Store are one way of making sure that your home is always welcoming and well heated. Another person’s idea of a treat might be to buy the latest wallpaper or even possession of a Marc Jacobs handbag.
It all depends on the word, ‘affordable.’

You can afford luxury

If you are earning and see most of your valued salary disappearing on bills, office suits, food and other necessities of life, you may feel that you can’t always afford a treat. Wrong. Everyone deserves a treat, and if you cut a few financial corners throughout the month, you’ll soon see that you may have the pounds to spare for an affordable luxury.

A recent article in The Daily Telegraph highlighted the growing popularity of saunas and steam rooms across the UK. Apparently one in ten Brits has a hot tub according to international insurers Lloyds; this amounts to an impressive 2.6 million households. You may have to save up for some time to have one of these luxuries installed in your home, but their price is coming down all the time. The basic sort of hot tub in 2013 was £3,000, but you could spend up to £16,500 for a Jacuzzi J470: obviously this all depends on your budget.

Entertainment on the go

The days of the desktop PC would appear to be numbered and technological innovations in the fields of tablets and smartphones mean that an increasing number of people are investing in these appliances. According to an article published on the BBC website ‘global shipments of PCs have been hurt by the popularity of tablets and smartphones.’ If you have some spare cash, make sure that you invest in one of these devices, then you can watch films and TV, message your friends and access your Facebook and Twitter accounts all from the same platform. You can also take selfies, film your friends and even make Skype calls to your nearest and dearest all over the world.

Revamp your house

Art never goes out of fashion, and sometimes the addition of a piece of sculpture or a painting or print can make all the difference to your home. Take a look at your local art galleries and see if you can afford an original piece of work. Once you’ve acquired your new artwork, you’ll be able to see exactly how your hard earned cash was spent, gain hours of pleasure just looking at the work, and maybe it might even increase in value.

February 3, 2015