Trans-Seasonal Dressing 101

It’s that time of the year when the weather is unpredictable and it feels like winter in the morning and summer in the afternoon. The temperatures can literally rise or fall 15 degrees within a few hours – a nightmare when it comes to dressing appropriately.

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This is why your current wardrobe needs to be trans-seasonal. But, how do you do that? Basically, it’s all about having a few key items in your closet and knowing how to combine them. So on that note, ladies, this is the trans-seasonal 101:

1. Get the right jacket

For those low temperatures in the morning and at night time, you need a light jacket that you can throw over your outfit at any time. A trench coat is perfect because it not only suits pretty much every outfit, but it is light enough to carry around during lunch time when it’s warm and sunny. A really good alternative is a leather jacket for the same reasons.

2. Ankle Boots

Even though you’ve lived in slide sandals all summer long and would love to keep wearing those oh-so-comfy shoes during winter, please don’t start wearing them with socks. Instead, get a good pair of ankle boots with a medium heel. They will keep your feet warm – but won’t make you feel too hot on warmer days – and can also be just as comfy as slide sandals.

3. Invest in a good scarf

I cannot stress enough how useful a big cashmere scarf is in trans-seasonal weather. It’s chic, it will keep you warm, it doubles as a blanket, and when it gets too warm you can simply put it in your handbag. Get one in grey, black, or navy blue so you can combine it with most other colours.

4. Layering

This is easily the most important thing to remember for trans-seasonal dressing: It’s all about layering. Wear a summer dress with tights, a cardigan, a trench coat, and that cashmere scarf we were just talking about on your way to work. During your lunch break, leave the scarf and the trench coat on your desk. It’s like two outfits in one.

If you keep these few tips in mind (and carry around an umbrella), the unpredictable weather will never make you feel bad about your outfit choice again.

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May 5, 2015

Coats And Jackets: A Winter Wardrobe Essential

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May 1, 2015

Working Wardrobe continued

Shirts are back in a big way and Carol pointed out an array of styles featuring ruffles, brocade, scrunches and ruching on the shirtfront and or cuffs. The sheer gypsy-style and off-the-shoulder look is everywhere too but Carol says that these styles are definite “no nos” for the office.Holly favors the tailored shirts that are also in. “Pastels and white are good. Sleeveless or capped sleeves are not out of the question. Three quarter sleeves are still in – even those with a slit are fine. They are practical and easy to wear and convey that ‘rolled up sleeve, ready to work’ look. Shirts that just sit at your elbow are fine too.”

Pants are straight legged with flat front panels so they sit well with jackets, which are either tuxedo style or classic cropped “Chanel” style.

As for shoes, everyone agrees that strappy sandals are best kept only as evening or weekend wear.

“The black court shoe or pump with nice square heels and toes came in three years ago and they are still in,” says Holly. “Pointy toed black mules are also in but in strong ‘don’t mess with me’ colours like strong pink, scarlet and red. Any extra detail like stitching is also in.”

Carol advocates “low heels”, traditional mules and sling backs with closed toes.

As for colours Holly says “white is HUGE but the jury is still out for me as far as wearing all white to the office is concerned. It’s not practical.”

The colour “sand” is everywhere and has taken over from camel. Reds are still around as well as beige, some pastels, chocolate, mocha and off-white.

“The classic black suit is still in, especially in three pieces – jacket, skirt and pants, but black can look silly in summer so break it up with a cool green or cream shirt,” Holly says. “The standard navy is also fine.”

All our expects recommend keeping jewellery simple and to a minimum, like make up, and while “big hair” is back, they say that for the office neat and worn out or neat and worn in works best.

Finally, a word for the blokes. Anne Stevens says “no funny ties” while Emily Furmage pleads with men to iron their shirts.

Holly says suits in Prince of Wales checks are in. “They should wear their hair short and spiky on top – although long hair is everywhere on the catwalk.”

Duke Ocansey of Morrisey in Sydney Central Plaza says shirts and ties should be worn in strong colours or colours that contrast.

By Kate Southam, Editor www.careerone.com.au

October 8, 2002