‘Your Husband Will Cheat On You With Me’: An Escort Spills

You may not like what you’re about to read, but you need to hear it.

April 12, 2016

Pillow Talk – A beginner’s guide

Revving up your motor mouth during sex can add another dimension to the experience. Think seductive, sensual, and raunchy – and don’t forget to have fun! You don’t have to swallow a dictionary to make it work!

Test the water

Not every person enjoys the same terminology during sex talk. Some like it soft, some strong, kind of like sex itself really. In general, guys don’t mind a bit of rough talk in the bedroom, so you really needn’t be too concerned about stronger language. But be warned, if you’re going to use clinical terms, the guy’s gonna think he’s in a Sex Ed class! Start tame and work your way up. Conversely, if his sexual vocabulary offends you, ask if he can tone it down a notch.

Tone of voice

Try lowering the tone of your voice and notice how much sexier and breathier it sounds. It’s also more secretive, more intimate and more inviting ? if he has to listen better to hear you, he’s going to have to come closer. Squealing “oh baby, oh baby” at high range is only going to wake the neighbours and you don’t want him rushing to get finished quickly so no one calls the police!


Let yourself go, girl! Breathe, moan, pant. The language of love and sex is not made up entirely of words.

Good Vibrations

Try moaning while performing oral sex on him. The vibrations will do wonders!


Your lips, his lips. Not quite touching, but try speaking some sexy words into his mouth. Your breath on his lips is very sensual, and prolonging the wait before the kiss actually happens is highly tantalising.


Whispering sweet nothings in his ear can send a tingle down his spine and a surge to his groin. Start teasing when you’re out somewhere together and escalate the suggestions on your way home. When you get him naked, tell him to lie still and let you whisper him into a frenzy.

May 20, 2003

Can You Fall in Love Online?

You have met a wonderful man over the Internet. You have been mailing every day and you feel like you really know him. Even though you have never met or even heard his voice yet you feel there is something about this guy that makes you think you are in love with him. So are you meant to be together?Now hang on! Real love, the kind that leads to the fairytale wedding and blah blah cannot happen via e-mail. It can however serve as a forum for you to meet someone and share intimate feelings and dreams. Firstly ask yourself these few question: How much do I know about this man? Do I even know his address, telephone number, where he works, his past relationships, family situation? Do I know his moral views, his goals and do I even know what he looks like?

Get as much concrete information about the ‘love of your life’ before you set up a meeting. Make sure you meet in a public place because there are true stories of women who have met maniacs via e-mail. Always let a family member or friends know exactly where you are going and make sure it is public and preferably daylight.

When you do finally get to meet him, lower your expectations and remember even though you may be intimate via e-mail you are really starting from scratch when it comes to everything else. Be cautious, careful and open minded. But don’t panic when you finally meet him, just like meeting new friends it takes time to feel comfortable and don’t rush into bed with him until you are sure he is what he appears to be.

May 2, 2000