Let’s be real: pursuing you passion is a luxury reserved for the privileged. 
Dear Current Boss; I hope you’re not reading this.
Whether it’s juggling entrepreneurship on top of a day job or owning the freelance economy, side hustles have become quintessential to millennial work culture.
Sometimes all I want is to be back in my own bed with a cup of tea.
I spent so many late hours in the office, I started sleeping there.
For anyone who’s ever felt inadequate while filling in that little ‘job title’ box.
Read on before you tell your boss where they can stick it. 
“If you don’t look that way they don’t take you; maybe I was a distraction.”
Why aren’t we discussing the elephant in the pay negotiation room?
Everyone needs at least one crappy job in their lives. 
It has been proven that office workers are among the worst in the health-wise category of job types. Sitting all day, looking at computer screens and having snacks available can lead to...