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5 Reasons To Visit Florence

Often dubbed as one of the most beautiful cities in Italy (sorry, Venice), Firenze is just a short trip from Rome and easily accessible by car, train or even plane. Still looking for a few reasons to add this magical city to your bucket-list this summer?

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The history

The Uffizi Gallery and Accademia are both fascinating art galleries located right in the centre of Florence. Did you know that they are home to some of the less-popular pieces by Michaelangelo? Who knew!

If art isn’t really your forte, just look up. The streets are filled with stunning buildings are architecture you can enjoy – for free. Not to mention that Florence was the birth of the renaissance…

5 Reasons To Visit Florence

The food

The glorious, glorious, food! You’re definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to a delicious meal in Florence, especially if you’re into the holy trinity (pasta, gelato, and pizza).

5 Reasons To Visit Florence

The proximity

Florence is definitely a city in which you should bring a pair of comfortable shoes. There’s lots of walking involved, but this isn’t always a bad thing! Even if your hotel isn’t booked in the historic city centre, you’re bound to find something to love about this picturesque city.

Skip the bus, pass on the cab, and don’t even bother getting an Uber to explore the rustic alleyways of Florence.

5 Reasons To Visit Florence

The wine

Wine-tasting tours are plentiful, especially during the summer months, so take advantage and head to beautiful Tuscany for a weekend getaway. It’s the best way to escape the hustle of the city, and relax with a delicious glass of homemade Italian wine.

5 Reasons To Visit Florence

The shopping

Finish off your trip with a touch of shopping at some of the famous markets in the city. Known for their leather goods (bags, clothes, accessories), you can score a bargain if you know how to haggle. Just make sure to keep your eyes on your belongings – pick-pocketing is popular in these areas.

5 Reasons To Visit Florence

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5 Reasons To Visit Positano in Summer

If you’re planning a trip to the stunning Amalfi Coast this summer, then you’ve probably heard about Positano. This picturesque seaside village is a located in Campania and is one of the most popular vacation spots in Italy. Easily accessible by bus or private car, below are five of the many reasons to visit this summer.

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Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta – Piazza Flavio Gioia

One of the only sites in Positano has to be the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta which is popular for summer weddings and baptisms. Boasting 13th century Byzantine architecture, it’s one of the most well-known sites in Positano – the line to get through is completely worth it.

5 Reasons To Visit Positano in Summer


Italy is known for its delightful food and drink which is inspired by the Mediterranean and Positano is no exception. Local delicacy ‘baba’ is a must-have dessert (a small cake drenched in butter and rum, usually filled with a soft cream).

5 Reasons To Visit Positano in Summer


Marina Grande

The perfect shores of Positano are just one of the many ways to relax and enjoy your holiday on the Amalfi Coast. The fashionable Marina Grande is known for its brightly coloured umbrellas and clear waters all around the world.

5 Reasons To Visit Positano in Summer


One of the best places to relax and enjoy a drink in Positano has to be Buca di Bacco. It’s located right on the beach and makes for a romantic evening, whether you’re travelling as a couple or even with the kids. For more of a party night-out, La Brezza comes highly recommended – especially if you love a classic Aperol Spritz!

5 Reasons To Visit Positano in Summer


Who knew that Positano is known for its summer fashion? Head down to Les Chic and have your very own bespoke sandals made right in front of your eyes! Simply have your foot measured, pick your design, and your leather shoes are crafted in less than 10 minutes.

5 Reasons To Visit Positano in Summer

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11 Street Style Summer Looks From Pitti Uomo

With Mens Fashion Week in Florence just wrapping up, we countdown our top 10 street style looks from the scorching hot streets of Pitti Uomo.

You might notice a few familiar faces in this mix, but you’re sure to gain some extra inspiration for those future summer outfits.

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Maxi dresses

Editor Anna Dello Russo is not one to hide – especially during Fashion Week season! She makes a statement in this bold maxi dress, pairing it with Grecian-inspired sandals and a bright and colourful box-bag.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo


Don’t put away that jumpsuit just yet! It’s the ultimate piece which can take you from beach to bar, with a quick change of stiletto-heels to match. Candela Novembre finishes off this ultra cool outfit with a yellow clutch by Stella McCartney, and comfy black heels.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo


Who said flares are out of fashion? It’s all about the flares on your shirt, and this classic look will never go out of style. For a classic high-low look, a pair of vintage Levi cut-off shorts is the best way to make this style work for you.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo


That perfect silk scarf has an excuse to come out of the closet, especially during the summer season. Wear it loosely around your neck to spice-up a white shirt, around your wrist for extra arm candy, or even over the strap of your bag before heading out the door.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo

Kitten heels

Want to look stylish and comfortable at the same time? Take some style inspiration from blogger Patricia Manfield and try kitten heels with a simple summer outfit.

Shirt dress

The humble shirt dress is a classic way to look stylish and keep cool in the summer heat. Accessorise it with a belt, leather handbag or sneakers for an effortless look.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo


Protect from skin from the sun in one of the most fashionable accessories of the summer – a fedora. Choose one in black or beige if you’re looking for something traditional, or break the mould in a fun summer shade to make your outfit pop.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo

Maxi skirt

Keep cool in the summer heat by pairing your favourite flowy maxi skirt with a simple white t-shirt. Business at the top, party down the bottom.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo

Crop tops

Make like Natasha Goldenberg and pair one of your favourite crop tops with a maxi skirt. Not only does this balance out the entire outfit, but will also keep you cool in summer!

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo


A few different showgoers were spotted in denim overalls which are ideal for warmer weather. Dress them down with sneakers or sandals for the daytime or beach activities.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo

Mens tailoring

The great part of Pitti Uomo is that it brings classic silhouettes back into the playing field. Wide-leg pants, button-up linen shirts, and tailored blazers are all trends borrowed from the boys which are perfect for the scorching hot summer.

10 Summer Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo

Images via Tommy Ton of

5 Coastal Towns To Visit In Italy

Who doesn’t love pinning picture after picture of Italy’s vast coast onto their Pinterest board? From the food, to the architecture, and even the idyllic clear-water beaches, this country located in southern Europe is just an adventure waiting to happen.

If you’re debating on where to go and what to see, then just keep on reading!

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Cinque Terre, Italian Riviera

Known for it’s endless coastlines and pastel painted homes, Cinque Terre is the number one tourist destination during a hot, European summer. Located on the quiet fishing villages of the Italian Riviera, this town is home to authentic locals who know a thing or two about food and culture.

Visit one of the oldest villages of Monterosso which dates back to AD 643, and was established by Greek settlers in the early 8th century.

5 Coastal Towns To Visit In Italy

Mare di Palermo, Sicily

Don’t forget to head down south to the exotic island of Siciliy. With a different government, culture, delicacies, and even language to mainland Italy, Sicily has been known for it’s tumultuous past. If you’re looking for a bit of serenity, head to the astonishing beaches of Mare di Palermo which boast crystal clear waters and white sands. Do we have to mention that it’s home to one of the biggest water slides?

5 Coastal Towns To Visit In Italy

Amalfi Coast, Salerno

Home to a large number of fashion boutiques, breathtaking beaches, and even George Clooney’s mansions (yes, mansions), the Amalfi Coast captures the natural beauty of southern Italy. Take a private tour from Amalfi to Sorrento, or simply hire a boat and make the Mediterranean your backyard for a few days.

5 Coastal Towns To Visit In Italy

Portofino, Italian Riviera

Famous for it’s picturesque harbour and fishing villages, Portofino sits majestically on the province of Genoa on the famous Italian Riviera. Home to the rich and famous, but also a traditional village where you can taste some of the best home-cooked Italian meals ever.

5 Coastal Towns To Visit In Italy

Pompeii, Campania

Any ancient history enthusiast cannot miss out the opportunity of the ruins of Pompeii. With some of the first monuments erected on 24 August AD 79, this iconic city is known for its fantastic preservation of ancient architecture. Definitely check out the ruins of Pompeii which were almost destroyed by the catastrophic volcanic eruption of nearby Mount Vesuvius, leaving its people frozen in time.

Campania is also known for it’s vast coastal resorts, and easy way to travel both via private car or even public transport.

5 Coastal Towns To Visit In Italy

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Get Lost In Verona, Italy

Why not get lost in the romantic city of Verona, Italy? Not many destinations can compete with Shakespeare’s setting of the most famous love story of all time, Romeo and Juliet. Though close in distance to busy and happening Venice, Verona is a quiet and relaxing place to travel alone or with others.

The city’s beauty is memorising, filled with history dating back from the 3rd Century Romans, everywhere you look there is a treasure including medieval palaces, ancient ruins and gates, churches, and pebbled roads.

There are endless sites, yet one of the main reasons that travellers visit Verona is to declare their love just as the star-crossed lovers did so many years ago at Juliet’s balcony. Here they can write a secret letter with any romantic questions for advice from Juliet herself, as well as attach a lovelock to the adjacent wall to ensure a lifetime of happiness with their current partner.

Amongst this love filled city there is also a trendy shopping street called Via Mazzini just a few minutes walk from literacy’s most renowned balcony, on this charming cobbled street you can purchase apparel, shoes, accessories from high labels and fast fashion brands. This area is considered the commercial area of Verona, with something for everyone, though narrow there are also wonderful cafes for a well-deserved coffee and lunch after a few hours of shopping.

A great way to get around is the hop on hop off bus; there are two routes to ensure you don’t miss any part of this Italian gem, at a decent price of twenty Euro, and audio from seven languages it is well worth the money and experience.

If you were considering a trip to Italy, then this city would be a superb weekend getaway from the crowded tourist popular cities of Rome and Venice.


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By Amy Miller


Top 5 European Beach Getaways

Europe is a popular destination for tourists in the Summer. It goes without saying that these places will be jam-packed with tourists during summer. It is best to go later in the season, or earlier in the year to avoid soaring prices and heavy crowds.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Make Sorrento your base for exploring the glorious Amalfi coastline in Southern Italy. It is easy to get to Positano and Amalfi – the other main towns along the coast, but Sorrento is the final stop on the train line. Famous for colorful cliff-side buildings and turquoise waters, enjoy this bright and tasty trip in one of the world’s finest foodie capitals.

 Santorini, Greece

Santorini will always top my list of recommended travel destinations. The blue roofs, white building, red cliffs and bright orange sunsets are magical. Visit the unique black sand beaches, or jump straight off the rocks in Oia, anywhere you go, the water will be warm and crystal clear.


Nice, France

Nice is one of the largest towns along the Cote D’Azur – more commonly known as the French Riviera. Enjoy a stroll through this coastal fashion capital, visit one of the many tourist attractions, or spend all day on the sand. Maybe you’ll spot a few celebrities or moguls in their natural habitat.


San Sebastian, Spain

Situated in northern Spain, San Sebastian isn’t usually as hot as some of the more popular southern beaches, like Malaga. There are two main beaches: Playa de la Concha is better for families and sunbathers, whereas Playa de Gros is adored by adventure seekers and surfers, worldwide. Come nightfall, start the party with some pintxos and sangria.


Lagos, Portugal

After scaling the old walls of this marvelous medieval city, find a secluded beach and relax. There are long sandy beaches, as well as seclude swimming holes along the city’s rocky coast. Lagos is a notorious party town, but don’t be put off. It also has a rich history and plenty of activities.


Note: You must be on high alert for con artists and scams during the European Summer. Have a look at our tips for staying safe on your travels.

Take An Italian Adventure

Milan is not only the capital of Lombardy and the second most populated city in Italy, but also one of the fashion capitals of the world, centre for financial, commercial and industrial business. This leading global city is also host to international events including the Milan Furniture Fair and Milan Fashion Week. Beautiful landmarks are surrounded throughout the city, as well as theatres and museums that attract more than six million tourists a year.

Milan is not seen as one of the most visually appealing places to travel in Italy, partly being destroyed by the Second World War bomb raids, yet it offers much entertainment, remaining architectural pleasures and is a true paradise for any fashion loving tourist.

The place to begin in this busy city is the Cathedral Duomo, consisting of 3,500 statues and 135 spires decorating the neo-Gothic and elaborate structure. This detailed Cathedral took a long 500 years to complete, as soon as you walk inside you feel at peace, but as you walk up the stairs to the rooftop you will find yourself looking onto a magnificent view, which on a clear day can take your breath away with the visual of the distant Alps.

One of the most rewarding attractions is the Last Supper by Leonardo Di Vinci, be sure to book ahead because the 15-minute time slots fill up very fast. The 15th Century masterpiece is a magnificent mural painting, and though it is damaged from years of war and environmental factors the reflection of the religious meal is well worth it. Walking into a silent room within the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie is a once in a lifetime experience, the detail in the painting can only be seen in person, and its large size will surprise you, covering the entire wall.

The third place to visit in Milan, is the fashion street Via Montenapoleone, the long road will lead you on a journey through up-market, luxury ready-to-wear apparel, accessories and jewellery. Labels light up the street such as Céline, Emporio Armani, Dior, Stella McCartney, Prada, Valentino, Gucci, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, and the list goes on and on. Even if these labels are out of your price range it makes for a fun afternoon of window-shopping, with the concepts in each store bringing a new themed design and concept.

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6 Reasons Why You MUST Go To Venice

Venice is one of the most magical cities in the world. It has captured the heart, mind and imagination of many writers, poets and artists. It is also one of the world’s most tourist destinations. Here are 6 reasons why you need to visit Venice:

Venice is unique

It is built on over 100 islands. No other city can boast such a magnificent main street as Venice: The Grand Canal, a backwards “S” sweep of water, flowing between mighty churches and historic buildings of breathtaking beauty. There are more than 400 bridges in Venice and no cars at all so you need to walk or take a ferry everywhere you go.

travel, Venice, Italy, Top destinations, city on the water

You can lose yourself in Venice

The maze of narrow streets and alleys that lead to beautiful things around every corner can be completely overwhelming but amazing at the same time. You run into echoing canals, luxury hotels, art galleries, the list is endless.

Ride in a gondola

For centuries, gondolas were the main transportation of the city. They are now the highlight for the many tourists that visit Venice. You can pass through hidden canals and see everything from a different prospective as your gondolier poles the craft over the water and gives you a guided tour.

Try the best cicchetti and Spritz

travel, Venice, Italy, Top destinations, city on the water

Cicchetti are local tapas dishes like creamy codfish, fried vegetables and little meatballs. Spritz is a cocktail made with Prosecco, Aperol, sparkling water and slices of orange. It is very cheap and usually also served with an olive.

Piazza San Marco is one of the best squares in Europe

travel, Venice, Italy, Top destinations, city on the water

You definitely have to see it by night to appreciate its beauty and magic. Surrounded by tons of little lights and facing the beautiful St Mark’s Basilica, you will feel like you’re in a fairytale.

Floods are a normal occurrence

Venice is the only city where it’s normal if the tide is high and water is everywhere, even in shops and buildings. People are used to it. They just wear gumboots A LOT.

Now are you ready to book a flight to Venice and see one of the most wonderful cities in the world?

By Erika Cucchiara

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