Would You Pay This Guy To Steal For You?

“I’m good at stealing, and I need money.”

Young Women Most Likely Victims Of Online Harassment

A new study conducted by the Pew Research Internet Project has found young women are the most likely group to face severe forms of online harassment.

The study, which found 73 per cent of people had experienced online harassment in some form – from name-calling to physical threats –  also revealed that women aged 18-24 are disproportionately stalked and sexually harassed on the internet.

Twenty-six per cent of young women surveyed had been stalked online, compared to 7 per cent of young men, while 25 per cent of young women had been sexually harassed, as opposed to 13 per cent of the male population. Women were also more likely to face sustained harassment.

Most people who experienced sexual harassment online said it occurred on social media sites (66%), and more than half said that their attack was perpetrated by someone they didn’t know.

A video released by Mic highlights the types of online harassment directed toward feminists – much of which pertain to name-calling and rape threats.

Grumpy Cat Gets A Book Deal

In a world filled with inspirational know-it-alls and quotable blowhards, only one figure is indifferent enough to tell the cranky side of the story: Grumpy Cat.

Following the success of her New York Times bestselling debut, everyone’s favorite disgruntled feline is back with this demotivational guide to everyday life, love, friendship, and more. The perfect antidote for feel-good fluff, Grumpy Cat’s philosophy is perfect for anyone who feels a little bit of relief in seeing the glass half empty every once in a while.

Featuring many new photos of Grumpy Cat’s famous frown and packed with uninspiring observations, The Grumpy Guide to Life is sure to help anyone get in touch with their inner grouch.

Book, Grumpy Cat, Lifestyle, viral, internet, cats

Book, Grumpy Cat, Lifestyle, viral, internet, cats

Book, Grumpy Cat, Lifestyle, viral, internet, cats

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Win a brand new Audi