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Tropical Honeymoon Destinations

Looking for a warm and friendly atmosphere to celebrate your recent nuptials? Choosing a tropical honeymoon destination can often feel like a kid in a candy store – so many options yet you can (or should) only leave with one!

Check out some of our favourite destinations if you want to enjoy the sea, sand, and sunshine on your honeymoon.

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Do we even need to add an explanation to this tropical island? Known for it’s crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, (which are totally Instagram-worthy), it is the ultimate honeymoon destination.

Tropical Honeymoon Destinations

Stay: Four Seasons Resort

Visit: Reethi Beach

St Barthélemy

Not only is this picture perfect location home to celebrities who love to escape big-city living, but it is seriously heaven on earth. You can relax in one of the many resorts, swim, snorkel, tan, and even go fishing.

Tropical Honeymoon Destinations

Stay: The Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa, St. Maarten

Visit: Gouverneur Beach

Okinawa Island, Japan

Well this was certainly unexpected! Did you know that Japan is known for its honeymoon destinations, Okinawa being right at the top of that list? Okinawa Island is one of the biggest islands belonging to Japan, and is also one of the most picturesque. The sub-tropical climate makes it a very attractive tourist destination, and a breath of fresh air for city-dwellers to escape to.

Tropical Honeymoon Destinations

Stay: Ana Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort

Visit: Cliffs at Manzamo

Sardinia, Italy

If you’re planning to travel through Europe, take a detour and visit the magical island of Sardinia. Right off the coast of mainland Italy is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, which is home to nearly 1.7 million tourists and locals at any given time.

There’s much to do in the summer time such as swim, taste the local delicacies and even visit a the islands many prehistoric structures.

Tropical Honeymoon Destinations

Stay: Hotel La Villa del Re

Visit: Monte d’Accoddi

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What Your Blood Type Says About Your Love Life

Have you ever looked up a partner’s star sign to see if it was compatible with yours? While some of us might be too embarrassed to admit it, most of us have checked our horoscopes, and many of us get our relationship advice from the stars, believing our star sign makes us compatible – or less so – with other signs.

In Japan, it’s not your astrological sign that gets people talking – it’s your blood type! Japan Today explains that “it is not uncommon for women…to even select a prospective husband based on his blood type.”

Next time you’re scoping out a potential date, don’t just ask him (or her) their sign. Find out their blood type.

What about your blood type? Read on to unlock the perfect lover for your blood type straight from Japanese culture.

Type A Blood 

People with Type A Blood are known for their fastidiousness. They are perfectionists to the core and put 100% into everything they do, whether it’s house work or academics. A Types have a strong sense of responsibility and weigh up all options before making important decisions.

As lovers, their kindness and patience will shine through and their trademark punctuality means you’ll never be left hanging on date night or have your SMS go unanswered.

A Types offer stability, but their need to be in control and lack of spontaneity may lead to tension, especially in relationships with Type Bs or other Type As.

The best partner for a Type A is a Type AB or a Type O– their reliability will put the A Type at ease and offer them some of the security and stability they crave.

Type B Blood

People with Type B Blood are like the Leos of blood types. By nature, they crave social interaction and are often described as the life of the party. They make friends easily and fall in and out of relationships often. B Types thrive on rule breaking and hate to be boxed in. They are often drawn to jobs that let them express their creativity.

As lovers, Type B are passionate and surprising, in and outside of the bedroom. However, they have a tendency to be selfish and act without considering the consequences. In Japan, Type Bs are known as heart-breakers.

Type Bs’ chaotic lifestyle is a deal-breaker for Type As and when two Type Bs get together, neither will remember to pay the bills on time.

The best partner for Type B is Type AB or Type O. AB Types can inspire Type B’s creativity with their own and inject some rationality into the relationship. That said, their tendency to be sensitive and easily hurt is at odds with Type B’s risk-taking behaviour.

O Types also counterbalance the irresponsibility that comes with dating a Type B. Their agreeableness and love of social interaction makes them a great partner in crime for a mischievous B Type.

Type AB Blood

People with Type AB Blood are determined to chase their dreams and often have a strong sense of morality. Despite their drive to realise their dreams, they don’t measure their success conventionally or monetarily and are the least greedy of all blood types. Like Type As, Type ABs enjoy the pursuit of knowledge and often have a string of different hobbies. They are known to be calm and rational with a sliver of artiness.

As partners, AB types can be very adaptable, making them easy to fall for, if you can ignore their highly critical nature. Their creativity makes them a good match for B types, but their sensitivity can make relationships with reckless Type B strained at times.

Type A and Type AB’s can co-exist easily, as both have a strong moral compass and a collection, calm persona. Despite a great respect for one another, they may quarrel if their core values differ.

Type AB and Type O make great friends and business partners. Lovers? Maybe, if there’s a strong spark.

Type O Blood

O Types are known for their romanticism, ambition and strength in the face of adversity. They make effective mentors and relish acting as caregivers for those younger or less experienced than themselves. People with Type O Blood are good with money and often dedicate a lot of time to their work.

As a lover, O Types are generous and playful. They lavish their partners with attention and affection and expect no less in return. But, if they think you’re straying, they won’t hesitate to check your phone when you’re in the bathroom!

O Types are easy going enough to make a relationship work with most blood types. However, they’re best suited to Type A. Both Type O and Type A blood types have a vigorous work ethic and O Types are typically willing to take the reins of the partner, which takes some of the stress off the notoriously tense A type.

Do you believe in blood type love compatibility? 

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